Dri Archer passes on 10 practice-squad offers


Last week, the Steelers released running back Dri Archer to create a roster spot for receiver Jacoby Jones. Unclaimed on waivers, Archer became a free agent.

To date, Archer hasn’t signed with another team. However, he has had multiple opportunities to join NFL practice squads.

Per a league source, Archer has passed on 10 offers to join practice squads, including an offer from the Steelers. Archer, a third-round pick in 2014, instead plans to wait and see whether any opportunities arise to join a 53-man roster.

Of course, he could do both, signing on a practice squad and then joining any active roster. For now, he hopes to see whether any of the tailback-needy teams decide to give him a chance to show off his 4.26 speed.

The team with the most immediate need is the Patriots, who have lost versatile running back Dion Lewis for the season with a torn ACL.

33 responses to “Dri Archer passes on 10 practice-squad offers

  1. I see that Colbert reaching in the 3rd for him not only set the team back a bit, but also gave this man a warped sense of worth. Dri, come back to earth, you are not top-round talent, take what you can get now and earn your way on a 53.

  2. 10 job offers and he turns them down???
    When you are 5-8 and 170lbs, you pick the best one and pay your dues. then IF a team wants you for their 53 man roster they will sign you off the practice squad… Didn’t the Steelers just lose a RB and they still felt you weren’t good enough to be on the 53 man roster?

    right now you just look foolish (unless I am missing something).

  3. With Marshawn’s career winding down it would be nice if the Seahawks snagged him to pair up with RB Thomas Rawls.

  4. Truly awful pick by Colbert/Tomlin front office – should never have made the roster…

  5. I liked what I saw of this guy coming out of college, but ended up being a bust.

  6. Dre Archer going to the Pats is NEVER going to happen. Did you ever watch Dion Lewis pass block. He made a habit of stoning blitzing LB’s, despite his size. Archer doesn’t pass block and thus will never be signed

    A more likely candidate is Tavaris Cadet, who was hurt most of preseason and BB liked him enough to keep him on the roster at the start of the season, before he let him go after the first game or two.

    Supposedly he his now healthy. It would make more sense for the Pats to bring HIM back, since he already knows the system somewhat and has a LOT more NFL success with NO than Archer has.

  7. Can Dri cover kicks?
    One of the main reasons the Dark Lord has been reluctant to use Bolden a lot on offense is because he’s one of the key guys on the special teams. The most likely scenario in New England is they find someone to take Bolden’s special teams spot and put him in the Lewis pass-catching RB position.

  8. He can’t pass on something he isn’t eligible for. Archer was on more than 9 games of the active roster making him ineligible for the practice squad. Sounds like an agent doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  9. If Dre Archer belonged on a 53 man roster, he would have already been given that opportunity. 10 teams, 10 practice quad invites…says it all. The guy might be fast, but he falls over too easily. One of the biggest wasted draft picks the Steelers have made.

  10. As far as plays from scrimmage goes I never saw the Steelers have Dri Archer do anything other than run it up the gut.

    Never saw a pitch or reverse or anything that would use his speed to turn the corner. Never saw a screen pass so he could use his speed in space. I saw it a couple of times in a preseason game in his rookie year but never in the regular season.

    Did I miss something or did they just horribly misuse his talent?

  11. grabgrabgrab says:
    Nov 9, 2015 3:25 PM

    Yea, that’s all the Pats need is another speedy weapon to make Brady look amazing.

    Here, FTFY —

    Yeah, that’s all the Pats need is another speedy weapon for Brady to make look amazing.

  12. Archer is horrible. I don’t think he ever broke a tackle….very easy to bring down. Worse, he doesn’t seem to be able to find holes, even when they are huge.

  13. The Patriots will call Ray Rice before Archer. The guys dumber than a door knob and has zero football IQ. Definitely not the kind of player the Patriots look for.

  14. If you think that Archer was a Colbert pick, then you are as dumb as the Steelers are for taking him in the 3rd round.

  15. Guy plays smaller than his size, goes down in a decent breeze and could barely catch a cold in a room fool of sick kindergartners. He hardly has 53 man roster Hoodie material written all over him. Looks more like a project guy if anything

  16. Don’t really understand the decision not to sign to any practice squad. He’d make a minimum of $6,600 a week, and with ten teams interested he should be able to squeeze a bit more out of one of them. He also gets to practice, build “tape”, learn the game and build connections which might be important post-playing career.

    Instead he will sit at home, not practice and earn $0.

    So he’s fast. Or he’s slow. Depending on how you look at it.

  17. I’ll take $6,600 a week.

    That, or go north young man, go north. CFL put up some big stats, then you’ll be able to get the contract you’re looking for. If he could go up there, work on covering kicks too he’d make himself invaluable to some NFL team looking for utility player.

  18. Well guys, the latest is the Pats did sign Archer. That means that Brady will look fabulous? Or did he already?

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

  19. I think he’s making a mistake. When a player goes down on a particular team, those teams look to their own practice squads FIRST and at other teams practice squads 2nd. Thats a lot of players before they get to the “street guys”

  20. Doesn’t look like the Pats were overwhelmed with Dri. “Patriots give running back Daryl Richardson a tryout” If the hoodie gave him a practice squad slot offer and he turned it down, he is an idiot. ‘Prove it in practice’ is part of the Patriots mantra. BB I think holds the record for the number of transactions per year.

  21. Archer would fit perfect in NE with their illegal pick schemes and have lots of open field to work with. Wouldn’t be surprised if they grab him

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