Pats, Dion Lewis waiting for MRI results


As the New England Patriots bask in the glow of their first 8-0 start since 2007, they’re a little nervous about one of the more underrated players on the team’s offense.

Per a league source, the Patriots and running back Dion Lewis currently are awaiting the results of an MRI conducted Sunday night on a knee Lewis injured during Sunday’s win over Washington.

Lewis has only 234 yards rushing on the season, but he has added 388 receiving yards. He has four total touchdowns.

His modest numbers understate his impact on the offense, providing a degree of elusiveness none of the team’s other tailbacks possess. Indeed, the ordinarily zero-tolerance Bill Belichick has put up with fumbles and drops from Lewis, given his unique skill set.

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  1. This guy is everything Shane Vereen was the last few years, only better. His shiftiness is something that is rare in running backs today. He’s not a ‘next man up’ type of player simply because his skill set is unlike anything else this Patriots team has on their roster. While he’s out, they’ll have to change up their offense a little bit. You can just replace Dion Lewis. It doesn’t look good, but hopefully he’s back at least for the playoffs because I’d love to see this offense at full strength when it really matters.

  2. Some good initial signs. Knees usually swell up like crazy on a torn ACL and reportedly there was no swelling. Doctors can usually feel whether or not it’s torn and it seems like all reports are that they think it’s a sprain. Let’s hope for the best. Lewis is a big part of this offense and he’d really be missed

  3. How do the Patroits keep on grinding with all their injuries? The offense line needs to get healthy. The defense is getting banged up. The Pats depth is impressive.
    Deion Lewis was really carving a nice roll and was doing special things. I hope his injury is not severe.

  4. Even if everyone on the roster were perfectly healthy, and the reality is far from that, Belichick’s Patriots would not be caught dead basking in a glow after an 8-0 start.

  5. The Patriots will find an alternative to the “surprising” Lewis – although we all hope that isn’t going to be necessary. The real concern, as “kiss..” stated above, is the o-line.

    However, knowing Coach Belichick, I suspect that at least one or two of the defensive line players has the ability to move over to o-line in an emergency situation. Also, let’s not forget about the tightends on the roster. Sliding one of them to the tackle position could be a possibility if needed.

    Part of what makes BB such an amazing coach is his ability to “cover all the bases” in tough situations. It just never seems as though the Patriots skip a beat; even during mass injury hits.

  6. It’s funny to me when they say “waiting on the MRI results” when a radiologist usually reads it about 30 minutes after the test. They make it sound like it takes days.

  7. Speaking of injuries, where is the NFL at with their investigation into Luck’s rib injury and the bogus injury reports? Is this headed to an independant investigator ? Where can I find up-to-date info?

  8. carloswlassiter says:
    Nov 8, 2015 11:46 PM
    If he’s out, the league will be introduced to James White and the offense won’t change.
    Unfortunately White stinks.

  9. Steeley McBeam says:
    Nov 8, 2015 11:12 PM
    Annnnnnd Dri Archer signed in 3, 2, 1…

    Good luck with that, you’re gonna need it. Although, if anyone will get anything out of him its probably the Pats.

    Dri Archer goes down with lightest contact and cannot/unwilling to block. I doubt he is Belichick’s type.

    BTW, Dion Lewis blocked a 250-lb OT protecting Brady in the 1Q before he went down.

  10. When I saw Lewis go down, I immediately thought that it was not good. Has there every been a non contact injury that doesn’t equate to many games missed? Get well soon!

  11. Looks like Dion is injury-prone. He was out for the Jets game already. I believe he had injuries that limited his availability in previous years as well, which could be one of the reasons that he’s kicked around despite his talent. You can’t see if a guy is any good if he’s always hurt. It’s unfortunate because he’s amazing when healthy. But, some guys just can’t stay healthy.

  12. All you on here that think this is a serious loss obviously haven’t been keeping tabs on NE very long. 1st off the acl is loose not torn so there’s a good chance he’s coming back 2nd it is a next man up thing Brandon Bolden came right in and caught a TD pass on a wheel route generally doing the same thing Dion does as far as having a pass catching back if anything they go back to a Shane Vereen type plays with Bolden and White. 3rd Belichick has been doing miracles with the OL which is a way tougher then replacing a pass catching back so NE will be fine. #OnToNYG #

  13. I hope it is not serious and he returns before the end of the regular season. He is truly fun to watch, Nut until then, it will be next man up (White)! Hope Blount stays healthy.

  14. This is why Dion Lewis was relatively unknown until NE. He’s always been an explosive player and Philly and Cleveland had plans for him, he could never stay healthy. Belichick didn’t find this guy out of nowhere, I remember every preseason hearing how good this guy was and then he’d get hurt.

  15. Losing Dion Lewis would be a huge loss for the Pats. I’ve never seen anyone quite like him and I’ve been an active fan and follower of the Pats since the 1960’s. He will be sorely missed…Obviously, I hope that the MRI comes out negative because replacing him is next to impossible. Whenever he’s in the backfield, defenses have to make special adjustments because of his unique skill sets…Wishing you a quick and total recovery Dion. You will be missed.

  16. My hope is this…

    Brandon Bolden and James White will split those reps and as evidenced by the Bolden touchdown late in the game … They will be fine… The MRI will reveal a “sprain” and he will be back late December… Just in time for the push to Five…

    Fingers are crossed!

    In my opinion SeaBass is a bigger loss… not many teams can survive losing both Starting OL tackles.

  17. carloswlassiter says:
    Nov 8, 2015 11:46 PM
    If he’s out, the league will be introduced to James White and the offense won’t change.

    Not dogging you here but if James White was half the baller Dion Lewis is we probably never would have seen Dion Lewis. The Pats are the ultimate meritocracy, if White were getting it done he wouldn’t have been a healthy scratch yesterday in a game they obviously wanted to run the ball in. White couldn’t earn snaps last year when Ridley went down, hopefully he has progressed. No matter how seamless the coaching staff has made it look at times it is not simply plug n play.

    The offensive play calling will have to change with Lewis out

  18. a real game changer. If he is out more than 3 games it will be rough going but shouldn’t prevent a SB appearance.

  19. Hoping for sprain or mcl. Didn’t look good, but didn’t look horrific either. Clearly he felt something pop to just drop mid-run. Kid is a baller.

    I think they might be in trouble against the G Men. It’s going to take a real team effort to keep Brady upright down there and make first downs. Should be a good game.

  20. Hope he’s ok, as a Pats fan, and as a Dion Lewis fan. Dude has had a rough go of it with injuries early in his career, looked like he was finally taking off.

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