Seahawks make Marshawn Lynch late addition to injury report

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The Seahawks have a big game on Sunday night when they host the 6-2 Cardinals in a game that will significantly impact their chances of making a run at another NFC West division title.

Their final injury report before the game featured one surprising twist. Running back Marshawn Lynch has been listed as questionable with an abdominal injury.

Lynch didn’t practice Wednesday, but the Seahawks said his absence was not injury related and he was a full participant in Thursday’s session. Coach Pete Carroll hasn’t had his Friday meeting with the media yet and Lynch’s status is sure to be a popular topic of conversation when that does take place.

Seattle has Thomas Rawls, Fred Jackson and Bryce Brown on the roster in the event Lynch, who missed two games with a hamstring problem earlier this year, isn’t able to go against Arizona.

27 responses to “Seahawks make Marshawn Lynch late addition to injury report

  1. I really wish the seahawks would take a page out of the Panthers book, which is weird to say. We have a great set of tailbacks and Jimmy Graham. Run the defense ragged, match Jimmy with linebackers and short cbs. We would have a few more wins right now…

  2. Seahawk fan is finally coming to the realization that their fantastic success the past few seasons will soon come to an end.
    Guys get paid and lose their edge, depth is stripped away by other teams, high mileage veterans skills degrade almost overnight and opponents are wise to tendencies and game plan to expose more obvious weaknesses.
    Unless Seattle can duplicate finding multiple gems in later rounds that produce at a high level, what you have is typical of end of playoff window type teams. Highly paid big name players, dwindling depth and cap issues.

  3. jag1959 says:
    Nov 13, 2015 4:39 PM

    He’s only there so they won’t get fined

    17 2

    Literally laughed out loud when I read this. What the heck is wrong with people’s sense of humor that anyone could find something about that to thumbs down?

  4. Dang it! Here we go again!! He’s gonna start, and then exit towards the half like he did against the Bears!

    In return, I’m gonna get stuck starting him on my Fantasy team, and I’m gonna suck!

  5. Been watching highlight reels from last season’s 35-6, almost 600 yards of total offense, BeastQuake 2.0 thumping to prepare for delusional Cards fans. Ohhh but surely having Carson Palmer at QB would have somehow negated that AZ defense being completely owned right?!

  6. Well, if we did have to sit Lynch, then we’d be stuck with that darn Thomas Rawls–you know, 169-yard Thomas Rawls.

    We can’t get around it–the ‘Hawks have their backs against the wall and have to have the win. Since the game is in our house, I gotta say, Seattle beats Arizona, 27-13.

  7. Its funny how people who don’t watch Seattle all have comments to say about the roster and what their should or shouldn’t do. To all the arm chair GMs John Schneider has done a fine job and still one of the 2 or 3 top rosters in the NFL with young talent waiting behind it. That’s even after 1 Super Bowl win and 1 yard away from another.

    Seattle ranks about 10th in youngest roster just behind teams like the Bucs/Titans. Guys like Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson are only 26 years. Tyler Lockett is one of the steals of the draft and you haven’t been seen Frank Clark yet because the defensive line is so strong but coaches and fans are excited about him to finish the year.

    Seattle may not be as deep as they were 2 years ago but this team has great ownership, management and a fan base that has been strong one of the strongest since 2002.

  8. riani1985 says:
    Nov 13, 2015 7:32 PM

    To you new seahawk fans, he is your RB!
    Appreciate you pointing that out. Do you have anything else to add to help other fan bases out?

  9. I love how the Seahawks are so deep in the heads of so many people. Nobody seems to be able to quit thinking about the Seattle Seahawks, win or lose. It’s good to be a Seahawks fan. It sucks to be you.

  10. not all seahawks fans like macklemore… in fact i think he is a pompous liberal horses ass. He is overly opinionated and shuts down traffic in Seattle protesting…

  11. Can’t wait to see my hawks win a close one in the clink against Arizona this week. NFCW title here we come, Arizona second, and niners/rams battling for an irrelevant 3rd place.

  12. not all seahawks fans like macklemore… in fact i think he is a pompous liberal horses ass. He is overly opinionated and shuts down traffic in Seattle protesting
    I don’t know any local that likes him. We all. Can’t stand the hypocrite. He “hates the establishment” but does employee parties at Microsoft and Amazon.

  13. A lot of comments on here may be true. Hawks lost a lot of talent but more so may have lost the fire.

    Bam bam holding out for more $$$$.
    RWilson tweeting Hawaii pictures instead of prepping.

    Also Lynch can’t last forever.

    The real problem was Hawks gambling on a patch work OLine which has been little short of horrid.

    However, I think other fans also rightfully worry. Hawks had leads in fourth qtr every loss incl significant leads vs Bengs and Panths, two remaining undefeated teams. Plus Hawks are getting healthier. Two DBs are about ready which will be huge along with Richardson, a WR who was coming out before the injury.

    Other fans know if the Hawks play to their potential it’ll be third straight SB regardless of what anyone else does.

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