Peyton Manning quietly landed on injury report this week


At a time when the focus was on whether Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has an undisclosed rib injury, not much attention was paid to the other quarterback who’ll play in Sunday’s game at Indianapolis.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has a right shoulder injury.

The injury was initially disclosed on Wednesday, as the reason for Manning being limited in practice. (He often doesn’t practice at all on Wednesday.) He fully participated on Thursday and Friday, and Manning is listed as probable for Sunday’s game.

It’s not a major injury. But it was still disclosed. Which the Colts apparently didn’t do with Luck’s broken ribs.

Meanwhile, Luck’s supposed full health didn’t last long. Absent from Wednesday’s report, Luck showed up on Thursday’s report as limited with an ankle injury. He fully participated on Friday, and he’s listed as probable.

20 responses to “Peyton Manning quietly landed on injury report this week

  1. Wow, the Broncos had an opportunity to cheat and didn’t take it. Uncharted territory for them. Guess they know the difference between an injury report and a salary cap.

  2. He probably threw the ball too many times. Brady will be in the same boat by playoff time at the rate he is going.

  3. Peyton has serious complications from numerous neck surgeries. He cannot feel his fingertips. He has neuropathy. One good shot to the neck and he is a quadraplegic. Shoulder injuries combined with neck arthritis will combine to make his inevitable decline swift.

    Brady on the other hand is playing better now than he did 10 years ago. He is a health nut. No Papa Johns or evil Coke for him. Hw is devoted to improving his biomechanics. His TB12 Sports Clinics are a testimony to his dedication to not only prolonging his own career , but to altruistically helping the game treat concussions. Brady’s newfound ability to evade tacklers and avoid big hits is helping him have his best year ever. Personally I think Giselle is helping him with ballet lessons. He is dancing away from hits like never before. He has found his feet.
    Manning is not done but he runs the risk of being paralyzed. Brady wants to play for another 10 years. Tale of two players going in opposite directions with their epic careers.

  4. Colts listed a fake ankle injury for Luck to set the stage for furthering their lies about the ribs…

    “…see how well he ran out there today…shows you how minimal the ankle injury we reported must have been…we listed that, so that should give you the idea that the ribs were absolutely no issue at all – not even worth mentioning in the report…”


  5. Just a little arthritis and rust. Inject some WD-40 in that shoulder. Should do the trick.

  6. Manning will be fine. Luck looked awesome in that come back against Carolina. If he had any injury of any kind, he’s Superman. He didn’t look injured to me. Jay Glazer is now reporting that Andrew Luck has chapped lips. I didn’t see that on any reports.

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