Texans aren’t focusing on anyone in AFC South but themselves


The Colts are going to be without quarterback Andrew Luck for an indefinite amount of time due to kidney and abdominal injuries, something that would seem to give some hope to the division’s other three teams about leapfrogging Indianapolis and ending their run atop the division.

Texans left tackle Duane Brown said that the state of affairs with the Colts (and the Jaguars and Titans, for that matter) aren’t anything that they’re paying attention to in Houston, however.

“We can’t focus on what anyone else in our division is doing,” Brown said, via the Houston Chronicle. “We have to win this week and continue to win to have a chance at the end of the season.”

It’s the right approach for the Texans to take. At 3-5, they’re in second place behind the Colts so, regardless of the Colts’ results, they need to win games if they want to have any chance of winning the division. That task will be a tall one in Cincinnati on Monday night, but there’s really not any way around the need to win if the Texans want to salvage their season.

14 responses to “Texans aren’t focusing on anyone in AFC South but themselves

  1. Winning the division is the worst thing that can happen for the Texans. If they win this division people who badly needed to be fired (namely Rick Smith) will keep their jobs, when this team badly needs to realize what it actually is. Not to mention hurt their chances of getting a franchise QB but getting a lower pick in the draft. And this is coming from a Texans fan.

  2. Wish the Texans, Jags, and Titans would get their acts together. Tired of hearing that the Colts play in the worst division in football. Would enjoy watching competition within the division.

  3. Sorry, Iamkillerfin, you’ll have to wait until the following week for a win. Don’t see it happening on this coming Monday night.

  4. Crappy divisions happen almost every year, so shut up about that noise. Seahawks went in at 7-9, Saints too last year I think, maybe it was Carolina.

    Jags need to get on a roll starting this week. 6-10 may very well win the AFC South and I’ll take it with a smile.

    Jax hasn’t had a division title since 1999 and we’re so ready for the good times to come back. The Universe wants it.

  5. The worst the Colts will do is 10-6. This team just wins. This is a well managed team and the best example of next man up. Coach goes down and another coach steps in and wins coach of the year. All Pro QB goes down and a 40 year old back up comes in and goes 2-0. The GM wins awards for best GM in the NFL. Jim Irsay is the second winningest owner in the NFL over the last 20 years. He always seems to pick a good GM, and they just always win. Everyone has opinions, but those are the facts.

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