NFL notes launch of Stickum ban

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The late ’70s featured the proliferation of Stickum, a blob-like gelatin that helped receivers and defensive backs catch the football. Some players (particularly Raiders cornerback Lester Hayes) took it to the extreme. And the NFL eventually took it away.

As NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent pointed out earlier on Twitter, the league banned the compound 34 years ago.

Stickum re-entered the conversation earlier this year, after Hall of Famer Jerry Rice called out the Patriots for #DeflateGate and Patriots fans, scouring the Internet for proof that cheating is rampant in the NFL, found a video in which Rice admitted to applying Stickum to his gloves. Rice thereafter admitted using it then seemed to deny it then eventually decided he wasn’t going to talk about it anymore.

Meanwhile, the NFL currently uses gloves that are as effective as Stickum ever was. In August, Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times noted that the Competition Committee possibly will be examining whether the gloves are too tacky.

So maybe at some point down the road we’ll be commemorating the Odell Beckham Jr. rule.

19 responses to “NFL notes launch of Stickum ban

  1. For Lete’s sake…..can Goodell and the league just leave things alone and let the players play football? By the time these guys are done the game will be ruined.

  2. The only reason it was banned was because it got on the football and the QB’s couldn’t throw it as accurately. If it doesn’t rub off on the football, what’s the problem?

  3. This is stupid. The league wants to see spectacular football, and the gloves help make Odell Beckham catches an exciting part of the game. Let all the players wear the gloves, and you level the playing field.

  4. It’s only cheating if it’s Patriots..keep telling yourself that and looking
    for excuses of why they keep kicking your ass!

  5. If i’m not mistaken, “stickum” was outlawed because QBs couldn’t throw the ball properly with the substance on the ball. I can’t imagine they will ban the gloves now being used as the league enjoys the acrobatic catches we see every week.

  6. They should do away with sticky gloves completely. Catches like ODB shouldn’t be made. It looks ridiculous and isn’t realistic at all.

  7. nhpats?

    “For Lete’s sake…..can Goodell and the league just leave things alone. . . .”

    The ban on Stickum was instituted in 1981 (and hasn’t been changed) when Roger Goodell was 22, when he was a senior at Washington and Jefferson College. Goodell didn’t become the NFL Commish until 2006, or 25 years after sticky substances on hands or gloves of NFL players was banned.

    Thus if anyone is guilty of NOT leaving things alone on this front, it is NOT Goodell.

    Or is it you are jealous of and/or angry at Jerry Rice for (apparently) admitting to using Stickum, and then accusing the patriots of cheating in the ‘deflategate’ case?

  8. catquick says:
    Nov 5, 2015 11:32 PM
    The only reason it was banned was because it got on the football and the QB’s couldn’t throw it as accurately. If it doesn’t rub off on the football, what’s the problem?
    It is called trying to maintain a balance of some type.
    Can barely touch a receiver without giving them an automatic first down and huge field position gains.
    At least make them work to catch the football.

  9. So the ban on using Stickum was an actual rule that the NFL put in the rule book itself, not just an unenforceable memo sent out by a league employee? Wow, so how many draft picks did the 49ers lose after violating that rule?

  10. Jerry Rice admitted he in the 49ers cheated and have tainted Super Bowls

    Now he is trying to deny it. (That’s his story and he’s Stickum with it)

    Ironically it’s unclear if Brady cheated. The official’s “best recollection” is that he used the gauge that showed Brady did not.

    There is NO QUESTION given Rice’s admission that the 49ers cheated their way to his Super Bowl wins

    Thus Brady, who equalled Montana’s 4 SBs thus far – in the age of free agency, parity, and he salary cap, will go down as the Greatest Of All Time.

  11. What is the problem with wearing the gloves? Makes the ball easier to catch? So? D-backs can use them too. And QB’s, and everyone else. And it doesn’t negatively impact the football at all.

    Just leave it be.

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