NFL fines Jordan Matthews for throwing ball in stands


After Eagles receiver Jordan Matthews scored the game-winning touchdown on Sunday night in Dallas, he exuberantly threw the football into the stands. That’s an NFL no-no.

The NFL has confirmed that it fined Matthews $5,787 for throwing the ball into the stands.

Although the league allows players to hand a ball to fans, it’s against the rules to throw the ball into the stands. The league is worried about the crowd control issues that could come from multiple fans fighting over a ball, leaning over a railing to grab a ball, tripping and falling while running for a ball, etc.

The NFL has been handing these fines down for years, and players still routinely throw balls into the stands. When you’re excited about scoring a touchdown, a fine won’t stop your exuberant celebration.

45 responses to “NFL fines Jordan Matthews for throwing ball in stands

  1. Jordan, I will gladly pay the fine for you!!!
    Eagles Fan

    ps – does NFL have a payment plan?

  2. This rule actually makes sense. I just saw hockey fans going berserk over a stick a player dropped over the glass. Even though a fan had it clearly in his possession, there was a free-for-all with punches being thrown.

  3. All you have to show players is the 2011 story about the Texas Rangers fan who fell to his death in front of his 7-year-old son, trying to catch a baseball that Josh Hamilton tossed to him.

  4. I remember when this fine was $500. But I think Bart Starr was still playing then, so based on how much all other NFL-related costs have skyrocketed since then, this is a relative bargain.

  5. This is kind of a dumb fine. I mean I get it, but basically happens about 3 times during every half inning of every baseball game ever played. Doesn’t seem to be an issue there.

  6. No Fun League. Maybe they should spend less time on worrying about celebrations after making a game winning play and a little more on keeping players who are involved in domestic abuse off the field.


    the lambo leap, with in the stands is ok…Jesus… NFL, can you just give the fans and players a break… cant believe MLB hasn’t fined clubs for home runs that put balls in the stand…

  8. Ok so if you deflate the ball no penalty

    If you use the ball to beat your wife and play on Dallas no penalty

    But if you throw it in the stands!

    Well now we know!

  9. Maybe if he hit a woman or child with that ball, there would be no problem. In fact, he could get an extension and bonuses! He just needs Hardy’s agent.

  10. scrappler says:
    Nov 13, 2015 4:03 PM
    why does the nfl have so many more stupid rules than any other sports league?


    Because teams probably already got sued in the past for someone getting hurt. No one probably cares about Matthews’s ball but imagine if it was Brady, Megatron, or some other high profile player.

  11. The players are letting the owners steal money from them, I would love to know the total amount of money the league collected in fines and where did it go…..

  12. I’d be very wary of even bringing Johnny Busto to Pittsburgh.
    After all, that’s the home of Iron City Beer Brewery.

  13. I guess I’m in the minority but the League’s reasoning for this rule makes sense. Have to enforce it.

  14. Imagine….Ball hits some 5 year old in the face and breaks his nose. Parents run directly to lawyer, sue NFL for $5MM for pain and suffering and permanent disfigurement. Yup, guaranteed to happen.
    That is why the rule. Thank the lawyers.

  15. As always, the No Fun League strikes again. If I were commissioner, I would have fined him no more than $5786.42

  16. MLB players toss baseballs into the stands after every half-inning. And they fire hot dogs and t-shirt from air cannons which have enough pressure they reach the upper deck. MLB doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. Only the NFL can take something so spontaneous and joyous and turn it into a fineable offense.

  17. talk about sucking the air out of football. i guess spontanious joy has been outlawed. make it like baseball. if your there, you on you own. i would never allow children under 12 to attend a pro football game anyway. you hear these meat heads say “well i took my 8 year old son and my 5 year old daughter to a football game and these drunk guys”. stop right there. why did you do that you dumb (|) ?

  18. Since the league office won’t do it, sure would like to see a player hand a ball to a fan in the stands(pre-arranged with that person), they take a PSI measurement and post it to the various social media sites.

  19. If every Eagles fan sent one dollar, we could pay off the fine and maybe even have enough left over to pay for Goodell to have his surgery to remove the rod from his you-know-what.

  20. nyneal says:
    Nov 13, 2015 6:15 PM
    I’d be very wary of even bringing Johnny Busto to Pittsburgh.
    After all, that’s the home of Iron City Beer Brewery.
    Who’s Johnny Busto?
    The reason this ball-in-the-stands thing is such a big issue for “da shield” is that these are the only balls they have, all others having been lost in the ongoing neutering of the game and the executives and owners who make decisions claiming to love the game, but who really love the dollars the game brings them more.

    Here’s an idea: Put a big bucket or net (maybe six feet in diameter) up in the twentieth row of the end-zone stands. Let any player who scores a touchdown try to throw the ball in the net. If he does, the NFL donates $1000.00 to a local charity. If he doesn’t, the player makes the donation.

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