Eli Manning: We could have been better offensively

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Anyone who watched the Saints need seven Drew Brees touchdown passes and a facemask penalty on the punter to beat the Giants by a field goal on Sunday would be hard pressed to say that the Giants offense bore much, if any, responsibility for the loss.

Quarterback Eli Manning is the sort who points his finger at mirrors rather than at a defense that offered the same resistance to the Saints that dogs show to sniffing their own rear ends. On Monday, Manning said that the offense fell short in the Superdome.

“We knew we were gonna have to be productive offensively, and as good as we were, we could have been better,” Manning said, via the New York Daily News. “We left some plays out there on the field, left some possessions where we had three-and-outs, and could have even been more productive. As an offense, you look at what you can control, and we did a lot of good things, but it wasn’t enough. We could have been better.”

If there’s one spot where the Giants offense could be accused of falling short, it came before Brad Wing’s fateful punt. The team gained five yards on a three-play drive that stopped the clock with two incompletions and a time out. That left just enough time for the Saints to win the game on Kai Forbath’s field goal, although even that would have been out of question if not for Wing’s penalty.

Otherwise, though, you’re left with the feeling that the Giants are going nowhere but the dumpster this season if the offense has to be better than it was on Sunday to win games.

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  1. That is why Eli is the leader of that team he had a night to remember and instead of blaming the D he get out and says he could have done more.

    There is no other QB that I would want leading my NYG

    Go Blue

  2. Jog your memory to about 8 years ago, when the Giants secondary was also bottoms in the league. A guy named Spagnulo figured out a way to fix it, and just in time. The Giants were Champions that year. In 2011 they lost to the Saints by a landslide, and won the big one. They are in the hunt, the NFC is wide open. They will learn from this and get better as time goes on.

  3. I blame the offense for scoring too quickly when it had the ball instead of milking the clock more, which gave the Saints offense an extra possession or two.

    Seriously, though, if your team is proficient enough to put up 49 points against the other team but still loses, what can you say?

  4. Eli is all class. Poor guy threw 6 TDs in one game and passed Joe Montana for 10th all time on TD passes in NFL history, and he can’t even celebrate because our defense is awful. Keep playing great, Eli. You’re the one constant on our team this year, besides OBJ and a small handful of defensive players, that shows up to play every game.

  5. Brees isn’t on our schedule every week so we should be fine if the offense keeps it up

  6. justintuckrule says:
    Nov 3, 2015 9:15 AM
    Brees isn’t on our schedule every week so we should be fine if the offense keeps it up


    Finally, something reasonable from a Justin Tuck fan.

  7. The Giants had 2 starting LB’s out (Beason/JT Thomas), their Starting RE out (Jpp), their starting CB (Prince) out.. They have people playing that wouldnt make other rosters due to the amount of injuries..

    Then to top it off their starting LT (Beatty) is out, meaning career backup Newhouse is playing RT and thrust Flowers into starting at LT as a rookie..

    Add on top of that their starting Slot receiver hasnt played all year..

    Add that all up , and look at the fact that they are 4-4 and had the lead in ALL 4 games they lost, 3 of them in the 4th quarter with 3 minutes of less to go.

  8. Yeah, they also don’t get to play the Saints D every week. I remember them having a 7 point week not too long ago against someone, can’t remember who it was. Eli and the offense also gave up 7 points so really they were a plus/minus of zero. They scored big against no defense in a 7 on 7 game, calm down.

  9. Eli is class, he is so humble. He blames himself when he was flawless. His defense/secondary sucked. Eli surpassed Joe Montana’s record for tenth overall in td passes, he had 6 TD for 350 yards, and he was fantastique. Eli is the best.

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