49ers cut Pierre Thomas to make room for Travaris Cadet


Pierre Thomas anticipated demand for his services earlier this year, when he turned down an offer from the Texans.

Now, when he finds work, it doesn’t last long.

The 49ers announced they released the 30-year-old Thomas to make way for the previously reported signing of running back Travaris Cadet.

Thomas was only with the 49ers for one game, coming in as injuries decimated their backfield. He had four carries for 12 yards against the Falcons.

But while he was productive in his last season with the Saints (4.9 yards per carry and 45 receptions), something is keeping him from keeping a job now.

20 responses to “49ers cut Pierre Thomas to make room for Travaris Cadet

  1. Saints had both Cadet and Thomas. Thomas > Cadet any day of the week (unless there is some injury we don’t know about).

  2. The 49ers cut one former Saint and replaced him with his former teammate with the Saints for the past 5 years or so. I wish the Saints would have signed Pierre Thomas after Khiry Robinson got hurt. He’s a better RB than Mark Ingram! Because the Saints spent a 1st round draft pick on Ingram, they are saving face. But if Ingram and Thomas were both drafted similarly, Ingram would have been gone long ago. He’s a mediocre back. Thomas is a better runner, blocker, pass catcher and more.

    Bring him back home Saints!

  3. “Hi Pierre? Yeah, this is Bill Belichick, in New England. How would you feel about playing in the SuperBowl this year?

    Great, how soon can you get to Foxboro?”

  4. I feel bad for Pierre and don’t understand why he’s not on a roster. He produced the last time he got a chance, no off field issues, seems like a high character good clubhouse guy, and at 30 years old, he still has gas in the tank. Maybe the Pats kick tires as a Dion Lewis replacement? Cowboys still need a Lance Dunbar replacement. He may be better than any RB on that dumpster fire in Cleveland.

  5. None of these guys are the replacement for Dion as he was dynamic. All of these players are slow, non-elusive and lack the quickness that Dion brought to the Patriots. I could see Dri Archer fitting the mold but he needs to be able to learn quickly and catch the ball.

  6. Archer can’t block like Dion. Pierre can. Pierre can also catch. He doesn’t have the quickness Lewis had but few guys do. I’d go with Thomas as the 4th RB on the roster if I’m New England.

  7. “Hi Pierre? Yeah, this is Bill Belichick, in New England. How would you feel about playing in the SuperBowl this year?
    Great, how soon can you get to Foxboro?”
    Pierre, how would you feel about helping the Patriots cheat to win another championship? It is the lowly act of cheating but we guarantee another Title will be the result…

  8. Kind of shocked by this. You could argue Cadet might be a quicker out of the backfield “Scat back” but Thomas is far and away the better overall back. He can be a bruiser or passcatcher plus he is an incredible blocker.

  9. What, 49ers can’t find Jarryd Hayne? He’s the guy with the Australian accent. He ran away? Is he that bad they won’t put the guy in starting RB? What do they have to lose, more games?

    Cadet? What’s he supposed to do?

  10. Could be an indication that the 9ers want to move to a N.O. swing pass type offense with Gabbert as Brees. Both RB more noted for their receiving skills than rushing.

  11. I think the idea is that both Thomas and Cadet came out of the same short passing offense as Bush in N.O. (essentially replaced him there), so they would fit quickly and easily into the play selection designed with Bush in mind.

  12. I thought the Bush signing was ridiculous for a few reasons, he has no heart (afraid of contact), injury prone (obviously) and Kap has no short game to utilize the one talent Bush has, speed. Now with Gabbert, his short game is much better suited for this type of back and now the 49ers are going more towards the bigger backs…these coaches, GM, whoever are about as ignorant about football as I have ever seen.

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