Jets sign Lawrence Okoye to practice squad, as offensive lineman

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Lawrence Okoye has already changed sports, so perhaps changing sides of the ball won’t be a huge adjustment for him.

The Jets announced that they had signed the former 49ers project/English discus thrower, but they identified him as an offensive lineman.

They also signed defensive tackle T.J. Barnes to the practice squad and released CB Jeremy Harris from the practice squad.

Okoye has spent some time on the 49ers and Cardinals practice squad, but hasn’t yet cracked a 53-man roster. His athleticism and size (6-foot-6, 304 pounds) are what teams look for, but he’s clearly a project, and the Jets are apparently going to see if he can become a blocker.

6 responses to “Jets sign Lawrence Okoye to practice squad, as offensive lineman

  1. I could never figure out why teams didn’t have him pegged as an OT to start with. 6’6 304 is an oddball size for DL (too heavy for DE and too tall for DT), but nearly prototype for a LT and if he threw discus he likely has long arms. IIRC he’s already 25 or 26 years old so his window might not be open much longer but it’s nice he’s getting another chance at a new position and maybe the training he got as a D-Lineman can be put to use now that he’s on the other side.

  2. The Jests are still suffering from Rex Ryan hangover disease.

    They couldn’t win with him and now they can’t beat him. It’s why they have always been and will always be second rate in New Jersey.

    A local radio jock here has been saying for years that Namath sold his soul to the devil to win that SB in Jan of 1970. I used to laugh when he said that, but now I think he might be on to something.

    Here’s something you’ll never see in your lifetime — the Jets or Lions getting to the Super Bowl. They could pool their rosters together and they’d still find a way to mess it up.

  3. You guys are pretty funny. Probably of the same clan that believes Alabama would beat the Browns if they played each other.

  4. Put QB M. Stafford on the Jets roster and the Jets become a legitimate contender for years to come. Fitzpatrick serves as the b/u with Petty being the developmental project.

  5. stafford sucks..i wonder if people watch games anymore

    & the browns would beat alabama by 60

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