Stafford: “I would back” Jim Caldwell on media negativity

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On Tuesday, Lions coach Jim Caldwell called Detroit the most negative media market he’s been in during his coaching career.

Caldwell didn’t draw a line between that negativity and the Lions’ 1-7 start to the season, saying that the negativity “has always been here” during a tenure that got off to a much better start with a playoff run during the 2014 season. Quarterback Matthew Stafford hasn’t made as many stops around the football world as Caldwell, but he’s been in Detroit longer and agrees with Caldwell’s take on the local media.

“I don’t have the experience that coach Caldwell does, not only in this league, but in life, but I would back that,” Stafford said on “The Mitch Albom Show” on WJR, via “The second we’re 0-4, it’s like, ‘Hey, do you remember 0-16?’ to all the guys that were there. Things like that. That’s the fact of the matter, in 2008, they went 0-16. I understand the factual aspect of that question, but 0-4 is 0-4, it’s not 0-16. That kind of stuff happens quite often. Then you’re on a winning streak and it’s, ‘Are they for real?’ Things like that.”

Stafford wasn’t there for the 0-16 season, arriving a year later with the first overall pick attained by their epic futility, and says that “every year is a different year.” The problem for the Lions has been that whatever unique twists and turns might happen along the way, every year winds up feeling like the same year and it’s inevitable that will be reflected in the way media and fans respond to the team.

That may make for an atmosphere that’s too heavy on negativity, but you can only get kicked in the gut so many times before you come to expect it.

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  1. I don’t believe that Detroit is the most negative media city in the U.S.

    NYC has the reputation for that and they go negative with a lot better performance from their teams.

    If Caldwell/Stafford want to see the negativity go away – try performing a little better.

  2. Obviously the answer to the “are they for real?” question has been an emphatic NO the entire time Stafford has been in Detroit, so I’m not really sure why he’s bringing that up as a critique of the media.

  3. Leaders defeat negativity by doing positive things on a consistent basis. One brief playoff run can’t wipe out the decades of futility, especially when the team falls right back into the ugly, losing ways of the prior years.

    If these guys want their local media to lose the negative slant, there is one way to do it. Win and keep winning. Put a couple back to back seasons of success together. Give people some hope that your management cares and has put the right people in place for success.

    The Lions have done none of these things. Negativity should be no surprise at all. The surprise is that they have any fans left. The team should be grateful.

  4. Caldwell is clueless. I still remember the look on his face when Sean Payton schooled his ass in the Super Bowl.

  5. One playoff win in 58 years does that to a fan base. Quite honestly at least the 0-16 team had some fight in it compared to this teams laying down.

  6. Matt, when a team with just 14 winning seasons out of 49 in the super bowl era, which has a losing record of 41-63 since you arrived after 2008, is led by an HC who had a 26-63 college record and as of today a 28-28 NFL one, and the team starts this year 0-4, it is perfectly acceptable to mention the dreaded 0-16 of 2008! And what have you guys done since 0-4? You are just one FG in OT (v the 2-5 Bears) better than 0-8 and not looking like winning another any time soon. The local media have every right to be very negative, dude.

  7. Weird…I don’t remember either of these gentlemen calling Lions fans negative last year. You know, when they WEREN’T 1-7.

    These two just don’t get it…

  8. “You want to win, put Booby in.”

    What do you expect? The phrase “SOL” wasn’t born yesterday. Fans and media alike can go bad fast. Last season was much more positive. You want us to smile, win games.

    I think it’s the Honolulu blue. It’s like red to a bull, at this point. No one fears it even in a winning season. Everyone expects to have a chance against the Lions.

  9. Ok Matthew, you got embarassed by a very ordinary Kansas City on global television. By hey, at least no one died! Is that positive enough for you?

  10. A local radio guy calls Stafford “Goldilocks”, cause he needs everything “just right”. He has another favorite that he goes to when people throw around the term “hater”. He backs it up by using logic AND statistics (what???… I know, I know) and simply replies “Why are you mad at ME??.. Facts are mean.”.

  11. If you want to stop all the “negativity” how about doing so by accomplishing something meaningful? Winning some playoff games would be a nice start. The ultimate way to stop all the negativity would be to win a championship. Of course there is no hope of that ever happening as things now stand. The Lions are not “lovable losers”. In fact, in sports, those two words are incompatible.

  12. Whenever you fail at what you’re supposed to be good at, blame those whose job it is to report on your failure.

    Sounds legit.

    Real tough Guys.

  13. As I was sitting in Wembley completely deflated in the second half, I found myself hoping the Lions would just stay in London. The London Lions sounds good. Relocation is the only thing that is going to save me from myself with that team. I hope the corpse of Martha Ford has the balls to tear the franchise down to the ground and start over. I wish they would have traded CJ yesterday. They need to cut/trade Stafford too. We have the first pick locked up. So I’m running out to buy my Connor Cook jersey now. My god, has it come to this?

  14. I agree with the Goldilocks thing. Have the Patriots had everything JUST RIGHT for Tom Brady over the past 16 years? No. Yet, they haven’t had a losing season with Tom at the helm since 2000.

    In the 2 winning seasons we’ve had, there wasn’t muchf negativity. Maybe some concern that our secondary sucked and wouldn’t hold up in the playoffs, which it didn’t, but not much negativity.

  15. It’s the only Detroit professional team that has a prolonged culture of losing. The Red Wings, Pistons and Tigers have all either won or played for titles over the past decade. The Lions? Try 60 years. So, of course the air is tainted.

    Fix it and it’ll go away.

  16. Pointy Williams says:
    Nov 4, 2015 8:22 AM
    A local radio guy calls Stafford “Goldilocks”, cause he needs everything “just right”. He has another favorite that he goes to when people throw around the term “hater”. He backs it up by using logic AND statistics (what???… I know, I know) and simply replies “Why are you mad at ME??.. Facts are mean.”.
    While no big fan of Stafford at this point, a little unfair of calling him Goldilocks when he’s averaging six sacks a game. I think he’d settled, at this point, for decent protection.

  17. Once again, we’ve arrived at that point in Detroit where it’s obvious that no one associated with this organization gets it and their collective response to scrutiny shows why they don’t win. Winners have an insatiable hunger for success, maintain open minds to new opportunities, commit to excellence, pursue self evolution, find failure intolerable but learn from mistakes and grow smarter and stronger from the experience. Losers repeat their errors, can’t learn or don’t apply lessons. Losers are stubborn, resist change and blame others. Caldwell might be a gentlemen and competent assistant coach but his limited success as a head coach has been fleeting and inadvertent. Stanford has the physical skills to succeed but not the requisite football IQ. Unfortunately for the fans, no one associated with Lions ownership or management has any of the traits required to succeed at professional football nor do they show any inclination to improve our sorry situation that has festers for 50 plus years.

  18. Just bring up the name Jim Bob Cooter a couple times — that’ll lighten the mood and get everyone giggling.

  19. When the team sucks, its always…..the media’s fault and and the fans’ fault.

    Because the media/fans throw the picks, fumble the ball, blow coverages, miss FGs, allow kickoff runbacks for scores, mismanage the clock, and call poor plays.

    Got it.

  20. I live in Minnesota and the media here can be very negative, too. And rightfully so. If the Vikings, Twins, TWolves, Wild, Lynx, and Gophers put a crappy product on the field year after year, what’s to be positive about? If you want praise, do something praiseworthy.

    It’s the marketplace; put out a shoddy product and you’re going to get flamed. Deal with it.

  21. These guys have such thin skins. If you don’t like negative comments maybe they should start bagging groceries or mowing grass for a living. Stafford and their coach want the press to write about what a great job they are doing. They need to read more fantasy books and less news.

  22. The problem the Lions players might have is not that the media is negative and hates their losing. It might be that the players and coaches don’t seem to actually hate losing.

  23. Tell you what Mat, you give back some of your $78 million dollar contract, and we, the loyal fans will show you some respect and talk nicely about you. You definitely haven’t earned that much with your play and leadership……….

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