Jim Tomsula not talking about quarterback decision


The previously 2-6 49ers beat the previously 6-2 Falcons with previously second-string quarterback Blaine Gabbert starting. With the bye week coming and a trip to Seattle looming after that, 49ers coach Jim Tomsula won’t commit to a second straight start for Gabbert.

Via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, Tomsula said that he’ll speak with Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick before disclosing the quarterback decision for Week 11.

Tomsula added that he’ll continue meetings with the coaching staff, and that he’ll sit down with both quarterbacks before identifying the starter. With the players looking at several mandatory days off, it’s unclear whether that will happen before or after they return from their break.

At some point, if the 49ers hope to improve their draft standing for 2016 with the goal of landing a potential franchise quarterback, they should consider going with the guy who is less likely to win games. At some point, if the 49ers hope to get maximum trade value for Kaepernick, they should pick a spot or two for Kaepernick during which he can showcase his skills.

13 responses to “Jim Tomsula not talking about quarterback decision

  1. He’s not talking because he makes no decisions. He listens to Baalke and Dork. Tomsula is the yes man those 2 tools have been looking for. I hope Kaep flourishes in another system, Gabbert is not a starting QB. He had 2 tds and 2 picks and no second half points. Tomsula looks like he brushes his teeth with butter, and is not a good head coach. I don’t hope my team loses, but it’s tough rooting for that garbage.

  2. The REAL scary thing here is that there are some voices within the organization pushing Gabbert’s “strengths” (his youth, college resume, intellect, etc.) and seriously pushing him as the potential future QB of the franchise.

  3. Good for him, the niners don’t need a qb who doesn’t have any edge what so ever like Kaep. Really fun game and I was surprised they won but knew the falcons are clearly pretenders.

    Falcons are done they’ll win 9 games maybe and miss the playoffs. They just don’t have the depth and talent to survive an entire season. They have some offensive weapons but as they play better competition or atleast NFL average competition they will likely start losing more and more.

    Congrats niners on the W.

  4. Only a fool would burn a top 10 pick of a qb. There is no franchise qb. Above average should be Conner Cook’s name and the 2 spread gimmick qbs from Cal and Memphis are not franchise qbs. You go oline, rush passer, or the study linebacker from Notre Dame.

  5. If Tomsula genuinely doesn’t know who to start in Seattle after seeing Gab yesterday and Kap the week before and knowing Kap’s track record in Seatlle, he’s definitely even more clueless than anyone suspected.

  6. It would be crazy for us to give up on Kap now. The guy has not regressed to the point of cutting yet, not by a country mile. He has genuine PROVEN talent at the QB position. Guys like him are not easy to find. It’s scary to think someone, anyone, in the 9ers front office actually thinks Gabbert is a real possibility. These img half showed you everything you need to know yesterday. Shut out, glaringly bad pick, no potential. A small adjustment by Quinn and Gabbert was done. We need to build round Kap, with a proper coaching staff. But all 9er faithful know York & Baalke don’t care about the team. Only each other’s ego. I was staggered to hear Baalke was running OLine drills last week!!! My God no wonder he wanted rid of Harbaugh. He wants a train set not a football team. Dumpster fire, flames only just starting. Sad to say as a 9er fan. We need a new owner

  7. I want to see Gabbert in seattle. That might be fun. What kap can or cannot do in Seattle has already been proven.

    What do you do when you desperately need a qb but none are available?

    Now the lions are talking about needing a qb. The Broncos will be looking next year.

    It almost seems like having a great d and running game then adding a guy under center who focuses on not making mistakes is the way to go these days. Not enough good quarterbacks.

    One thing for sure…the years of “Who’s better kaepernick or Russell wilson?” are over. Wilson was lucky that the Hawks drafted him and not san fransisco. Jed would’ve ruined him too probably.

  8. jmethane says:
    Nov 9, 2015 4:37 PM
    One thing for sure…the years of “Who’s better kaepernick or Russell wilson?” are over. Wilson was lucky that the Hawks drafted him and not san fransisco. Jed would’ve ruined him too probably.
    Let’s not get too carried away just yet. Wilson may have peaked just before his Super Bowl losing interception nine months ago. His window might have already closed. One and done.

  9. 9ers need to trade Gabbert for RGIII. That way they could have two kissers: one biceps and one the owners butt. Besides, they could run some sort of wishbone with both qbs lined up in the back field, which would decrease the sacks and put pressure on the defense to guess which one was getting the ball.

  10. Did you seriously suggest they tank the season? When did Irsay buy the 49ers?

    Losing is contagious and losing cultures are cancerous. Anyone who purposely loses games deserves what they get.

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