Colts are going to need another QB, and Josh Johnson isn’t available


The last time Andrew Luck missed games, the Colts had Josh Johnson on retainer.

But now that Luck will miss the next two to six weeks with a lacerated kidney, they’re going to need to find someone.

At the moment, veteran (i.e. old) Matt Hasselbeck is the only other quarterback on the 53-man roster, and Johnson isn’t available after the Bills signed him following his back-and-forth stint with the Colts in October. They do have Matt Blanchard on the practice squad.

And if they want to look outside, the pickings at the moment are fairly slim.

The Saints just signed Matt Flynn when their backup (Luke McCown) was lost for the season.

There’s not much else out there at the moment, unless they want to bring in Ryan Mallett, just to mess with the Texans. Guys like Jason Campbell and Rex Grossman have been NFL quarterbacks in the past, but there’s no indication anyone else has shown any interest in them this season.