Raiders player may be charged with taunting a police dog


The Raiders are re-embracing their renegade ways. Sort of.

According to WTAE-TV, linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong could be facing charges arising from an incident with a police dog during Sunday’s game between Oakland and Pittsburgh at Heinz Field. He reportedly “lifted his shirt, pounded on his chest and began barking at the dog as he was heading toward the field for the game.”

Per the report, taunting a police dog is a third-degree felony in Pennsylvania. Allegheny County Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus was scheduled to meet on Tuesday with prosecutors regarding the possibility of charges against Armstrong.

At the University of Miami, Armstrong was kicked out of school for failing to be honest in an internal investigation.

152 responses to “Raiders player may be charged with taunting a police dog

  1. “At the University of Miami, Armstrong was kicked out of school for failing to be honest in an internal investigation.”

    That really necessary?

    You going to report he cheated on his spelling test in 3rd grade too?

  2. So now NFL players are required to be experts in the esoteric aspects of the Law of every stadium they play in.

  3. He reportedly “lifted his shirt, pounded on his chest and began barking at the dog as he was heading toward the field for the game.”


    Hahahaha read this in class and interrupted everyone with my laugh.

  4. Hilarious story, but didnt realize that taunting a dog was a felony??? What if the dog barked at him first?

    Then again, I remember a Florida Gator got suspended a game or two for barking back at a police dog.

  5. OMG. Absurd. This guy may be a loser (I don’t know him) but did he touch the dog? Abuse it? Political correctness at the worst. If a police dog can’t handle being barked at by a human and seeing a bare chested man it has no business being a police dog. And I have the utmost respect for police. My best friend is SWAT and he laughs at this.

  6. Just when you think things common sense wise have bottomed out in this country, you read a story like this. A third degree felony? That’s just so ridiculous…..

  7. Are they going to try and make him pay for the dog to go to therapy now? Who is this officer that is the handler for the dog that actually went and told his superiors that the big bad football player tried to scare the dog?

  8. Yo Pittsburgh: See City of Houston v. Hill, 482 U.S. 451 (1987), and then realize that this incident doesn’t meet an exception to that precedent.

  9. How often did people taunt a police dog for them to have to make a law against it?

    They should have let the dog off it’s leash and “taunt” back.

  10. raidordie says:
    Nov 10, 2015 4:00 PM
    Giving the cop the finger is constitutionally protected free speech. No way charges will be filed for taunting a pigs pet


    (1) no giving the cop the finger is not. Need to actually understand what “free speech” means in the constitution.
    (2) taunting a police dog is against the law. So if he did it…charges should be filed.

  11. Dog taunting? Dog taunting….a felony….?

    The saddest part about this story is that it is too stupid to be considered funny enough to post on a web site like “The Onion”.

  12. Raiders need to get rid of this kid. Every time he makes a play, which isn’t that often and goes off on himself like our team is undefeated. He doesn’t know a thing about contain and Anton Smith would be better off playing every down than watching this wantabe rush the quarterback. He is always angling straight to the quarterback forgetting everything to the right side of him especially in running plays where they don’t even have to block him. Now I know where the term self contain comes from. Did this guy actually graduate from college or did he pay people to take his classes. If you need attention, learn how to play your position. Even a school girl knows how to keep everyone inside of the play before you make a play.

  13. Is this a joke?
    If you are looking for a reason as to why the Police lose credibility, seek no further.
    Will they charge every player for First Degree Murder of the grass too?
    Fire the officer for wasting the taxpayers money.
    and then send him a bill for two Field Level tickets.
    Sorry a dog gets better seats than the fans.

    This is what this world has come to. Sad. Just sad.

  14. justinhaugen says:
    Nov 10, 2015 3:58 PM

    Being named Ray (Rae) in the NFL is worse than the Madden cover curse.
    Ha Ha Clinton-Dix disagrees with you.

  15. Dumb law. Really? It’s okay for the player to hit another player so hard it damages his brain. But don’t taunt a police dog? Stupid law. Geaux Saints!

  16. Dog taunting is gateway crime . Best to give in the full 7 yr sentence . There is film of him barking at the dog .

  17. He’s not playing football because of his intellect.

    They should have let the dog repond to the challenge and see who came out the Alpha male.

  18. Raiders player may be charged with taunting a police dog

    Mean while cops can shoot your dog for simply barking at them and face no punishment as long as they felt “threaten”.

    Even police dogs have extra rights.

  19. Another case of double standards. Charge a person for a stupid reason like this but let an officer slide, with no charges, when they leave their K-9 partner in a hot car, killing the dog. There has been too many times that human officers have done this but never a charge.

  20. Barking at a dog is a crime…Barking at a dog is a crime… but shooting the unarmed is self defense… the cops in this country really need get their priorities straight.

  21. 3rd degree FELONY for taunting, and a dog at that?
    And I thought 15 yards for taunting was excessive. I reckon our forefathers are rolling over in their graves by what a bunch of sissies we have become.

  22. Come on! Seriously?…

    To both sides. He’s an idiot for taunting the dog and they’re absolutely idiots for thinking about prosecuting him for it. It’s a dog, it
    doesn’t speak English and has no idea what Ray Ray was doing. The dog was probably confused . It wasn’t in danger, he didn’t hurt the dog so please, just let this one go

  23. crime is at historic lows. need to invent bs laws like this to lock people up in the for profit prisons.

  24. It’s ridiculous to legislate barking at anything as a felony, but this is not our most ridiculous law by far. We’re in permanent kindergarten now.

  25. here is California’s version of the same law:

    (b) Any person who willfully and maliciously and with no legal justification interferes with or obstructs any horse or dog being used by any peace officer in the discharge or attempted discharge of his or her duties by frightening, teasing, agitating, harassing, or hindering the horse or dog shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail for not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both a fine and imprisonment.

  26. I can understand it being a felony to, for example, tease a police dog with a Slim Jim through the crack in the car window or whatever. But, for pounding your chest and barking on your way out of the tunnel to play a fast, violent game that is full of testosterone and adrenaline? This sounds like a waste of taxpayers’ money.

  27. Maybe he knows how to communicate with dogs? Probably asking the pooch if his handler was abiding by all laws that protect police animals

    Only in PA. What’s next? They’re gonna have the dog arrest him?

  28. Not sure who’s dumber here, the player or the cops but I am sure of one thing, I’m going to stay far away from Pennsylvania, taunting a dog is a felony? Are they still in the 1800’s there?

  29. He and the Raiders were just preparing for all the taunting they will do next weekend when they put that whooping on the queens, the kind of whooping only Peterson would know about.

  30. It would be taunting if he did that eating out of a bowl thing that all these players have started doing .

  31. wait, a 3rd degree felony? How is that against the law in the first place? I’d like to say its only in Pennsyltucky, but its not. THEY ARE CONSIDERING PRESSING CHARGES BECAUSE HE BARKED AT A DOG WHILE WALKING BY?

    Also, I’m a white dude, and I would bet the house that the cop who reported this to the prosecutors is a corny white dude w/an authority complex.

    Glad I pay taxes so they can try to charge a rich NFL player with a silly felony that I’m sure would be a waste of $$$ for everyone involved. And when they’re not doing that, they’re shooting unarmed people. Just ask Chris Few. Pittsburgh PD is a bunch of clowns.

  32. What is the over and under that the dog is smarter than the player? I’m taking over.

  33. Shows you how undeveloped the minds of (some) 20-somethings are these days.

    Should have let the dog loose so we could see who the last one standing was. Think you and I know the answer to that one.

  34. C’mon, it sounds like he was clowning around.

    Had he thrown something at the dog, maybe, but beating on his chest?

    If I was a juror I’d vote not guilty.

  35. fjw2 says:
    Nov 10, 2015 4:25 PM
    Why was a police dog at a football game anyway?
    Something to do with Michael Vick, but it was thrown out due to entrapment.

  36. I can understand why it’s a felony, and it’s not for contexts like these. In an actual criminal/investigative/police-matter context, that could create a serious & dangerous situation.

    But this isn’t that, even though provoking the dog could have been dangerous. It was a stupid thing to do, but a misdemeanor with a fine seems like a better way to send a message than a felony charge.

    I’m guessing most of us here didn’t know it was a felony. The educational value of the story alone is worth something.

  37. The 2015 Steelers…Man do they whine!!!

    Tomlin…blames loss to NE because he didn’t like listening to Scott Zolak on the radio.

    Bengals cheapshot Bell on 1 of the cleanest tackles ever…but they whine.

    Now Ray Ray taunts their dogs?????

    Always SOME excuse w/Steelers…even when they win

  38. (1) no giving the cop the finger is not. Need to actually understand what “free speech” means in the constitution.

    It includes written words, giving a finger to a cop, and campaign donations. It’s not just the words that are coming out of your mouth-hole.

  39. kvnhlstd says:
    Nov 10, 2015 4:32 PM
    He and the Raiders were just preparing for all the taunting they will do next weekend when they put that whooping on the queens, the kind of whooping only Peterson would know about.
    Poor attempt. Keep trying…come on packer fans you guys are declining so come up with something GOOD!

  40. Sounds like the NFL needs to permaban police dogs from all stadiums if this is going to be the basis of frivolous prosecutions. The judge should sanction the prosecutor who is dumb enough to bring this case.

  41. At the University of Miami, Armstrong was kicked out of school for failing to be honest
    That right there is a hard thing to do


    it has no relevance to his k-9 taunting

  42. I just hope you cop haters never need to be saved by one. They risk their life every day. Yes they are are bad cops, but 99.9999% just want to do the right thing and help their fellow man. I always thank any military person in uniform, but recently I have been thanking cops too. Get their six.

  43. I don’t think this is funny at all. He only taunted the dog because he was on a leash. He knows he would not stand a chance against the K9. I think he should be charged…its the same as taunting a police officer.

  44. 2since96 lol its a female cop…
    just a thought, but why is a K9 so close to where the players come out anyways? Dont the cops remember the game where the k9 almost bit a player after he scored?!
    This is much ado about nothing..

  45. lol this would be have cops shooting unarmed people that arent charged, while a black football player might get charged for barking at a dog! ‘Murica! smh

  46. Wait wait back up. Taunting a DOG is a felony? I wonder at what point exactly did we lose our collective minds..

  47. Okay, taunting a police dog is stupid and from a public safety standpoint I can understand it being against the law but a felony? Can you imagine the reaction when someone on the yard was asked what they were in for and responded “I barked at a police dog?”

  48. I don’t think we can pass judgement in this case until we hear from a dog translator. It’s very possible that Ray Ray was just saying “Good Morning” and wishing the dog a nice day.

  49. Wait……so in PA a cop can come in your house an shoot your dog when it barks at him and he feels “threatened” but “teasing” their dog is a felony?

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  50. Laws are meant to protect useful members of society (the dog) from worthless scum (the football player that taunted the dog).

  51. Allegheny County Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus has to have a meeting to discuss what? The ridiculousness of the law?
    What is considered to be taunting to a dog? I was at a luau here in Maui last night. A warrior tore off his shirt and beat his chest and made some noise. I was taunted?

  52. I cannot believe the amount of you clowns defending this guy. I hate cops as much as anyone, but that “dog” is considered one also. If he taunted the dog and in turn the dog bit his ass, I promise you he would attempt to sue. What grown man teases dogs anyway? Juvenile behavior at it’s best. I’m guessing he never saw Half Baked.

  53. Lmao, grow up, he barked back at a dog, not like he kicked the thing.

    PC poilice and the Hindsight patrol out in full force with this incident.

  54. What sort of a slug would taunt a bomb sniffing dog whose job it is to keep his butt safe?

    Imagine the time and money that went into training that dog to protect us from bombs. Imagine how valuable that dog is? If every pea-brained idiot taunted the dog how long would it be before the dog developed a behavioral disorder?

    I ask you, who is more valuable to society, the dog or the football player?

    There is no fixing stupid.

  55. “Blackandbluedivision”,
    You sir need to learn the law, flipping off a policeman is not against the law and is protected under the First Amendment handed down by the federal court in 2013…

  56. The team with the dirtiest players and most criminals worries about a dog? LMAO. What a ridiculous city!

  57. I love how people say “like a Raider” when if you look over the past five years they have almost a non existent arrest record for active players. Do some research before you speak trolls

  58. I just hope they get that poor dog into counseling. It should also be afforded the opportunity to confront Armstrong at his sentencing.

  59. Enforcing laws just because they are on the books is Barney Fife dangerous. Understanding the intent of the laws and using them as a tool to serve and protect the people is Andy Taylor wise.

  60. i imagine the reason that mr. armstrong is possibly facing charges is solely to help deter drunken fools in the crowd from doing the same thing.

  61. also, flipping off a cop may be protected under free speech, but don’t be suprised if they whip out their billy club and beat you stupid ass for doing so

  62. I’m sure that is nothing to the dog. I mean, he’s protecting a convicted dog killer for crying out loud.

  63. So many comments here reflect just how little people respect police anymore. Put your big boy pants on, take responsibility for your actions, and grow up! What if police in high crime areas just took a couple months off? We could set-up cameras and record it as history for all of you cop haters.

  64. Better that Ray-Ray taunts a police dog than taunts an opposing player at the beginning of their next game. You DO NOT want to be forced to kickoff from the 20 yard line, or allow your opponent to kickoff from midfield.

  65. A K9 police dog is a law enforcement official. For the moron who asked why the dog was even at the game, uhhhhh, how about security?

    So how about this . . . let’s have the players, who are being protected at the stadiums by law enforcement show some respect for a change.

  66. He, he, he….



    On behalf of my dogs and me we are all going on a hunger strike until Ray Ray, Del Rio, and Mark Davis are removed from their positions.

    All the players on the steelers, who are heroes, support us!

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