Rams still haven’t decided whether Wes Welker will play

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On Monday, the Rams quickly added receiver Wes Welker once the four-game suspension of receiver Stedman Bailey became effective. Four days later, it’s still not clear whether Welker will play on Sunday against the Bears and his most recent head coach in Denver, John Fox.

“We still have some stuff to do tomorrow,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher told reporters on Friday. “He’ll meet this afternoon and we’ll get some stuff done tomorrow. We’ll just see how it is. We’ve typically carried five receivers into the game, and we’ll just see how it goes.”

If Welker plays, he may get some passes thrown in his direction.

“We have some things in the offense for him,” Fisher said. “The ball’s not necessarily designed to go to him, but it may if he plays.”

The challenge for the Rams will be to replace Bailey both as a receiver and as a special-teams contributor; “Sted as a gunner is as good as there is,” Fisher said Friday. “He goes down and he makes tackles.”

Welker won’t be making tackles or otherwise playing special teams. Which means that, in determining which 46 of the 53 players on the roster will dress on Sunday, the Rams will need to be sure that someone other than Welker can do what Bailey had been doing on special teams. If the numbers simply don’t work, it’s possible that Welker won’t be in uniform.

The Rams currently have five receivers on the roster: Tavon Austin, Kenny Britt, Brian Quick, Bradley Marquez, and Welker. If, as Fisher suggested on Friday, Marquez can handle Bailey’s special-teams role, Welker can dress. If running back Chase Reynolds is needed on the game-day roster to replace Bailey, that could be bad news for Welker.

Who could then be muttering “I should be playing” not from his living room but from the sidelines of an NFL game.

19 responses to “Rams still haven’t decided whether Wes Welker will play

  1. What’s Welker realistically going to be able to get (or give) in the next 4 weeks? If the plan has been Bailey in the role, then following the 4 weeks Bailey will probably return to the role and Wes will take some nice parting gifts (assuming he hasn’t taken by that time a parting shot).

    I suppose Wes just wants to go out of the game on his terms (as it were) rather than to have simply been forgotten. That’s not to disparage the Rams because should they proceed as a Wild Card into post-season, Welker may have some added value. Even still, sometimes discretion IS the better part of valor and walking away beats getting carted away.

  2. jmdanieli says:
    If he plays get ready for some dropped passes! He cost the Pats a Super Bowl!!

    What a yahoo, posts this every time Welker’s name comes up.
    Pretty sure the Giants D cost the Pats that Super Bowl. The ‘drop that cost them’ is sports radio bs.
    That was a poorly thrown ball that Welker barely got his hands on at a full leap after turning 180°. Only because of how good he was could that be termed a drop.
    Guy played his guts out and NE wouldn’t have gotten that far with out him.

  3. Come on man your health is important, he’s going to be sipping his meal through a straw. With his concussion history he has no business stepping on an NFL Football field. Love the game? Go Coach, but it’s time to hang the cleats up.

    Retire in 30 Days…

  4. He will play and play well. There is nothing written in stone saying he incurs another concussion. Same risk all players choose to take to play a high paid game

  5. What concerns me most is that Brady was well known for always going out of his way to try to avoid having Welker (or any of his small agile slot guys) take a nasty hit over the middle. Manning wasn’t quite as careful – all of Welker’s serious concussions came in Denver – and Foles? Does Foles have Brady’s level of forethought to predict and avoid those hits for his guys?

  6. “If he plays get ready for some dropped passes! He cost the Pats a Super Bowl!!”

    It’s so cool when Giselle hangs out with the regular fans.

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