Jeff Fisher says Todd Gurley still isn’t 100 percent


It’s been nearly a year since running back Todd Gurley tore an ACL in his knee. And he has proven that he has largely recovered, with an average of 141.5 yards in his first four NFL starts.

Imagine what he’ll do when he’s 100 percent.

Asked by reporters on Tuesday whether Gurley is 100 percent, coach Jeff Fisher once again said, “No.” Asked to identify what Gurley hasn’t shown yet, Fisher didn’t hesitate: “You haven’t seen a 200 yard rushing day out of him.”

And Fisher is confident we’ll see it. “It’ll happen,” Fisher said.

It’ll definitely happen sooner than later if teams don’t sell out to stop the run and force the Rams to move the ball through the air. The next opponent for the Rams knows the drill, based on nine seasons of facing those same challenges as teams try to stop Adrian Peterson.

“There’s only one AP,” Gurley told reporters on Tuesday. “He’s the gold standard. You can consider him as the best.”

Asked whether Peterson is the Godfather and Gurley is the new kid on the block, Gurley agreed.

“He is the Godfather,” Gurley said. “I guess I’m the Godson.”

The Godson gets to square off against the Godfather in five days, and at some point the baton is going to be passed. It’s possible that Gurley will seize it on Sunday.

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  1. lets see, vikings stomp rams 21-20, green bay loses to carolina 27-10, and man oh man tied for first. rodgers was finally exposed by denver for the hack he is , 77 yards. btw green bay fans, rodgers according to stats is only 1 spot above bridgewater. how is that possible? shouldnt rodgers be way above lets say tom brady? bwahahahaha

  2. That’s downright frightening to think of. Imagine him at full sail.

    The man is a 6’1 220 lb wrecking ball.

    4.34 40? Good Lord.

    Honestly, Foles I think is probably a little less than 100% although they won’t talk of it. Once both these guys are at full steam look out.

  3. He has the potential to be the next A.P. Won’t be easy with a mediocre QB under center but he’s been amazing so far. They both bounced back strong after ACL tears in college which says al2ot about their work ethic.

  4. This should be a great game Sunday. The two teams are very similar in terms of where they rank offensively and defensively and look to be pretty evenly matched. I think it will come down to whether the Vikings’ maligned offensive line can keep Teddy upright long enough to get the passing game going.

  5. Gruley is the real deal. Love his style of running.

    If healthy he will be a great some day.

    This is coming from a long time Vikes and AP fan.

    Other than this Sunday I hope he runs wild

  6. If AP is your godfather pray he’s not in your life like most of his kids. This guys a tool that gets a pass because he runs the ball well. I hate anyone who abuses children no matter how good they are at football. This guy deserves nothing. I take being a father seriously and it breaks my heart to see how some kids are treated. I’m not a bleeding heart liberal. I’m a dad who volunteers and spends money outta my own pocket to give kids on my teams gloves and money for picture days and equipment they need to play the sports we all love. Spend a couple hours a day working with kids coaching and you’ll have no choice but to hate AP. these kids are freakin awesome and usually just happy someone is putting in time with them. AP runs like a monster on the field and he’s a monster off the field as well.

  7. Coming from a Viking fan…. You Ram fans are going to have a lot of fun in the future watching Gurly. As we have watched some special runs over the years from AP, your in the same boat with Gurly. I’ve seen some highlights, and watched a couple games. This kid really get’s it. He’s gonna be a special player.

    And to coach fisher.. 200 yards? Umm, this kid could break AP’s record!

  8. This seems to be shaping up to be a good game. Kind of surprised it wasn’t moved to the afternoon slate of games starting at 1pm PST and 4EST.

    I would be shocked though if Zimmer did not force Foles to win this game and load up the box. I am fairly confident Rhodes, Newman and Munnerlyn could handle the wideouts 1-1.

    But that is why they play the game!!! Go Vikes it has been a nail biting, exciting, close game grinding season and that probably doesn’t change this week.

  9. the best? lol – no thanks – i’d take payton or sanders. and i dontt think either of them beat children either.

    and here the media goes again go hyping up some kid who’s had a few big games and one torn ACL and counting. sound familiar?

  10. Nice strategy on the part of the Rams.
    Last thing you want to do is give AP motivation.
    It was no accident that his 300 yard game was in a game against Ladanian Tomlinson, where people were wondering who the better Back was.

  11. Gurley has always been fun to watch. I hope he & AD have good games. It should be an entertaining game this week.

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