Tomsula doesn’t name post-bye starter at quarterback

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The decision to start Blaine Gabbert at quarterback against the Falcons on Sunday paid off with a victory for the 49ers.

Gabbert went 15-of-25 for 185 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in a 17-16 win that sent the Niners to their bye week on a winning note. Those notes haven’t been played all that often this season, but being on the right side of the final score wasn’t enough to guarantee Gabbert another turn in the big chair.

“Gabbert was our starter today,” Tomsula said, via “And I don’t have a comment past that.”

Tomsula said last week that he benched Colin Kaepernick to give the quarterback a chance to “step back and breathe,” something that Kaepernick said he didn’t need or understand when asked about it on Friday. Tomsula has a bye this week to use as a gauge of Kaepernick’s respiration, the way the team responded to Gabbert and anything else he might decide to bring into the conversation.

Gabbert played well enough to get another start, though, and he got the result that the 49ers were looking for, which will likely make it harder to flip right back to Kaepernick.

28 responses to “Tomsula doesn’t name post-bye starter at quarterback

  1. As a Niners fan, I cannot stand our fans. Booing Kap when McDonald, maybe the worst catching te in the league, drops a pass Kap throws. Blaine Gabbert looked okay, and I’m pretty sure he would have beat the Falcons too. That team is junk and I’d be surprised if they go 8-8. Kap has struggled and deserves some blame but this starts at the top with Jed Dork and his tool gm. I hope they trade Kap and he flourishes in another system. It’s what Dork and Baalke deserve and those idiot fans for booing him. You don’t boo your players.

  2. Let us not forget 3 horrible drops by wide receivers that cost him a additional 50 yards and maybe another td. Jerome Simpson would be bagging groceries after yesterday. Gabbert looked better than I saw at anytime with the Jags. I also read where Gabbert gets rid of the ball .25 of a second faster than Kap and it showed. I’d have to give him a shot with a healthy Hyde, a up to speed Thomas at rb, and Boldin back. Oh Vance McDonald should be riding the pine too.

  3. Kaepernick can’t read defenses. Plain and simple.

    Gabbert seemed to get the ball out earlier and would hit the open receivers. The first pick was ALL on Simpson. The second was on Gabbert. I think we should stick with Gabbert for the rest of the year if he plays similar to a game like this. Try to trade Kaepernick to the Eagles or someone for whatever you can get back.

  4. Tomsula is just trying to restore order to the 49ers with as little drama as possible. The whole team is sick of Kap, and he’ll be out of there for sure at the end of the year.

    RG3, Kap, possibly Stafford (!) in FA this year. It’ll be interesting come draft time who drafts and who picks up a QB vet instead.

  5. Well, let’s see. They won with Gabbert, and they haven’t been winning with Kaepernick.
    So the only real question is “Do you stay with the winner or does the front office make you play the guy that is getting the big salary?”

  6. Of course he didn’t name a starter yet. I’d be shocked if he has any say in that little detail. Word will come down from Jed or Baalke. Tomsula probably doesn’t even get to choose which flavor of Gatorade goes into the jug.

  7. Kap would have done just as well if not better. The Atlanta defense is soft and nothing like the other defenses in the NFC west.

    They also changed the right side of the line with Brown playing tackle and Pears playing guard.

  8. Just when gabbert gave 49ers fans hope they aren’t the worst team in the nfl, tomsula lets us know that jed and Trent make all the calls, and winning doesn’t matter, and there’s still no room for optimism for 49ers fans.

  9. Doesn’t matter who quarterbacks that classless dumpster-fire. Can’t wait til you chumps come to Seattle and get blown out. And way to stay “faithful” you whiny losers…I watched that game and half the stadium was empty. So funny after hearing you beat your chests about how you guys filled the stadiums even during the Nolan and Singletary years. What a delusional joke of a fanbase. Karma.

  10. Since it is Seattle, he’ll put in Kaep to get clobbered and justify his original decision. And then Gabba Gabba will be back for the next pancake defense, proving Tomsula brilliant despite not being able to complete sentences.

  11. The most shocking thing about the game after watching the 9ers for the last 3 years was seeing someone other than the receivers (qb!!!!!) recognize a blitz and adjust the play accordingly.

  12. This is ridiculous as the production was night/day. Nice job in hiring coaches there guys, you hired one that is afraid to make a decision because he doesn’t want to upset anyone. What head coach is afraid of his players?

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