Johnathan Hankins fined for sideline shot on Mark Ingram

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During one of the brief moments in last Sunday’s Giants-Saints game when one of the two quarterbacks wasn’t throwing one of their 13 combined touchdown passes, Saints running back Mark Ingram took a shot from Giants defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins after he went out of bounds with the football.

There wasn’t a flag for a late hit, although part of the reason for that might have been that Hankins wasn’t in the game at the time. The NFL fined him $8,681 this week for his troubles.

The NFL felt Hankins lowered his shoulder into Ingram to deliver the blow, something that’s hard to miss on video. Hankins told Art Stapleton of the Bergen County Record that he was bracing himself for the hit rather than trying to lay Ingram out. Hankins plans to appeal the fine.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that Saints cornerback Brandon Browner was fined the same amount for unnecessary roughness. Browner was penalized for hitting Giants wide receiver Rueben Randle out of bounds and drew three other flags during the game. He has been responsible for 15 accepted penalties this season.

12 responses to “Johnathan Hankins fined for sideline shot on Mark Ingram

  1. I do not know where the fine money goes that the NFL imposes but I think it would go a long way if it went to different charities that are somehow tied into relevant NFL issues.

  2. @ badphish24:

    The fines money goes to a charity that assists former NFL players. (Just for everyone’s information.)

  3. Can’t determine intent from the video so the fine should be overturned. How can you fine a guy that probably made a split second decision that he didn’t want to be knocked on his butt?

  4. Hankins wasn’t trying to hit him. It looks bad because the other defender was hitting the runner in the back of the legs at the same time he came into contact with Hankins, causing the runner to buckle backwards. Hankins didn’t even have his helmet on, so he was risking his own health.

  5. If someone was about to run into me, I’d lower my shoulder and brace for impact too. What’s he supposed to do, dive out of the way or run for cover?

  6. Everyone else on the sideline backed up and got out of the way. Hankins didn’t budge an inch. Either his butt is too fat to move or he intended to lay one into Ingram.

  7. Dirty hit. When the action comes your way you get out of the way. You don’t brace yourself with your shoulder.

  8. You’re suppose to get out of the way when a player is running out of bounds. If you lean into him instead and cause him to land on his back, you deserve a fine. After the fine, you learn to react the way everyone else does. GET OUT OF THE WAY!

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