Blaine Gabbert remains 49ers’ starter

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Blaine Gabbert remains the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback.

Hours after 49ers coach Jim Tomsula declined to name his starting quarterback, the team announced that Gabbert will start when the 49ers return from their bye week and play at Seattle in Week 11.

That’s not surprising. Although Gabbert was far from great in Sunday’s win over the Falcons, he looked better than Colin Kaepernick has looked for most of this season. There was really no reason to make a change after Gabbert’s first start.

The real question is whether Kaepernick will ever get the job back. Once viewed as the team’s long-term answer at quarterback, he has struggled mightily this season. Gabbert may keep the job the rest of the year, and Kaepernick may be playing elsewhere in 2016.

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  1. It’s easy to blame a struggling QB. I don’t know how many QBs would excel if put in Kaeps exact position. Maybe the top tier guys but most of the middle of the road starting QBs in the NFL would also struggle on this mess of a team coached by a D Lineman. Kaep is not good enough to overcome all the obstacles and he’ll be the scape goat for this mess. Not first year coach nor Baalke. They’ll probably cut ties with Kaep and we’ll have a plethora of starting/ backup QBs for a couple years until we draft someone that could be a long term solution. Blaine is stinky

  2. In those few hours… Tomsula had a chance to confer with his GM who conferred with the boy Owner who conferred with anyone who would listen and then he made the announcement.

    In the meantime, the 20,000 empty seats are wondering what the heck happened to the franchise’s fan support.

  3. It’s amazing to me they fired Harbaugh, lost Roman, and have become a dumpster fire all while avoiding terribly uncomfortable press conferences. The GM should be fired because he just doesn’t ever hit on first round picks, ever. Yet they fire Harbaugh. Interesting…

  4. It’s clear they’re putting him in bubble wrap and will release him at season’s end. Wouldn’t that be interesting tho if he signed with the Rams?

  5. Jeremy couldn’t say who was going to start after the game. He had to wait to meet with management to tell him what they wanted first.

  6. Funniest thing is how the head coach stumbled thru the post game press conference regarding starting quarterback questions. 24 hours later, he names a starter? Did he win the raffle to be a head coach of an NFL team for a year?

  7. jtbaudendistel says:
    Nov 9, 2015 7:39 PM
    It’s easy to blame a struggling QB. I don’t know how many QBs would excel if put in Kaeps exact position.

    Well, Blaine Gabbert for one.
    Gabbert simply played as an NFL quarterback is expected to play: make quick reads, make quick decisions and throws, step correctly when the pocket gets muddy and throw the ball away when necessary. Every one of those things Kap has always struggled with.

  8. Of course he is! If they we so quick to give Kaep the keys when the #1 rated qb in football (at the time) went down to injury, they damn sure better stick with what they have going now considering Kaeps play as of late. Unlike with Alex, Kaep’s play actually kinda deserves it. Dumping Alex so readily was unecessay, imho, and I think Kaep’s issues are alot mental but could concievably be fixed. There’s so much messed up on that team, ya can’t throw it all at Kaep alone. From ownership to management, coaching turnover, player turnover, there’s a lot of work to be done. Now I know what it must feel like to be a Cowboys fan. Ownership gets some success then decides it can no longer exist with those who got you there. Almost instant results from both coaches but owners’ ego’s had to ruin it all. Thanks, Jed. ‘Preechiate ‘cha!

  9. I like to see these kinds of players get second chances. After all, we really only saw Gabbert his rookie year when he clearly wasn’t ready. He missed most of his 2nd year with a shoulder injury and was benched after getting hurt again his 3rd year. Rooting for you Gabbert!

  10. A concussion gave Kaperdink his opportunity to start a few years ago. It’s ironic because brain damage is what’s giving Gabbert the same opportunity.

  11. Um..did anyone actually watch the game?

    Gabbert was horrible.

    Kaep could have just as easily beat the hapless Falcons.

    Gabbert is the new Cousins. He’ll stink and stink, but somehow each weak we’ll be told he’s better than the other guy.

  12. It was around this time of the season a couple years ago that Kaepernick took over for Alex Smith and led the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Usually a team gets a spark from a change at QB. Kaepernick’s spark lasted for two years. The next year he led them back to the NFC Championship. Let’s hope Gabbert’s spark lasts longer than two years. This is the kind of opportunity Gabbert was hoping for. Most great QBs take several years to get going.

  13. Frankly, I was a big Kaep hater…but his free fall just doesn’t make sense…I think he will experience a resurgence somewhere else.

  14. They don’t want kap to play in Seattle for his first game back that’s like putting a pitcher in there against a team he never beats why risk his confidence to go down any further. Seattle has his number you put kap in after that game. Kap is not the problem it starts with being able to admit we are rebuilding. You don’t loose all THOse players and not spend money on free agents this past off season if your trying to win now. They hired a coach who they could fire in a year and it won’t hurt his feelings. Kap is the qb of the future. If kap was qb yesterday the niners would have won atl is soft. Let’s start to realize that we are a few years away from being good once the rookies get some playing time and we get a new coach and some free agents we will be back. If we just put a band aid on this we will be 6-10 for the next 7 years. 2 year plan faithful.

  15. jtbaudendistel says:
    Nov 9, 2015 7:39 PM
    It’s easy to blame a struggling QB. I don’t know how many QBs would excel if put in Kaeps exact position.

    Russell Wilson. The Seahawks line has been one of the worst lines in the NFL — run and pass blocking — since he was drafted.

    It is a credit to Marshawn Lynch that he runs well despite being hit closer to the LOS, on average, than almost every other running back in the NFL. It is a credit to Wilson that he is a Top-10 QB despite being under pressure for 43% of pass attempts, year-in, year-out.

    Phillip Rivers has one of the worst lines in the NFL. Ranked 28th in pass-blocking, he’s constantly under pressure. Yet he’s an outstanding QB.

    Alex Smith suffers behind the 31st ranked pass-blocking line in KC. He’s got a 91.2 QB rating and if the defense wasn’t so bad, KC would easily be in the playoff hunt.

    Tom Brady is playing behind a line that gives up more pressure. He’s having an MVP year.

    I could continue on as HALF the QBs in the NFL have it worse than Kaepernick. And many of them are All-Pros, ProBowlers and future HOFers.

    The fact is that in the past season and a half, Kaepernick was behind a line that was ranked 16th in pressures surrendered. And while he was sacked a lot, the stats say he was at fault for at least 29 of them because he HELD THE BALL.

    In fact, on average, his ‘time-to-be-sacked’ was the 3rd longest in the NFL and he had the 4th most time to throw of all QBs in the NFL before pressured.

    So, **** this ‘blame the line’ crap. It’s not the line. And while their run-blocking has bad, their pass protection has been average.

    And that’s all Gabbert needed. Just some average pass-protection. He got it. He completed 60% of his passes. He had one bad throw. He got burned by his WRs with 5 drops and a deflection INT.

    He had a good game. Not a great game. But even then, it could have been if his WRs didn’t betray him.

  16. Good on you, Blaine. I hope you appreciate the opportunity you’ve been given and you make the very most of it.

    I’ll say a silent prayer for Kaepernick, who just doesn’t get it.

  17. The way Kap’s contract is set up ,they can’t afford the risk it would cost the 49ers if he would get injured,besides the sucking part. I believe the Kap experiment is over and Harbaugh got out of town because it was clear Kap was not improving but regressing . Kap was given plenty of time and a variety of receivers. O line is an area that needs rebuilding but even with plenty of time and adequate protection Kap was missing his targets or just not able to see the field.

  18. I see people are still clinging to the hopes that Kepernick will somehow reemerge as the “future of the NFL”. I don’t understand how people cannot see that Kaepernick’s “greatness” was a product of playing on a team with awesome talent. No one talked about Trent Dilfer being anything but a game manager with just enough skill to help his team not lose. Kaepernick will never be a good NFL quarterback .

  19. Unless Kaep plays with the Seahawks or the Broncos, anywhere he goes will be short term success.
    He needs a dominant defense in order to survive.

  20. Leave Colin alone! He’s got the bling, the babes, the wheels, the fame…………………who cares if he can’t play the position?

  21. Good to see the ShyTalk fans still lining up to attack our team. Just shows how sad they is the Pathetic North West. Go find out who Steve Largent was, who your QB was before Russ the Truss. Come back when you have some history to compare. Which rivalry are you claiming this week?

  22. As of right now, Gabbert is the only that can save Tomsula’s job for next season. Here is what Tomsula’s words: “…Gabbert did really good things with his feet, and his arm and his brain..” He stopped short of saying Kap also has everything except the last one….

  23. Given that the Niners do not want to have to be guaranteed on his salary due to injury, if Gabbert beats Seattle, I don’t expect to see Kaepernick playing again. However, if the likely thing happens and they lose to the Seahawks, I could see him playing again. With no playoff aspirations, I don’t see why that should matter, but Gabbert not being the long-term answer might play into that. Of course, I’m not calling Kaepernick the long-term answer either. I don’t think they know what they’re going to do.

  24. Someone was saying that Gabbert’s performance produced a lower quarterback rating then Kaepernick’s average. You need to watch the game, one of his interceptions was the receivers fault in tipping and the other may have been due to the route the receiver ran and that would’ve given him a better rating then Kaepernick’s average.

    Also there’s been three games were two interceptions were dropped by the opponents when Kaepernick played. Obviously, the fact that they were not caught does not lower his rating and nor should it because other quarterbacks have dropped interceptions, but to cite a rating as conclusive is a bit silly when people can just watch the games.

    No, I do not believe in Gabbert. I just wouldn’t go by rating.

  25. kcslc2008 says:
    Nov 10, 2015 11:23 AM
    Someone was saying that Gabbert’s performance produced a lower quarterback rating then Kaepernick’s average. You need to watch the game, one of his interceptions was the receivers fault in tipping and the other may have been due to the route the receiver ran and that would’ve given him a better rating then Kaepernick’s average.

    Yeah, that second one was pretty much Gabbert’s fault. He threw off his back foot feeling pressure and underthrew the receiver into coverage he didn’t expect. But yes, the receivers dropped a lot of balls, it’s been a theme all year long that even when Kaepernick did make throws, they were dropped i.e. McDonald in his only pass that game or Miller dropping a sure TD pass in the game before.

  26. No one will be talking about Gabbert after the seattle game. He is played a defense with only 5 sacks on the year. He was horrible in the second half, no points scored. The seahawks have a better defense than that.

    Its sad that the only way they can insult a team that the owner totally sabotaged and had unexpected retirements is whos got it better than us bs. That is a classless organization and won’t be relevant in the next few years when they have cap issues. Everyone knows they pump in the crowd noise to make it seem louder than it really is.

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