Caught on microphone swearing, Suh apologizes to his mom


On Sunday, Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was in a heated exchange with the officials, and the referee’s microphone picked up Suh yelling an F-bomb. On Wednesday, Suh apologized — not to the ref or to any parents of young children who may have had the game on, but to his mother.

Suh said his mom called him after the game and told him in no uncertain terms that his language was unacceptable.

“I will apologize to my mother. I owe my mother an apology for swearing on TV and in public. So, I’m sorry, mother,” Suh said.

Suh had a reason to be upset about the play in question: Suh wrapped up Tyrod Taylor and held him up, thinking he had stopped Taylor’s progress. But the officials let the play go on, and Taylor was able to escape and throw the ball away. Suh told the officials that if they’re not going to call forward progress, “I’m gonna slam the f–k out of him next time.”

It was an incredibly costly call for the Dolphins: If Taylor’s forward progress had been ruled stopped, the Bills would have faced fourth-and-long and punted on the next play. Instead, the Dolphins accepted a holding penalty on the Bills, giving the Bills one more offensive play, and Taylor threw a touchdown pass to Sammy Watkins on that play.

So Suh had a reason to be upset. Even if his mom would’ve preferred that he express it differently.

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  1. I think we should change the spelling of the threat: ‘I’m gonna sue You’ to ‘I’m gonna Suh You’…meaning, I’m not gonna drag You into Court, I’m just gonna slam the F**K out of You. Would cut down on expensive litigation costs and help un-clog the Civil Court System.

  2. So he apologizes for swearing? How about when you stomped on another player laying on the ground. Or one of the other countless times your late hits and dirty play has led to penalties and costly fines? Hey mom why don’t you call your son about those things instead of a stupid word that you’ve probably said 1000 times in a heated argument. I see why suhs priorities are so screwed up now. Your kid is the dirtiest and most hated player in the league. Great job.

  3. Now that’s a stand up guy. He’s made some mistakes and now he’s turning over a new leaf by doing right (take note Belicheat). Glad Miami signed him.

  4. He probably hasn’t earned enough “respect” to get the call yet. The NFL is becoming the NBA with calls based on RESPECT.
    How about real, unbiased, and full time officials? Why does the NFL think they need to control the outcome of games?

  5. Look, son, I’m afraid I can’t accept your apology. I’ve told you several times that there’s no excuse for that kind of profanity, no matter what the stakes. And I told you to go easy on small quarterbacks, especially Tyrod Taylor. He’s such a nice young man.

    Very sincerely,

    Mrs. Suh

  6. That play hurt the Fins, but none more so then the next play when they didn’t call holding on that blatant and obvious hold on Suh that allowed Taylor to hit Watkins deep.

    I really don’t understand how they missed that hold. But my Dolphins probably still would have found a way to lose that game.

  7. Play to the whistle. Its a pretty simple rule-of-thumb.

    You don’t have to “slam” the QB down either. Just use your body weight.

  8. Oh, and I think we can go easy on him with his language during the heat of the game. Football is a tough sport. If it were Tom Brady, the media would be touting him “as a fierce competitor.” Weird how they never catch his words on mic after the Pats score a TD.

    As a family man, I’m much more displeased with some of the commercials the NFL allows on a Sunday afternoon. Many of the previews for movies or even some of the network TV shows are not appropriate for kids. It’d be nice not have to have a trigger finger on the remote control.

  9. Put him and Hardy in the Octagon together and see who comes out standing.

    I would probably pay $20 to see that.

  10. These comments are a joke…so you rip him for being too aggressive and then rip him when he tries to be more “civilized” to the point where it cost his team. Some people just like to whine…

    If a player swearing on the field in the heat of battle is the new standard of bad behavior of an NFL football player, this game will have been completely neutered….

  11. I don’t know how anyone could think the Bills got ALL the calls/non-calls when they were flagged 13 times and gave the Dolphins 7 first downs via penalty.

    As a Bills fan I’ll admit that overall the Bills probably had a little more go their way with the officials than the Dolphins did, but seeing as the Bills get shafted by the officials nearly every other week it’s about time. Although it does seem that every time the Bills have a good day with the officials that it’s against the Dolphins.

  12. Suh has every reason to be upset. He tried to do a fairly stand up thing and stopped the QBs forward progression by holding him up instead of unloading on him which by rule should have stopped the play but for whatever reason the ref refused to blow the play dead and Suh’s team paid for it.

    He would have been better off blasting him. Lesson learned.

  13. Suh gets no respect from the officials. Phin fans are going to get used to him with offensive linemen draped around his neck…..and no holding calls.

  14. Suh: it’s the refs fault I had no effort on that play and gave up before the whistle blew

    Dolfans: the refs are biased against the phins

    Reality: it was nice to meet Suh and dolfans last Sunday

  15. Stomps on someone’s head, ankle, whatever, not the slightest remorse for being such a dirty player.

    But some here’s him say a “bad” word and he apologizes ?

    Total and utter BS.

  16. Suh had a point all these people here blasting him didn’t watch this joke of a game. Suh had Taylor and the played should have ended yet they allowed Taylor to toss the ball out of bounds and it was clearly either a sack and/or intentional grounding. That rule is such a joke so of course Suh was upset. Refs should have blown the whistle..4th down and out of FG range but no that didn’t happen. I’m more interested in college football and Hockey now days with the NFL turning into reality tv.

  17. The real issue is Dan Campbell accepted a holding penalty to keep the drive alive instead of allowing them to punt.

    But you heard it here from VerinableAxiom how great a coach he is cause they crused the Texans and Titans.

  18. Sue got his revenge a little while later when he took Taylor down and in true Sue style lifted his arms and legs while rolling his 330 Lbs carcass all over Taylor in an effort to injure him…..truly the dirtiest player I have witnessed in over 50 years of watching football…nice pick up fins. Enjoy him this January while your fins are playing golf….

  19. By the way Fins Fans….your coach is a dummy!! Thanks for the extra try at 3rd down. Loved that TD pass to Sammy!!

  20. I love the game of football. I loved playing it and did so until my body would take no more. I can see a teammate from 20 years ago and the connection is still there. There’s something special about this sport. You do your job to the best of your ability and rely on each other to win. The game builds camaraderie like no other team sport I ever played.

    I used to love watching the NFL. I loved good defense – bone-jarring hits, guys getting decleated if they went across the middle, or QB’s getting lit up if they held the ball too long.

    What we see today is something so different. Defenses are afraid to hit receivers for fear of a penalty and fine. Defenses aren’t allowed to hit QB’s anymore, but have to “tackle” them – not too high, not too low, and not too rough. Constant rule changes to benefit the offense and pad the QB”s stat lines, i.e. Neutral zone infraction,

    Fans like me are becoming an anachronism of a time gone by. The game is catered to the “casual” fan who gives as much energy to gambling, i.e fantasy football than to actual game-play.
    QB’s are treated like royalty and the message of them being more important than the team is constantly shoved down our throats by announcers and analysts, as if they stop shoveling for a minute we will actually recognize football is the consummate team game and without a solid running game and defense the QB’s can’t win shiite.

    Like i said, I used to like watching the NFL. Now, I find myself focusing on the missed calls by refs (certain teams never get called for holding allowing their QB all day in the pocket) and awful penalties on defensive players that change the outcome of the game and make it unwatchable for an old dinosaur like me.

    I feel bad for Suh. Next time do what you really want. Slam that QB. You will get called names by casual fans and penalized by the “new” NFL. But OG’s like me will smile and know you are playing the game the way it was meant to be played – in a bad mood.

  21. If he slams the QB he’ll likely get penalized and fined. If he doesn’t, he runs the risk of the refs not blowing the whistle. I can see why, as a defender, he’s frustrated. QBs are so protected in Goodell’s lawyer-run league that defenders are between a rock and a hard place.

  22. Old school football player and warrior. You would be giving Chuck Benerick or Dick Butkus crap about playing your heart out and being mean and nasty. That is part of the job description of a defensive lineman…

  23. He had no reason to apologise to anybody else it’s a football game, players swear big deal. I am more disappointed he didn’t slam Tyrod Taylor into the ground and he must have been furious with himself. I believe he was not thinking straight for a split second because of all the trouble he has been in before, for dirty play. I can handle penalties for being a bit rough with the QB’s it’s those stupid block in the back penalties that drive me mad. But that being said regarding the Bills game, we were never going to beat them they were simply better on all fronts. Let’s face it we are are garbage again.

  24. angrylionsfan says:
    Nov 12, 2015 8:58 AM
    Shocking. Suh makes a stupid mistake that costs the team a touch down.
    The mistake was trying to not get a flag for “unnecessary roughness”. Shocking, a butt-hurt lions fan makes a stupid comment about Suh.

  25. iloveagoodnap says:
    Nov 12, 2015 11:17 AM
    The real issue is Dan Campbell accepted a holding penalty to keep the drive alive instead of allowing them to punt.

    But you heard it here from VerinableAxiom how great a coach he is cause they crused the Texans and Titans.
    Hind sight is 20/20. He accepted the holding penalty to take them out of field goal range, since there wasn’t an “in the grasp” call made. It was rightly assumed that they wouldn’t make the 3rd and long statistically… Learn football.

    I don’t recall saying he was a “great” coach, however, I did say that the difference he made was great. Learn to spell the name, even if you don’t know what it means.

  26. unclebluck says:
    Nov 12, 2015 11:44 AM

    By the way Fins Fans….your coach is a dummy!! Thanks for the extra try at 3rd down. Loved that TD pass to Sammy!!

    And the blown call that allowed it. Suh was held so much it looked like the defender was taking off his shoulder pads.

    About 3 games back lady brady said G/D it on mic I heard it. But nothing of it. Winning fixes everything.

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