McCown “progressing,” will be limited in practice


Browns quarterback Josh McCown will participate in practice Wednesday afternoon on a limited basis, Browns coach Mike Pettine told reporters.

He’s progressing,” Pettine said.

McCown did not practice during the Browns’ short week last week and also sat out practice Tuesday due to a rib injury suffered Nov. 1, though Pettine said McCown did some throwing on Tuesday.

Johnny Manziel started last week and would start again Sunday in Pittsburgh if McCown can’t play.

As he’s said on different occasions throughout the season, Pettine said Tuesday that McCown will start if he’s healthy enough to play. But Pettine said the Browns were planning otherwise due to the rib injury.

The Browns are off next week, so that could play into the team’s decision. But Pettine said Tuesday it would be “a disservice” to the other players to play Manziel just so the team can further evaluate him.

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  1. what’s a disservice to the other players is keeping manziel on the team when everyone knows you want nothing to do with him. I just hope when they cut him he goes to a team that will run a offense that fits his skills and allows him a fair chance to show whether he can play or not. I think the eagles would be a great fit for him. he would have a legit shot in a chip kelly offense.

  2. The only disservice to the team is the way you have coached them this year. It’s a bummer because I thought after last year that we may have found a coach that will stick around for a while. Dead man walkin’….

  3. I agree with the comment above about putting Manziel in an offense that suits him – I’ll say this about the guy: He’s really good at throwing on the run.

    Maybe he can take over Kubiak’s bootleg/play-action offense once Peyton retires? (I’m kidding…I think)

  4. i never truly pitied an NFL team until I heard the idiot Brown’s coach say at halftime that manziel needs to stay in the pocket more for them to be successful, immediately followed by the other team’s coach saying we need to keep manziel in the pocket more.

  5. Maybe Jerry Jones can use his vast medical expertise to tell us when McCown will be back…….

  6. This guy is a character. He keeps Justin Gilbert(1st RD pick) on the bench behind Tramon Williams(32 y/o) and Johnny Manziel(1st RD pick) on the bench behind Mccown(36 y/o)and has the audacity to speak about doing the other players a “disservice”. I could see if this was a team poised to make a Superbowl run, but it’s NOT. He should just do the city and organization a “service” and RESIGN.

  7. A smart coach adjusts his “System” to fit his players strengths……….

    Hearing Pettine complain about Manziel after a 92 yard TD drive is like a Chef walking out to the tables and as a customer says how wonderful the meal is the Chef would respond…”Thanks…but the cook screwed it up”

  8. All the Johnny fans need to look at the tape from last week.

    Johnny missed a lot of wide open first reads and took off running right away.

    His footwork and throwing motion still look horrible. He is just out there trying to play backyard football right now. That might work in college, but not in the NFL.

    NFL teams will do exactly what the Bengals did in the second half. Contain him in the pocket and play cover 2.

    And for all those brain surgeons still holding out for Gilbert. He doesn’t deserve to be anything other than a kick returner right now. He is clueless when it comes to coverages.

  9. Any quarterback needs to get into a routine and get a feel for the speed of the game. That takes a game or two. Manziel only got that chance once this year and one!! Last week he had no receivers healthy and was hitting them with passes right in the facemask and they couldn’t catch it they dropped seven balls. Including a perfect touchdown. Let the guy play!! Duke andTravis love playing with him. Not to mention brown fans need excitement and anything positive to cheer about. Johnny is absolutely the future if you give him a chance!!

  10. Johnny’s footwork sucks and his throwing motion sucks and the only reason he is in the conversation is because he sold a lot of jersies.

    He could have been working on some of that over the weekend instead of partying in Texas. barely 6 months out of rehab and I’ve seen 2 news reports in the last to weeks of him with alcohol.

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