DeAngelo Williams has foot issue; Steelers have little depth behind him


Though the newest injury to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is the most discussed item regarding the Steelers this week, Roethlisberger isn’t the only key offensive player whose status for Sunday’s game is uncertain.

Running back DeAngelo Williams has a foot issue that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said will keep Williams out of practice Wednesday.

With Williams back in the starting role because Le’Veon Bell is lost for the season, that leaves Jordan Todman and the newly signed Isaiah Pead as the only other running backs on the roster.

Todman has 2 carries for 14 yards this season. Pead was signed last week when the team placed Bell on injured reserve.

Williams has been effective, rushing for 5 touchdowns and averaging 5.3 yards per carry.

The Steelers have running back Fitzgerald Toussaint on the practice squad. Another emergency option for the Steelers could be bringing back Dri Archer, who worked as a running back and wide receiver in his time with the team before he was released last week. Archer has thus far declined practice squad offers from the Steelers and from other teams as he awaits another opportunity.

The Steelers are really ready for their bye that comes next week.

22 responses to “DeAngelo Williams has foot issue; Steelers have little depth behind him

  1. Man, this season is the Season of the IR’d RB.

    It’s been brutal to those guys this year.

  2. Man you people saying Williams is made of glass or fragile because of this article are dumb.

    It clearly says in the article, “foot issue” and that he will not practice. Doesn’t specify the injury or the severity. You people are aware that he just had a game where he had over 200 all purpose yards right? He’s not allowed to have some soreness? Nevermind that minor injuries are a common thing in NFL and players are kept out of practice ALL the time

  3. Best case scenario in the Browns game is that the Steelers play with a double digit lead and Todman and Pead can get some carries.

    Then the bye week …. then the 6 game home stretch.


  4. Everybody go grab Isiah Peed off the waiver wire! Pro tip, sort players by points, and grab the only guy with negative points.

    That would be the one, the man the myth the legend, ladies and gentleman put your hands together and welcome Isiah Peed!

    My team is NFC-W, trust me that negative fantasy score is accurate.

  5. Don’t matter who was at RB anyway. It could have been Bell and it wouldn’t mean much this week. Cleveland, if they had any brains, would load up the box and make Landry beat them

  6. Obviously any injuries are a problem, but RB is probably the easiest spot to get a guy off the street and plug him in.

    No, he won’t be Bell’s quality, or Williams, but you can find a serviceable fill in for a few weeks.

  7. @tattooit:

    i dont think Jones is “load the box and make him beat you” bad, but i agree that making him beat you is probably a sound strategy. he looks better in mid-game relief. he’s never looked impressive when starting…even in the preseason.

    if the Browns can stay patient and take short passes over deep shots, they’ll keep themselves in the game…which always makes me nervous…

    as for Dri Archer and his uninspiring speed, that’s out. he’s a known commodity and we cut him…AND no one else wants him for any more than we do, a pair of legs at practice…practice. ray rice should probably start to accept that he’s forever toxic and likely done in the league altogether. we may just have to roll with what we have…what ever happened to josh harris?

  8. We need a true punt and kick return player, Archer never impressed me at all, and now we have Jarvis Jones as our return man, honestly they both suck for that job, but not in the eyes of Tomlin who praises them for averaging around 24 yard per return, he forgets the fact they bring the ball out from deep in our end zone, and they don’t make it past our 15 yard line, then we commit a half the distance penalty almost each time to end up at the between the 5 to 8 yard line, we are much better off to kneel down in the end zone and start from our 20 yard line, with all the WR’s on our roster, how can’t we find one with speed who can handle the returns.

  9. Hey “made of glass” and “fragile” trolls. Looks to me like that “injury prone player”, after Wednesday, has practiced with full participation both Thursday and Friday. His currently listed as probable. I’m confused, if he was so injury prone, shouldn’t he be listed as doubtful, questionable or out and not have practiced with full participation?

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