Dez Bryant: Outburst triggered by reporter using racial slur

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On Thursday, Robert Klemko of reported that Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant blew up at a reporter with a profane outburst in the Cowboys locker room.

There wasn’t any detail about what touched Bryant off, but more details about what happened at Valley Ranch have since come to light from Bryant and others in the media. Bryant posted on Twitter that he got made because a reporter used a racial slur while talking to a Cowboys player.

“Yea I blew up on the media but report why I blew up on y’all … Saying I don’t give a f— about me and calling players n—– is not professional …,” Bryant wrote.

Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Bryant accused Jean-Jacques Taylor of, who is black, of using the word while talking to wide receiver Devin Street. Taylor has denied using the word and other media members in the area also say they didn’t hear it, although Street backed up Bryant.

Bryant then went off again after reading Klemko’s tweet about his initial outburst. That one was caught on video, via Edward Egros of FOX 4, that was intended to feature tight end Jason Witten’s time with reporters, who stepped away to get between Bryant and reporters. Cowboys public relations director Rich Dalrymple also got involved and became a target of Bryant’s invective.

“How about you fix this s—, Rich?” Bryant said. “How about you fix it, Rich? You’re talking to the wrong people. You’re talking to the wrong people. I’ll make sure I’ll put it out then. Since y’all not going to say nothing.”

Witten returned to finish his time with reporters and said he didn’t know exactly what happened, but that “2-6 is tough.” You can’t argue about that, which may be an exception in the Cowboys locker room on Thursday.

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  1. JJT is a well known and disliked member of the Dallas media and it would not surprise me to see him do something like this. I wasn’t there. Don’t know what happened. Could’ve been a misunderstanding, but man… Street (a quiet kid) said JTT said it? Yikes.

  2. How can anyone doubt this? The pierre paul video of prince being being dumped in water was 21 seconds long and the n word was used over 50 times lolol. Ge didnt use a slur he asked why do they say it all the time.

  3. Well if you want a guy to have passion on the field then you have to deal with a ticking time bomb off it, some can turn it off others can’t….

  4. For those of you saying Dez is claiming “racism”, you should understand the situation to avoid sounding like idiots. JJT IS black. Dez was not claiming “racism”. He was saying AIT was unprofessional for a reporter to be using the slang on his job inside the Cowboys locker room. The reporter is a very well known Douche bag who spouts off at every chance. Listen to him sometime and you will understand. So quit with the “every time THEY do something wrong THEY want to claim racism” crap.

  5. Maybe it’s time to hold the media accountable for reporting rumors, half-stories, and flat-out fabrications as fact?

    I’d like to see more players like Dez give the media the Marshawn Lynch treatment. If they’re going to make a mountain out of a mole hill, then just quit talking to them and demand the fine money as part of your next contract.

  6. Johnnyqb, that is unquestionably the most ignorant statement it’s ever been my misfortune to witness. Poor little white guy, never had a chance be use of the privilege of his race.

  7. As I walk my Dog nightly, I pass the Park where there are usually about 10-15 young Black Men playing Basketball. On Those mild evenings I hear
    those young men calling each other “THAT” racial slur, at least a couple times a minute! Have you ever watched any Black Comedies at the Theater? It sure seems awfully funny, that if it is SO Horrible, so offensive, enough to fight over, why is it they certainly have no trouble saying it to each other consistently?
    Ban it for everybody, or forget it!
    And don’t give me that rebuttal, “It’s ONLY offensive for other Ethnic people to say it. It seems an excuse to whine.

  8. This is the Obama, Ferguson, Trayvon, Mizzou world we live in now. Play the race card. Divide and conquer. Sad.

  9. JJT should have the interview on one of those little tape recorders they have, right? If he didn’t do it, hope he did and can load it to to prove Dez and Street are liars.

  10. Was the unknown reporter black, because he would get a pass as it’s OK in that case. Otherwise, he would have to be the stupidest non-black person in a room full of black athletes, and I doubt Dez would be the only one reacting.

  11. Johnnyqb, that is unquestionably the most ignorant statement it’s ever been my misfortune to witness. Poor little white guy, never had a chance be use of the privilege of his race.
    Yeah, you’re statement is quite dumb too. Dez isn’t oppressed and the man that allegedly used the n word (which others nearby deny he did) is black. Yet you blame white people. I hope you’re a troll. If not and you’re serious then go back to your high paying job at the NAACP, MSNBC or The View.

  12. That is quite the funny farm Jerruh has cultivated in Dallas. A once-historic franchise is now a punchline for the rest of the league. Bravo.

  13. Obviously Greg Hardy’s leadership is rubbing off on his fellow Cowboys. Jerrah must be proud.

  14. “Since y’all not going to say nothing.”

    Oklahoma State must be so proud to have such a distinguished alum speaking in such an eloquent manner.

  15. Thank god that reporter was black or it would been World War III. AL and Jesse would been all over this.

  16. The should be taken very serious by he nfl. If, after an investigation, the nfl finds the reporter actual said something horrendously bad lack that, he should have a lifetime ban from all nfl clubhouses. If dez is lying about it, he should be suspended for a year. The nfl should show they are serious about racism and the best way they can show that is tohave serious consequences both for practicing it and gals accusations about it

  17. Remember when people used to actually read?

    The reporter is black. Dez did not call the man racist, he called him unprofessional. I don’t live in Dallas or know Mr. Taylor, but there are plenty of stories about him being less than professional.

  18. Eventually that excuse is going to be worn out isn’t it ? No such thing as personal responsibility anymore.
    I agree fully. I’m so tired of this being the most used excuse in history. Get over it already. I read the SI story about Dez and I was sympathetic but this kid really needs to grow up already. He’s an attention grabby crybaby but a rich crybaby so shut up a catch the damn ball and do your job!

  19. Dez controlled himself JUST long enough to get his big money deal and now he acting like the total a-hole he really is. Joke is on you, Jerry.

  20. This is about the Cowboys being 2-6, and perhaps this is Mister Jerry Jones’ fault, since he puts far too much pride in Tony Roamo [sic] and the “beautiful” Brandon Weeden, at quarterback. Similar problem in Indy whereas, if Hasselbeck goes down, then Frank Gore (RB1) will likely take over QB duties hahaha… hahaha!

  21. maybe dez will go on hunger strike like that little Missouri boy and the cowboys will refuse to play out their pathetic season until the slandered reporter resigns. cowards tend to imitate other cowards.

  22. Most of these NFL players have college degrees. Don’t you have to have some sort of intelligence to get through college? So many examples lately of players seemingly with IQ’s lower than their jersey numbers. Or maybe you can teach stupid and they learned it in school. It’s getting to the point where one really has to wonder where this sport is headed.

  23. It is going to get even uglier in Dallas. 4-12 is ying to last year’s yang of 12-4. The Cowpokes are an 8-8.


    Yeah, that’s even more obnoxious when a grown man uses that as an excuse. Grow up, Dez.

  25. With the three ring circus that is the Dallas Cowboys I am trying to figure our why they cut Joseph Randle?

    Also, isn’t there a spot for Ray McDonald somewhere on this roster

  26. Jerrah your team sucks. Next year its not gonna b any better. Remember when Jimmy ran your team. U had the leading rusher. Great QB and where unbeatable. Retire. Hire a real GM. Cause u would be fired if u don’t own this team.

  27. Poor Jason Witten. Even not being a cowboy fan, I admit he deserves a better, more organized, more mature team.

  28. At least Dez has provided the blueprint for battling unprofessionalism.

    Just gotta be irate, emotional, obnoxious, profane and above all, unprofessional right back. That’ll show ’em.

  29. Gotta love Witten, in the middle of that whole train wreck the guy still says excuse me as he leaves reporters to look at the mess going on in the locker room, hahahaha Dallas has turned into a circus

  30. Nice try, what percentage od Blacks on Dallas team and none heard this. Great cop out from another unresponsible player

  31. Love stories like this that out all the racists on this site.

    Dez accused another black man of being unprofessional and I keep reading about the race card, Obama, trayvon and that there’s no such thing as white privilege.

    Bunch of ignorant, blind, meathead, fools on this site.

    By the way if you think don’t life is more tough as a minority you’re either lying or real stupid.

  32. Apparently reading comprehension is very low among PFT readers. Where is it exactly that says Dez called the reporter racist or “used the race card”?

  33. We know that in today world when you challenge or speak the truth to a person of color and hold them accountable, that is racism.

    Much to do about nothing.

    The community of color has cried wolf far too many times. This has become a big joke.

  34. Dez Bryant and Greg Hardy are absolute embarrassments. No excuse at all for these two clowns’ bad behavior both on an off the field. Bryant is considered a top receiver but in the end he will bring further disgrace to an already disgraced organization.

  35. If the Cowboys were on a 6 game winning streak rather than a 6 game losing streak, then Dez would be more controlled.The Cowboys are just a mess right now and tempers are are short all over Valley Ranch. I just can’t to hear Jerry Jones say Dez is one of the leaders of the team and he is OK with his emotions bubbling over.

  36. I’m really proud of Bryant. An African American that refuses to be called that even by a fellow Afro American. Good for him. At least some people aren’t ok with that.

  37. ok, I’m confused now. I know that a white person can’t use that word but I thought black people were allowed to use that word whenever and where ever they want. Have the rules changed? I can’t keep up anymore.

  38. The Jets are glad the circus left NY & has found a new home in Dallas. Jerry Barnham & Steven Baileys NFL circus will soon tour your town.

    They will never win anything as long as Jerry keeps bringing in the type of players he does, just because they won in the 90s with flamboyant personalities, those players had A LOT more talent & Jerry Johnson to teach them how to win.

  39. It’s nice to see a black man telling another black man not to use a commonly used racial slur against black men. That hypocrisy has always been hard to deal with. It’s also nice to see Cowboys haters continuing to bash this guy who has done nothing wrong off the field.

  40. “These Are The Days Of Our Lives”. That is what the Cowboys are since Jerrah bought the team, a pathetic soap opera. Except, of course, for the 3 SB winning seasons, and those are so loooong ago.

    The Cowboys haven’t won a non-wildcard playoff game since 1995 and won’t until the team actually hires a bonafide GM. If Jones all of a sudden became broke and sold the team would any of the other 31 NFL teams hire him as it’s GM?
    That is a big fat NO!

    When Jerrah finally retires or dies will his son assume the GM duties? Cowboy fans better hope not.

  41. timtomandkevin says:
    Nov 12, 2015 11:39 PM

    Dolphins fans are really disappointed to have missed out on his services
    He was drafted by Dallas prior to the Dolphins pick. Trolling is more effective when your correct.

  42. These days a tirade from the culture of blame isn’t complete without false accusations of racism. Their manufactured outrage is getting old. No one said anything to this spoiled, whining, multi millionaire. Total BS.

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