Phil Taylor gets a look-see in Baltimore


As they prepare to emerge from their bye week, the Ravens considered allowing a former first-round pick to emerge from football exile.

Per a league source, the Ravens gave former Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor a tryout on Tuesday.

A first-round pick in 2011, Taylor was cut by the Browns at his request before the season, after rookie Danny Shelton emerged as the starter. Taylor, who is being paid $5.477 million this year by the Browns, quickly had a visit with the Steelers, who passed due to a lingering knee problem.

The Ravens have not yet signed Taylor, and there’s no indication that they will.

8 responses to “Phil Taylor gets a look-see in Baltimore

  1. Another great move by the Browns! Worst in the league against the run, and paying a D tackle $5.4 million to NOT play for them. He may not be 100%, but even getting a play or two a series out of the guy would be better than what they’re getting now.

  2. Dosen’t this guy also have some sort of permanent foot injury? I remember that from the draft.

  3. The Browns and Phil Taylor reached a settlement, he was not paid the full $5.4MM. The Browns did not believe he was physically able to play and he wanted to the chance to try and convince other teams he was healthy. So they settled.

    Taylor subsequently went to Pittsburgh in September, where he failed the physical and they told him he needed another knee surgery.

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