Jeff Fisher says Todd Gurley still isn’t 100 percent


It’s been nearly a year since running back Todd Gurley tore an ACL in his knee. And he has proven that he has largely recovered, with an average of 141.5 yards in his first four NFL starts.

Imagine what he’ll do when he’s 100 percent.

Asked by reporters on Tuesday whether Gurley is 100 percent, coach Jeff Fisher once again said, “No.” Asked to identify what Gurley hasn’t shown yet, Fisher didn’t hesitate: “You haven’t seen a 200 yard rushing day out of him.”

And Fisher is confident we’ll see it. “It’ll happen,” Fisher said.

It’ll definitely happen sooner than later if teams don’t sell out to stop the run and force the Rams to move the ball through the air. The next opponent for the Rams knows the drill, based on nine seasons of facing those same challenges as teams try to stop Adrian Peterson.

“There’s only one AP,” Gurley told reporters on Tuesday. “He’s the gold standard. You can consider him as the best.”

Asked whether Peterson is the Godfather and Gurley is the new kid on the block, Gurley agreed.

“He is the Godfather,” Gurley said. “I guess I’m the Godson.”

The Godson gets to square off against the Godfather in five days, and at some point the baton is going to be passed. It’s possible that Gurley will seize it on Sunday.