Jerry Jones still sounds wistful about “great one” Johnny Manziel


At a time when his own starting quarterback is getting close to a return, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones still can’t get Johnny Manziel off his mind.

The topic of the former Texas A&M quarterback came up again this week on Jones’ radio show, and make no mistake, Jones still sounds wistful about letting Manziel get away.

Though they’re staring at a top-10 pick at the moment, one of the hosts on KRLD offered that the Cowboys might not be picking high enough to land an eventual replacement for injured Tony Romo, Jones butted in.

Except if a great one, Roethlisberger or Manziel, falls,” Jones said, via Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository.

Ben Roethlisberger went 11th overall to the Steelers in 2004. Manziel was still on the clock at 16 in 2014, when the Cowboys were picking.

“We had Manziel at the top of our board, (still) on the board,” Jones said. “So he’s a legitimate board pick and we’re sitting there and grinding through, . . . should we go for this opportunity to take a quarterback that high that’s dropped down and start getting ready in case for when Romo is not here or God forbid if he got hurt? That’s why I sat there to the last minute and stared at everybody and looked at everybody so that we could say, ‘Is this that shot? One has dropped to us?’

“Now you can ‘hindsight’ and look at how things have gone in Cleveland, but still that’s exactly why we sat there and had the agony.”

Instead, the Cowboys took guard Zach Martin, who has started 24 straight games since then, and Manziel has yet to establish himself as one of the great ones.

Jones admitted it would have been hard drafting Manziel to stash him, since Romo had just signed a huge contract extension. Of course, with his team losing six straight games without Romo on the sidelines and Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel on the field, you also understand why Jones’ mind wanders.

36 responses to “Jerry Jones still sounds wistful about “great one” Johnny Manziel

  1. Jerry, I would like nothing more than for Gred Hardy to throw you down on a futon mattress piled high with “assault weapons” and slap you around a little bit. #allegedly

  2. I would deal Manziel immediately if Jerry Jones is prepared to give up a 3rd round pick or higher for him. I don’t think anybody will really miss him in Cleveland except for that one homeless guy.

  3. Had Johnny become a Cowboy, he would have had his DUI’s expunged from the record by the old boys network of Texas justice, comprised largely of Cowboys fans on the take. And his drinking problem would not have been offset by any rehab. That’s the Cowboy way under Jerry.

  4. They only agony Jerry has ever had is if a camera or microphone wasn’t around when he was spilling out his verbal diarrhea. That’s the real reason why the Cowboys were one of the very teams that would sink low enough to consider signing Hardy, more opportunity for jones to spew mindless drivel.

  5. Manziel will be good. Cleveland for QBs is like Seattle for WRs. Your career goes to die there. Jerry could probably pick him up for a late round pick or once he gets released.

  6. I’ve been saying all along he’ll end up in Dallas. Jones wants him and that’s where he wants to be.

  7. Maybe it wouldve helped if Jerry hadnt gone cheap on last year’s NFL leading rusher Demarco Murray too considering how heavily the team leaned on him.

  8. I can see why Jerry jones would want manziel. He would keep Cowboys in the news. He would make enough crazy plays work to get on a highlight reel, but in the end , Cowboys would still be a 500 team

  9. At draft time, Manziel was still in the grip of the problems for which he later went into rehab for. If Jones didn’t know that, the Cowboy organization is totally incompetent.

    If Jones knew that and wanted Manziel anyway, he certainly has strange criteria for team leaders.

  10. Jerry Jones is a business man first. He’d probably sign a team with Manziel, RG3, and take the top QB too. It’s all for the jersey sales.

  11. Putting Roethlisberger and Manziel in the same sentence shows how far Jerrah has slipped.

  12. Come on Pettine and Farmer we know how you feel about Johnny. Trade him to Dallas so he can prove what clowns you 2 are.

    Trade him to a franchise that wants him because you onviously, since Day 1 have done everything you can to trash him.

    Its no wonder why you are a joke franchise that is i think now 95 games under .500 since 1999.

  13. Go get Johnny Jerry. All you have to do is look at Texas A&M since Johnny left to know that he is the real deal. He’s a heisman winner and all of the top defenders of the SEC (best conference in college football who puts out a ton of pros) couldn’t do anything to stop him. Go get em Jerry.

  14. I don’t know how Farmer didn’t get this trade done when Romo went down except for the fact that he simply didn’t want to trade him but when Ray gets fired I hope the new GM’s first phone call is to Jerry and gets this circus right out of town for whatever Jerry will spare.

    Fleece those Cowboys!


  15. All you people dissing Johnny Football. Y’all forgetting one thing. It’s Cleveland. When Johnny lands somewhere else if he’s still healthy I betcha he will do 1000x better than that gawd awful Franchise. Only Team worse is my Redskins

  16. With the way this season is headed, Jerry will probably get another opportunity to draft a quarterback in the top ten. With that being said, the TV rating would go through the roof. Can you see Jerry in the war room, with the 2nd opportunity to draft Romo’s heir apparent, between Goff and Lynch. That would be must see TV, as Jerry is deciding on the future of the Cowboys. Will it be Deja Vue again, where Jerry by pass both for a defensive tackle?

  17. Of course business man Jerry Jones wants Manziel. ESPN covers him ALL THE TIME. He’s on the front page right now with the headline “Manziel says he missed throws in loss to Bengals”!!!!! What a great headline story, huh?

  18. All you Johnny Foozball fans forget that the wonderful SEC is not the NFL. He will be an average backup if he can keep from getting squished by a faster, stronger, smarter linebacker. Little Johnny appears good at one thing at least: drinking….

  19. Let’s see what all you haters of JF say after he gets as many Starts under his belt as Bridgewater ,and Bortels. Right now you are just showing your ignorance. HaHaHa

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