Jim Caldwell has found the Lions’ problem: The negative media


Quick, somebody get Jim Bob Cooter to the podium.

Lions coach Jim Caldwell has plenty of problems at the moment, but apparently has some issues with the coverage of his 1-7 football team.

Via Justin Rogers of MLive.com, Caldwell told reporters there that Detroit was the most negative media market he’s ever coached in.

It might have something to do with a few decades of losing interspersed with fleeting hope. The Lions are 529-632-32 all-time, have won zero Super Bowls and have made two playoff appearances in the last 15 seasons.

But nope, it must be the reporters, who continue to print scores which include the Lions being on the wrong side of the hyphen.

He also referred to the media room at the Lions facility as “the dungeon of doom” (via Ashley Scoby of CBS Detroit).

Part of Caldwell’s issue might simply be a lack of perspective, having worked in small and/or successful markets such as Tampa Bay, Indianapolis and Baltimore prior to his arrival. And when he was building a 26-63 record at Wake Forest in the 1990s, there were those nasty critics at the Winston-Salem Journal but otherwise nobody really cared.

And perhaps it was a simple aside on his way into a deeper point. Caldwell is generally an insightful and thoughtful coach. But maybe the pressure that comes with having to jettison his offensive coordinator before their trip to London has caused him to look for enemies, and find them where they’re not hiding.

76 responses to “Jim Caldwell has found the Lions’ problem: The negative media

  1. If my A-Rotten chokes and only gets 77 yards again, the Lions will beat us.

  2. It might have something to do with a few decades of losing interspersed with fleeting hope. The Lions are 529-632-32 all-time, have won zero Super Bowls and have made two playoff appearances in the last 15 seasons.

    -Also the Lions are the only one team in the NFL history to go 0-16.

  3. This is when you know the end is near.
    I am sure this will not help his relationship with the media in any way either.

  4. Someone please tell Caldwell that republican candidates for president are the only ones who get to blame the media for all of their problems

  5. Via Justin Rogers of MLive.com, Caldwell told reporters there that Detroit was the most negative media market he’s ever coached in.
    Effectively, by saying that, he’s just eliminated himself from ever getting a HC position again. Goodbye Jim. I’m still amazed that you got that gig.

  6. He’s right in some ways. I listen to Browns and Lions radio daily, and by comparison the Lions radio borders on insufferable. Both teams lose but the Browns set of media guys manage to stay entertaining, level headed, and enjoyable. Meanwhile Lions radio is just constant griping and negativity to the point where you just turn it off. Sometimes it’s okay to have a laugh about your team.

    If you want a good example of what Jim is talking about go read an article by Drew Sharpe. I don’t think he’s a good coach but he’s right.

  7. It’s not his fault as much as it is Lewand and Mayhew who lacked the foresight to replace Suh/Fairley and have blown multiple first and second round picks. He’s not a great coach, but I feel bad for him that he has to take the heat from the media every week when Lewand and Mayhew can hide in their offices and never have to explain their ineptitude.

  8. And all this time I thought it was the atrocious coaching and the lack of talent. A recent study showed that after two minutes of staring 100% of people were unable to differentiate Jim Caldwell from a Jim Caldwell Fat Head.

  9. Yes, the Detroit media is very negative regarding the Lions. But, as Darin pointed out, there is good reason for the negativity. Also, Caldwell really didn’t need to say this.

  10. “Doom” is a term that suggests there is no hope. I don’t understand using that word as I recognize no location on this fine planet as nonconducive to harboring hope. This facility is Lions territory and should serve as sanctuary to hope.

    And results.

  11. “But nope, it must be the reporters, who continue to print scores which include the Lions being on the wrong side of the hyphen.”

    I don’t like Caldwell, but I didn’t read that he blamed the media for a losing record. It seems like he just pointed out that the Detroit media is the most negative he’s experienced. I don’t know what’s wrong with saying that. You’re putting words in his mouth, as the media typically does.

  12. Funny, from what I can tell the local media is continually asking the Lions to give them something other than negativity and ineptitude to report on. When you fire your OC literally hours after the head coach has told reporters “no changes coming” then the GM & owner go off the grid, what else is there?

  13. Poor baby. He makes Jim Schwartz look like a media rock star. I guess the media is no longer buying his ‘holier and more knowledgeable than thou’ persona.

    Perhaps he needs to be reminded that he and Mayhew have both said that the time to win is ‘now’, and that this was the most talented roster the Lions have had in a generation… my, what a fine job you’ve done, Jim!

    Yes, it is the media that has caused the worst running game in the NFL. It is the media’s fault that Caldwell has failed on his job #1 to ‘fix Stafford’ (this was allegedly why Schwartz and Linehan were fired). It is the media that causes the team to fail to execute a flawed game plan and it is the media that is unable to adjust to what an opponent is doing to them.

    If this is not the final nail in the coffin for Caldwell… what else does a guy have to do to get fired around there (Darryl Rogers, anyone).

    He has already emulated Rod Marinelli, with a comment about ‘believing in the invisible’, so it shouldn’t be long now before he channels some Bobby Ross.


  14. Sorry Jim, but you are a passive coach with no gut, no feeling, no emotions. A simple vanilla coach that benefited playing with Manning and got the benefit of the doubt with a lucky bomb throwed by Flacco.

  15. Unfortunately negative news sells. The people that buy or click the negative news generally have a negative outlook and like to have confirmation for their negative beliefs.

    The majority of internet comments (any topic on any site) are also negative in nature.

  16. “Jim Caldwell has found the Lions’ problem: The negative media”

    Oh boo hoo hoo, no Jim the kitties problems start with you…you suck as a HC.

  17. I really don’t know how he is still showing up to work. His comments are worse than his coaching!

    -He said he feels worse for the players that failed than the fans that support the team. ERROR… you never say the fans aren’t most important, they pay your salary sir.

    -He said nobody is getting fired, then fired Lombardi (who deserved it) and then came out and said it was his decision to fire him. ERROR… by saying he didn’t consult ownership about this decision means you don’t respect the owner, by changing his stance on firing someone you look impulsive.

    -The media is the problem. ERROR… the media wouldn’t be negative if the team wasn’t God awful.

    Then Mayhew… oh sweet Mayhew… defending HIS draft pick says “If we had 22 Matt Staffords, we’d be undefeated.” If we had 22 Matt Staffords, then maybe the blocking would be better….

  18. i wont insult other coaches by calling this guy a coach. those comments about the media show the true jim caldwell. the same guy who couldnt win as a coach in college and never won anything until he was peyton manning’s qb coach (tough job since peyton runs his own show).
    the media in Detroit might be more positive IF they had anything to be positive about going forward mr caldwell
    BUT since all they have to look forward to is YOU, well they are justifiably the most negative media market anywhere!
    Jim, win somewhere, do something on your own, then talk trash about others.
    as the saying goes, friends and family hope you are renting in detroit and didnt buy.

  19. If he doesn’t like the negative media in his market, he should call anybody who has ever coached the Jets or the Giants.

    That conversation will make him feel much better about his media market. He might even want to bring them donuts next time.

  20. He sucks as a HC but the local media in many markets are overly negative. That is because there are few actual journalists left. They are not simply reporting the news. They are trying to generate the news and make a name for themselves. It is easy to be critical so the lazy reporters do just that and a populace that loves to feel better about themselves because of others’ misfortune eat that crap up and generate clicks and revenue.

    I can no longer read anything by the local guys in Miami. There are guys there that have an overt agenda against certain players and the team. The week Tannehill had a perfect rating, 4 TDs, 94% completion rate and a blowout win, the local goons complained that the third down percentage was not good and Tannehill was only decent because his receivers made plays and got YAC. (They conveniently forgot their main gripe when Tannehill was posting decent numbers last year was that he never gave his receivers the opportunity to gain YAC)

  21. Time for Caldwell to pack it in along with the inept coaching staff. Hate to say it but the man is clueless. Probably be the next HC to be fired in upcoming weeks. That team and city deserve much better then Jim Caldwell.

  22. Can we find a quote for him “blaming the media”? Yeah he is whining about the media, but I don’t see him blaming them.

    Is he not allowed an opinion on what he thinks of the media in comparison to other locales? Is the media above reproach?

  23. It is pretty negative in Detroit. I’ve lived in several other NFL markets…It’s brutal here. Definitely more negativity in Detroit than anywhere I’ve ever been.

    Caldwell may be right, but he probably should watch his quotes. The sharks will be circling in no time on this one…

  24. It’s a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy !!! It’s a Video !!! It’s White Privelege !!! No It’s Your Just Not a Good Head Coach !!! Loyal Good Person Good Father Good Teammate !!! Just Not a Good Head Coach

  25. Really? It’s the media’fault that the Lions stink? I thought it was because of their crappy head coach. The Colts canned him for a reason.

  26. Mr. Caldwell is right if he is talking about the “Whine Fest” that is broadcast daily on 97.1 The Ticket. The format of Negativity broadcast out of that station is downright depressing. If that is sports journalism…..well, we have devolved to a pathetic mess of crybabies who need a daily dose of baby food.

  27. Maybe Caldwell forgot to look up the Lions’ past record when he took the job? What a ridiculous statement. If the Ford family doesn’t fire him today, they’re hopeless.

  28. Wineshard says:
    Nov 3, 2015 1:21 PM
    Can we find a quote for him “blaming the media”? Yeah he is whining about the media, but I don’t see him blaming them.

    Is he not allowed an opinion on what he thinks of the media in comparison to other locales? Is the media above reproach?
    He didn’t. The media is taking his criticism of them and misrepresenting it as his excuse for the lions troubles. Back in the day, crap like that got journalists fired but today these clowns are celebrated for their shadiness by a lazy populace.

  29. This team needs to get blown up from top to bottom. Lewand, Mayhew, the entire coaching staff, Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, EVERYONE… build from the ground up. This team is one of the biggest jokes in professional sports. And I am stupidly enough a Lions fan… make some changes. I’d love to see Detroit involved in a Super Bowl sometime in my life other than just to host it.

  30. Caldwell needs to look out the window and understand that Detroit is a suffering city these days. When times are bad folks need even more escape through things like sports – and consequently express more of their heightened angst through these emotional channels too.

  31. Maybe Jim needs to negotiate with the media on how his post-game pressers will be held. Temp below 67, bathroom close by, softball questions agreed ahead of time, no empty podium shots until he’s fired.

  32. Caldwell is a classic example of a fraud. Some say he’s “insightful” with his comments. Not at all. He’s a classic BS artist. Was hired to “fix Stafford”, and Stafford has never looked worse. Meanwhile, every Caldwell presser is filled with clichés like “…things of that nature…” and “…we have to get better…”

  33. Caldwell is an awful head coach and should be fired. There is absolutely no argument against that. That being said, how irritating is it to hear the media whine and complain when they’re called out? “Whaaa they won’t give us interviews as they stand there wearing nothing but a towel after a grueling 4 hours of car accident type impacts!!” “Whaaa they said we’re being mean to them!!” “Whaaa you owe us injury updates that are accurate and 100% detailed!!” whaaaaa

    Just let it go.

  34. Clueless Caldwell is in waaaay over his head. If he went 26-62 as a COLLEGE coach, what made anyone think (besides Tony Dungy shilling for him) that he was qualified to run a pro program?

  35. gojags says:
    Nov 3, 2015 12:32 PM
    It might have something to do with a few decades of losing interspersed with fleeting hope. The Lions are 529-632-32 all-time, have won zero Super Bowls and have made two playoff appearances in the last 15 seasons.

    -Also the Lions are the only one team in the NFL history to go 0-16.


    Yep, this about sums it up. Give us a playoff win and you will see a shift in media attitudes. Until them…pressure.

  36. If you want a good example of what Jim is talking about go read an article by Drew Sharp. I don’t think he’s a good coach but he’s right.

    As a native of the Detroit area, I consider Drew Sharp a windbag and an embarrassment. He is the most negative of the bunch (and it ain’t even close). Reading a Drew Sharp piece is awful. Listening to that man on radio is torture.

    The Detroit media has, unfortunately for bad teams like the current day Lions, experienced a fair bit of winning over the years. They do not suffer losing lightly.

  37. another year…another year of Lions gripping about something. Sheesh. He’s right…that city has absolutely nothing to root for…so of course the media is negative. They have no sports team that has any kind of success and the city itself is trash. They nickname the state “The Murder Mitten,” and are proud of it.

  38. Caldwell is like Leslie Frasier..Mellow, determined, but it only lasts a season or 2 if lucky. All Caldwell has left is to blame it on the media. Guess what, 1-7 ballclubs will receive negative press.

    If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    Caldwell looks terrible playing the role of the poor victim…

  39. I agree with Jim Caldwell. The press is extremely negative in this town, and they’re always calling for someone to be fired. They spent all summer calling for Ausmus and Dombrowski to be fired. Now they spend all fall calling for Mahew and Caldwell to be fired. It seems to be some kind of power trip with the media, but if you call them on it and ask, “okay fire them, now who’s the alternative?” it’s always crickets. Of course their first choice for the Lions head coach was Wisenhunt, and you see how he worked out for the Titans. But how much time will they be saying, we were wrong, and I’m glad we got Caldwell because he did take us to the playoffs in his first year? Zero time admitting they were wrong about Wisenhunt, about Stafford, about losing Suh.

    They’re pretty much negative idiots, and they create the Marshawn Lynch

  40. Does Caldwell think that just because he got the Lions to a playoff game last year that he is immune to criticism? He may not be responsible for the losing that took place before he was named head coach, but the reality is the Lions are in a free fall. In two of their last three games they were not mentally prepared to play and it showed as evidenced by the outcomes. The players have quit on Caldwell. It is just a matter of time until the axe falls on the coach and the entire front office and scouting staff.

  41. Hey, I have an idea! How about you sorry Lions Fans come to the Dolphins stories and remind us every time regardless of the stories content that we overpaid for Suh and that you don’t need him. Well, I will even admit to say we overpaid, but Contracts are made to be broken and with Cameron Wake gone forever, we sadly have an extra $14M next year. See, that worked out and while we suck; we certainly don’t suck as much as the Lions who might be lucky to win 3 games. Paybacks. Hmmmm…..

  42. Stafford and Calvin are responsible for this teams downfall. Their contracts have crippled this teams ability to hold the defense together. Plain and simple. Thank God we signed Levy but with him hurt this year we have no linebackers who can run and it’s allowed every qb we have faced to run on us at will. We have d lineman who let QBs run right past them and it’s because we are athletically just not very good. The safety who threatened to hold out this year had been burned two weeks in a row taking horrible angles on open field tackles resulting in huge gains. This season is worse then the 0-16 season and I don’t care if we win out. They look defeated before the game even starts. No heart. Caldwell should just quit because everyone else has.

  43. A perfect way to set up the press as the reason for being fired. Predictable.

    BTW, how’s the greener grass Tate?

  44. Caldwell has to be one of the most clueless coaches ever. The Lions brain-trust ruined an up-and-coming team when they hired him and will be paying for it for who knows how long. His game/team management is off-the-charts bad and staffing ability is obvioulsly lacking. I’m shocked he’s lasted this long, but hopefully Lion fans won’t have to suffer much longer.

  45. Caldwell is right. The media gives a free pass to Ilitch and the Tigers despite Ilitch being a complete crook and the Tigers have been in the basement 18 of the 24 years he’s owned them. He brings in nothing but foreigners on the Wings and Tigers and he’s anti-American

  46. I had heard the audio of the press conference, but I just watched the video of the whole press conference. His comment was not only taken out of context, it was mischaracterized. Caldwell was upbeat, positive, respectful and frank with the media. They seem to be irritated that he is a little smarter than they are, and they are never able to trip him up with their gotcha trick questions. He gave an honest answer to a question, and they are trying to persecute him because the media is the most thin skinned of all, and they never like that bright light shined on themselves.

    For all those calling for the guy to be fired in his 2nd year: This is the best head coach the lions have had in 40 years. He has head coaching experience. He has been to the Superbowl 3 times, once as head coach and he has 2 superbowl rings. He has worked with and been schooled by some of the best. If the Lions fire this guy after coming here and taking us to the playoffs in year one, and having a bad year 2 due to injuries and roster changes he couldn’t control, they will never get another good head coach to come to Detroit for another 40 years. That’s a fact. No good, experienced qualified head coach would be bothered. So I give the Ford family credit for bringing him here, and not listening to the idiotic sports pundits that love to call for someone to be fired in this town. The did the same thing to Brad Ausmus. It’s pathetic sports coverage.

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