Roethlisberger won’t rule himself out for this week

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hurt his foot during last Sunday’s victory over the Raiders and reports have him set to miss a few weeks while he recovers.

Roethlisberger isn’t ready to say that he’ll be out that long, however. In fact, Roethlisberger isn’t even willing to say that he’ll miss this Sunday’s game against the Browns.

“The [Week 11] bye will come at a good time, but I’m not even going to rule myself out this week,” Roethlisberger said on “The Cook and Poni Show” on 93.7 The Fan. “I’m going to take it one day at a time. … I can walk on it. I’m not running around or anything but the smart thing to do, from what doc has told me and the trainers is just to kinda keep ice on it and get the swelling out and just kind of rest it, let it heal.”

The closing part of Roethlisberger’s comments are less hopeful about his ability to play against Cleveland than the opening, which will leave this week’s practices to provide more of an idea if there’s a possibility that he’ll be in the lineup.

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  1. The smart choice would be to rest Big Ben… Cleveland and Pitt sometimes are hard hitting games so by no means would i say they need to risk Big Ben for this game. Play Landry and see where Ben stands the following week.

  2. I am happy to hear that progress from Big Ben, but like he said the bye week does come at a right time and it will certainly help before going to Seattle, which is a very tough environment to play in if you are the opposition. The games against Cleveland are tough because they usually bring their best against the Steelers. Yet, they haven’t had any success against my team in Pittsburgh since 2003. DeAngelo, Brown, Bryant, Wheaton, and company should be able to get this team at 6-4 before the week off.

  3. the hubris of steeler fans never ceases to amaze. This is the NFL, any team can beat any other team (eg colts over broncos) any day. You act like Cleveland is going to be a cakewalk. If Ben’s able he needs to play and he knows it even if you delusional fans don’t.

  4. Has he learned how to play with crutches?


    And the dude would still allude the rush with crutches. He’s that damn good.

  5. They’ll just have to tighten the bolts in his neck.
    And sew on a new foot they dug up.

    Tom Brady looks like a male model.
    Roethlisberger looks like a bouncer.

  6. When is Tomlin going to take some control of this. Ben still stands there for an eternity looking for a play that doesn’t exist and expects his lineman to hold blocks until next Sunday so he can stare at no open receivers and gets pounded. He threw away the ball and lived to run another play several times on Sunday, one time less than he should have. Another ride in a cart. What happens next time Ben when you hold the ball for fifteen seconds, a career ender ?

  7. I would wait until the Sunday night, December 6th home game against the Colts to bring back Big Ben.

    That gives him four full weeks of rest.
    1) This week before the Browns
    2) Next week before the bye
    3) The week before the Seahawks
    4) The week before the Colts

    There is no point in having Ben Big come back on the road against a tough Seahawk defense. Big Ben is no road warrior by any means and Landry Jones can do better than the 9 points of offense Big Ben brings to a road game. Especially with a few weeks of 1st team reps.

  8. Rest the ankle for two weeks Ben. After the Cleveland game at Heinz, we are at Seattle, home against the Colts, at Cincy, home vs the Broncos, and at Baltimore. Roll the dice with Landry Jones and get fully healthy for that run of games…

  9. That’s why he’s the toughest QB in the league ,that being said ,I would sit him against Cleveland,relax on bye week
    And get ready for Seattle

  10. Big Ben will heroically play through an injury again. Limping and hobbling, trying for sympathy and accolades for his toughness.

  11. This guy is just a lumbering, agonizing pile of sinew and scar tissue, year after year. The perfect centerpiece for the organization and fan base.

  12. Common sense should prevail, even with Tomlin at the helm. Sit for Cleveland and take advantage of the late bye. That’s basically 3 weeks to heal going into the stretch’ when we’ll need him most. DeAngelo & Co should be able to handle the Brownies’ stinky D and whoever starts for Cleveland should have a long day behind that sieve of an O line.

  13. Would anyone expect him to say anything else? Most insecure man in sports today . . . Ghost of Tommy Gun Maddox haunts his dreams, hence he cannot stand to risk sitting out.

  14. 14th Most Passing Yards In NFL History – and he still has plenty of gas left in the tank. Haters continue to hate. Big Ben will continue to climb up the charts as one of the best ever…

  15. A “Sprained” foot does not automatically translate to Big Ben not being able to play. Sure, it did look worse when he was carted off…but no structural damage means it’s just a question of pain tolerance, which we all know Big Ben is willing to endure if it means a Steelers win! Iced up in the AM, wrapped up at game time, stick him with a pain killer injection & pat him on the butt on his way out onto the field!!!

  16. He does this every time he is injured so that if he comes back sooner than expected then he is a tough qb and it is just unbelievable. Then if he performs badly they use the excuse that he came back too quick. He is a good qb but he is the most glorified drama queen at his position I have ever seen. Who cares if you rush back that is your choice but dont blame an injury if you perform horribly which they do every time he is hurt.

  17. I really don’t think Ben is worried about losing his starting job to jones due to injury. Bigbenschancre is obviously out of his/her mind!

  18. Big Ben will heroically play through an injury again. Limping and hobbling, trying for sympathy and accolades for his toughness.

  19. What really makes sense is to fly in Dr. Jerry Jones and have him takeover the recovery process.

  20. I’m not a Steeler fan, so I don’t understand the various comments questioning Ben’s toughness. As far as I have seen, he’s a tough SOB who will hold the ball and make a play. He’s a Super Bowl champion (multiple times) and a great QB. That being said, after watching the injury, he shouldn’t be playing this week. He sits a week + the bye and comes back after, it’s really pretty simple.

  21. Let him rest against the browns so Landry Jones can earn his first starting win. Then Big Ben can proceed to come back and tear up the league in Dec, Jan and Feb.

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