The first official Chip Kelly-to-Tennessee speculation post


From the moment the Titans used the second overall pick on quarterback Marcus Mariota, the dots emerged in plain sight, easily connectable.

If Chip Kelly couldn’t get Mariota to Philadelphia, Kelly possibly would get himself to Nashville.

Of course, that requires the Tennessee Titans job to be open. It now is.

Kelly, who coached exclusively at the college level before jumping to the Eagles three years ago, surely knows enough about the pro game to know that he can’t win consistently at this level without a franchise quarterback. And while it’s still not yet clear that Mariota will be a franchise quarterback, it’s clear that Kelly believes, in his system, Mariota would be the perfect quarterback.

There are still plenty of hurdles to overcome before it would happen. The Titans, at 1-6, are only one game behind the Colts, Texans, and Jaguars in the AFC South loss column. If Mularkey leads them to a division title, it will be hard to not give him the permanent job. Likewise, the 3-4 Eagles are in second place in the NFC East, only one-half game behind the Giants, who lost to Philly by 20 points two weeks ago.

Still, Kelly surely is fascinated by the prospect of reuniting with Mariota in a division that’s currently even worse than the one Kelly is in. And the key to Kelly succeeding over the long haul in the NFL could be hitching his wagon to the guy he recruited to Oregon.

The connection between Kelly and Mariota is reason enough for the Titans to be interested. Any other coach would say all the right things about wanting Mariota as his quarterback during the interview process, but once on the job it’s possible that coach would set in motion a plan aimed at getting his own guy.

60 responses to “The first official Chip Kelly-to-Tennessee speculation post

  1. I’d love to see the Eagles trade him to the Titans for the kind of package he attempted to deal to get Mariota in the first place.

  2. All Chip has to do is trade all of his great talent so that the Eagles struggle. Oh wait…

  3. Exactly what’s the big attraction about Chip Kelly? He’s made questionable personnel moves that this year has translated to a 3-4 record in one of the worst divisions in the league. Very questionable if he has control of that locker room or is capable of coaching at the professional level. Since he’s in the 3rd yr of a 5 yr contract, Philly would want compensation as well. All because he coached Mariota in college? No thanks.

  4. Kelly to Tennessee? Mariota to Philly in some sort of semi-blockbuster trade seems more likely.

  5. Lets just trade interim coach Mike Mularkey for Kelly and make it official. Everybody wins.

  6. What the what?! No no no you got it all wrong! Go figure Eagle hater number one, Florio, wrote this. Let the trade speculation begin! That’s the story here. Chip is not going anywhere, trade deadline has not simple. Do the deal! Give them whatever they want. Especially now that Mariota is injured he fits even more in with us. He needs us, we need him. It’s showtime, just do it.

  7. Why does Kelly’s name come up every time there is a coaching vacancy? I thought he’s supposed to be a genius. So why would the Eagles let him……… oh……… now I get it.

  8. 6250claimer says:
    Nov 3, 2015 10:11 AM

    Kelly to Tennessee? Mariota to Philly in some sort of semi-blockbuster trade seems more likely.


    Mariota has shown he can play in this QB centric league and he has tons of upside. His value is probably 5X what it was on draft day. Tennessee has a chance with him to get back to a being a competitive team that makes the playoffs every year like they were in the late 90s and early 00’s.

    Even 2 first rounder’s wouldn’t be enough for him. Trading him would be the worst mistake they ever made.

  9. Kelly haters AND Kelly loyalists both need to calm down. Kelly gets hate for Bradford and not backing the truck up for Maclin last off-season as GM but no love for turning the defense around in an off-season.

    Bradford hasn’t looked liked the guy in Green Bay in the final pre-season game but I’m not willing to say this team couldn’t turn it around and in the second half of the season make a nice run.

    Chip isn’t going anywhere after this season regardless of record. He’ll get another chance to find his QB and fix the offensive line that he ignored last year.

  10. Chip Kelly’s career should be penalized/sanctioned if he bails on Philly before his contract runs out…whether it be fined or loss of draft pick or recruitments or ineligible for bowl game… Something!!!

    For him to just trade away or release all of Philly talent, then cut and run would be very immoral/selfish/unacceptable. No football league should enable coaches like him and Saban and Carroll…

  11. You’re overlooking the biggest road block, which is Kelly already has a job. Unfortunately for this theory, Jeff Lurie is way too level headed of an owner to overreact and move on from Kelly regardless of how the season turns out for the Eagles.

  12. Oh please… Chip isn’t going to get fired or leave the Eagles any time soon. Bradford hasn’t meshed with his receivers yet- too early to give up- and his #1 receiver has a hand injury leading to numerous drops. Otherwise, the defense is awesome.

    Do the homework on everyone that was cut/left. None of them are exactly blowing it up, Shady included.

  13. I feel sorry for the QB kid. We have seen this million times a new coach would want his guy or at the very least will focus on the QB. The new coach would use the QB card when he fails and try to get his QB. Jay Cutler / Josh McDanniels kinda scenario.

  14. Wait … so he’s done nothing in Philly with his terrible college offense. So they want to bring him to Tennessee and have their 1st round pick run a college offense instead of learning how to play in the pros?

    Makes sense.

  15. Kelly gets a lot of hate for getting rid of “talent” but I don’t see any of those ex-Eagles tearing up the league elsewhere. Those players either didn’t buy into his coaching style or he wasn’t willing to pay them what they wanted. Although I don’t think all of the moves were genius, I also don’t think they were horrible.

  16. Titans will only get Chip Kelly if they give him even more control than Philly gave him. Otherwise Tennessee is a garbage organization and Chip will learn that real quick when he meets Boss Hog. Bud probably thinks that just by having Marcus Mariota they should be much better than this, never mind the rest of the roster.

  17. I think the more likely scenario is that Mariota ends up in Philly this offseason… Actually, I don’t think either is likely, but I think Kelly to Tennessee has virtually zero chance of happening.

  18. The problem with Mariota is that he is not playing the Bucs secondary every week. We have made everyone (even Kirk Cousins) look like Joe Montana that we have played this season. Mariota’s record breaking debut was due to throwing 10 yard slants the entire game. The Bucs 7 weeks later still haven’t figured out how to defend a slant. Mariota still might end up being great, however I knew “Hall of Fame” after week one was a little premature.

  19. Titans will only get Chip Kelly if they give him even more control than Philly gave him. Otherwise Tennessee is a garbage organization and Chip will learn that real quick when he meets Boss Hog. Bud probably thinks that just by having Marcus Mariota they should be much better than this, never mind the rest of the roster.

    You do realize that Bud Adams died a couple of years ago right?

  20. You guys speculated for weeks that Phillip Rivers was going to be traded to Tennessee for the chance to get MM. Then it was Chip trading the house for a chance to draft him. So this speculation completes the cycle, and like the other nonsense, it wont happen.

  21. lilrob10201 says:
    Nov 3, 2015 10:08 AM

    If you think about it Chip put together a good team,but just made a mistake with Bradford. He’s awful.


    He also overpaid for Demarco Murray’s inevitable regression. A lot of good cap clearing moves were wasted with that one stupid Snyder-esque move.

  22. cobrala2 says: Nov 3, 2015 10:37 AM

    Titans will only get Chip Kelly if they give him even more control than Philly gave him. Otherwise Tennessee is a garbage organization and Chip will learn that real quick when he meets Boss Hog. Bud probably thinks that just by having Marcus Mariota they should be much better than this, never mind the rest of the roster.


    Newsflash Brainchild, Bud hasn’t had a lot of input since 2013….

  23. I am OK with that…I am also OK with Tennessee trading Mariota to Philly and getting Kapernick and Megatron! Don’t laugh….it is finally a good day to be a Titan fan and dream big!!!!!!

  24. tedmurph says:Nov 3, 2015 10:11 AM

    Exactly what’s the big attraction about Chip Kelly?
    I don’t know and I wish I could answer that for you. The guy has done ok. Not great but ok. I still have not figured out why some people think he is such a mad genius and even some have said the best coach in the NFL . I am not a hater of his since his team has no impact on mine but I still shake my head.

  25. Wow — things are happening so fast now — I’m dizzy. There is no coach in the NFL who could make Marcus Mariota a star, other than Chip Kelly. Go and get “Your guy” Chip! Hmm… Sam Bradford to the Titans in exchange for Mariota to the Eagles — “anybody ‘wit me'” (with me)? 🙂

  26. Josh Innes is that you? Kaep will be unloading trucks at UPS this time next year. I’m sure Chip wants to go to Nashville with no offensive line, a dumpster fire at every skill position except QB, a terrible defense, and no GM power to boot. Yes, this makes 100% sense. Keep up the good work Florio.

  27. Okay let’s review what Kelly has done in the off season. 1. Let Herremanns go. Herremanns lost his starting job in with The Colts and does not play at all. 2. Let Trent Cole go to the The Colts and he lost his starting job a rarely plays. 3. McCoy had been hurt and a major disappointment in Buffalo per fans everywhere. 4. Mathis is starting and the last I say him on Sunday night he was getting run over on a regular basis. He is done. 5. Cary Williams is horrendous in Seattle. They target him all the time. Seahawks defense not close to last year and secondary has particularly dropped off. 6. Bradley Fletcher signed by The Patriots and started game 1 & 2. Then Fletcher was benched and cut. Home the couch watching games like everyone else. 7. Ma Lin was obscenely overpaid. Kelly wanted and tried to keep him in a big way. K.C & Andy Reid paid $11 million yearly for a good player. Not exactly lighting the world on fire by any stretch. 8. Oh yeah remember Desean Jackson? Hasn’t played a game this year and oh by the way his home was invaded in a gang related incident 2 weeks ago. Not sure what Kelly did wrong but I can tell you he did a lot right. Defense is a # 5 defense now. Special Teams still #1 or close to it. The offense is clearly a work In Progress but struggling. Kelly absolutely knows what he is doing. QB plays decently and the Eagles would be 5 & 2 but your record is your record. Lots of haters in a parity league.

  28. he may not have made the playoffs yet but for a guy whose team has won 20 games his first 2 years you guys at pft and the fans at philly sure want him out of a job awful bad. I can think of allot of teams who would be happy with his record for a first time NFL head coach.

  29. At this point, it is clear the Titans are going to be in the battle for the number 1 pick again. They are probably going to try their own version of the Suck for Luck. after all, it was cool when Indy did it. With that being said, if there is a QB prospect the Titans want out of this draft, they could certainly send Mariota to Philly. They thought they would be out of the basement with that pick, turns out they need a heck of a lot more, so unload him if it will get you more picks

  30. Just because players Kelly cut loose got hurt somewhere else doesn’t mean it was a good decision. That’s bad luck. But, he cleared all this cap space and did what? Overpaid for Murray. Wildly overpaid for Maxwell. Cuts DJackson instead of getting something, and instead of going to the AFC, he ends up on a division rival. Giving up Foles and a 2nd for Bradford? Having to pay the backup QB 9mil because you can’t count on Bradford? The talking heads on TV think the Eagles offense is a joke. Outside of Matthews, the drafts have been so so at this early stage. Whispers of racism around the team. Are they better than last year? Kelly wasn’t brought in to coach defense or STs. maybe what he’s doing will work out in the end, but talking about him like he’s a coach you gotta go get or a huge success story, don’t see it.

  31. That would be outstanding..hahah. I mean this guy guts the Eagles and the icing on the cake would be to leave town. He loves his boy so there may be tread on this tire.

  32. Isn’t Kelly still under contract to Philly for at least two more years? Leaving to Nashville would require compensation- something Lurie almost certainly would not do.

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