Veteran runner Pierre Thomas signs with the 49ers


When Blaine Gabbert takes a snap this week, he’ll have a veteran back behind him, anyway.

According to a tweet from his agent, former Saints running back Pierre Thomas has signed with the 49ers, giving them cover after Reggie Bush was lost for the season when he slipped and fell on the concrete in St. Louis.

The former Saints running back has had some workouts, and was close to a deal with the Texans in the preseason before things fell apart.

The 49ers also signed former Browns back Shaun Draughn to help keep healthy bodies in the backfield.

He worked out for them two weeks ago, and gives them an experienced and versatile back. Considering Carlos Hyde has been dealing with foot injuries and is clearly not 100 percent and Mike Davis has a broken hand, having someone trustworthy like Thomas on hand will be good for Gabbert.

Such that anything good is coming from this situation.

21 responses to “Veteran runner Pierre Thomas signs with the 49ers

  1. Poor Pierre, heading right into that team that has been decimated by disfunction. He could’ve signed with the Saints, the only team he ever played with, after Khiry Robinson went down but he wanted too much.
    Now he goes into a situation where he is destined to fail. He may never play again after the 49ers wreck his reputation and make him look washed up like they did to Kaepergimmick.

  2. Talk about rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic!

    One good thing happened with the Niners today. Now that they have benched Colin Kap. for Blaine Gabbert, Kap will no longer be the fall guy for this trainwreck of a front office.

    Yeah, sit down Kap and start a guy who is 2-13 as a starter. That oughta fix things.
    For the other teams in the NFC West, all you can say is York-Baalke-Tomsula are the gift that just keep on giving.

  3. ugh, that just breaks my heart. I wish the best for PT23 but he should always be in black and gold. I was really hoping the Saints would bring him back after Khiry got hurt but I can understand the desire to bring in Hightower.

    I don’t wish failure upon PT but I think that is what he will see in San Fran. They just aren’t that good and I think it alll started with the front office that appointed a yes man to be head coach. The issues with Kaepernick are a symptom, not the problem.

  4. Congrats 49ers. Yall have landed a running back who is absolutely phenomenal in the passing game. Ive seen very few running backs better at pass protection and screens than Pierre. Although some of thats got to do with Drew Brees, our other running backs never excelled like he did in those areas.
    Hes also not afraid of contact at all so he doesnt tip your hand, Pierre can run the ball and lay hits on defenders.

  5. Hayne is right here!!!!!!
    Give him the chance to bang out yards and get in some type of rhythm…. And see what he has for next year!!!

    Time to make the coach accountable as he wants to be!!!! Anyone else would be replaced with all that talent… Geep is lost too.

    Pushing Davis out too??? …… This is getting worse by the minute…

  6. Hayne is so great that 31 other teams passed on claiming him. I don’t know why everyone was so outraged to see him cut. He did nothing after the preseason.

  7. Thomas has something in the tank, I’m surprised that this is the first job offer he has received. A solid player and a true benefit to the passing game as a blocker and receiver.

  8. He and Reggie played in the same backfield for 5 years. As luck would have it, he is now Bush’s replacement.

  9. tfavrat says:
    Nov 3, 2015 12:58 PM

    Thomas has something in the tank, I’m surprised that this is the first job offer he has received.

    He has worked out for a few teams. (Chiefs, Texans)
    Texans offered him a contract earlier this season, but he turned it down.

  10. How do you get to this point? I’m a Hawk fan forever but I’m sad to see this in 49er land. I grew up rooting for Montana, Taylor, Rice and Craig, etc., this implosion sucks!

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