NFL says there are “no known threats” against its stadiums

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The terrorist attacks in Paris, which included a suicide bomber attempting to enter France’s national soccer stadium, have renewed concerns regarding the security of NFL stadiums.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the NFL addressed the issue of stadium security.

“Following the events in Paris on Friday, we are closely monitoring events and have been in communication with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, which have informed us that there are no known threats against NFL stadiums,” the league said.

The NFL nevertheless will have an increased security and law enforcement presence this weekend inside and outside stadiums, including within parking lots.

The security of NFL stadiums recently came under scrutiny after protestors managed to sneak rappelling equipment into the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. That event, along with incidents in Paris that claimed more than 100 lives, should remind the NFL, all stadium workers, and all fans to be vigilant regarding the potential for violence in areas where large numbers of people gather.

Fans remain an active and critical part of the process of spotting suspicious behavior. If you’re at a game or outside a stadium and you see something that doesn’t seem right, don’t assume that someone else will alert the authorities.

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  1. What was the follow-up from the league/Panthers on what happened in Charlotte? Tell me someone lost their job.

    Fans have a right to know their safety is being looked after.

  2. There were not any threats in Paris either, and look what happened. These people are 1 jump ahead of security right now, and it’s scary. Look what they did at the concert. Don’t take this lightly, it’s horrible.

  3. Just in case keep every entrance tight with security and let nobody slide by. because one man can take half a stadium down. and who knows if they have more than one ? crazy people in this world

  4. No mater what team you like or don’t like just remember as Americans we are all on the same team. Be safe and vigilant tomorrow at the games and enjoy yourselfs that’s how we win. God bless America and all who love freedom and especialy those men and woman in the armed forces that fight and sacrifice themselves so we can have these freedoms.

  5. Oh good grief. America … the only Nation that runs around scared because someone says there is no reason to run around scared.
    Based on past experience here in America, I would have to disagree.

  6. I never shop on “Black Thursday/Friday” anyway, but I certainly wouldn’t be out in a big crowd in a big city this year.

  7. Sadly other than vigilance and interdiction before the fact there is very little that can be done to prevent something like this from happening. Just the lines to enter a stadium themselves are a very vulnerable target.

  8. Whatever security measures, don’t profile. Being PC is much more important than public safety.

  9. I did the lighting at a concert at La Bataclan in the summer of 2014. Everyone we worked with at the venue was very kind, welcoming and did a great job for everyone on our tour

    This is very shocking to me. Its a beautiful historic theater and I’m praying the people we worked with are ok. This is awful and the westen nations need to destroy vile isis

  10. The concept of a successful terrorist threat is that we don’t know it exists until it happens. Global terrorists have shown that they can be successful on occasion. Global security forces have shown they can foil terrorist plots on occasion. Neither will be successful all the time.
    What would be more reassuring would be if we had a commissioner that we felt was trustworthy. But we dont. Because Goodell is not a trustworthy person on very small matters such as the integrity of the game, we certainly cannot depend on him to even know what steps to take to ensure appropriate security measures are taken. For that reason alone, he should be fired right away.

  11. News flash: EVERY professional sporting event in the USA or involving teams from the USA is a potential target. The threat has been vocalized in a general sense for decades. The only thing that has changed is the temporary awareness of the general public.

  12. Everyone freak out! Stay home, panic and cover your windows with duct tape! At least the traffic will be better for my commute.

  13. learysdisciples says:
    Nov 14, 2015 4:16 PM
    Everyone freak out! Stay home, panic and cover your windows with duct tape! At least the traffic will be better for my commute.


    You should take heed and avoid places until this thing cools off. It’s really dangerous outside

  14. Odd thing the night before the attacks I was chatting online with folks that must be in the region of the attacks. And they were stating about migrants crossing. After the attacks I turned on the news for the first time in forever. And learned that the EU has open boarders. I had no idea.

  15. Love the people here making light of this situation. I hope your facing the rifle end of one of these nut jobs one day then after you clean the mess from your pants come back here and say the same thing.

  16. We all have to think what anyone of us can do, in the event of any emergency because what happened in Paris can happen anywhere and it’s foolish and to think otherwise. No one has a viable plan yet but I will begin to pursue a gun license because of what took place yesterday in France. I know some will take the pacification route but think about how often could these dangerous events occur in our nation or any nation, if more people are armed? We can longer afford to count on others to save us as individuals. I can’t think of any other way that provides the kind of security anyone could have if he is trained and has the knowledge to you a gun, to protect ourselves and anyone that needs our help. If 20 % of the those in the concert were armed yesterday….the casualties would have been dramatically less. I know the streets will be more dangerous but when you think about it, it’s dangerous now because who has the weapons now? That’s right the bad guys… and so we must rectify that problem as soon as possible. I see a dramatic shift in U.S. citizens getting gun licenses after what happened yesterday because it’s not going to stop anytime soon and we need to start defending ourselves now! Those people in Paris who killed and maimed yesterday, are trying to take our freedom from us and the one thing we can do and probably have to do to protect ourselves and hit back is to fight fire with fire.

  17. I wouldnt trust anything the NFL tells anyone. They are compulsive liars. The fact that they phrased it no known threat is alarming. They could all claim ignorance we didnt know.

    They will always put money before anything else. They are just worried about revenue and revenue only.

    Pretty sad state of Goodell’s NFL because he does nothing but lie and the owners seem to be ok with that level of incompetency and that type of behavior.

  18. We fortunately have our 2nd Amendment rights in our Nation! As it is written, as it we’ll be! We are legal, tax paying American citizens… It is our DUTY as American PATRIOTS to defend our Homeland and family! Imagine how many lives would have been saved! If Citizens in Paris were personally armed at that Concert!

  19. It’s impossible to stop a human being with 20lbs of C4 wrapped around his body covered up with a lose jacket that’s willing to blow himself up in a crowded area. For those making fun of people being nervous. You guys were obviously never in any service in times if a conflict. I was and believe me. There is very good reason to be vigilante and yes, nervous. IMO it’s not IF it can happen in North America, it’s WHEN it will happen ,,, again. 9/11 was a disaster for this country.
    Never imagined anyone could drop both World Trade Center towers but they did.

  20. They pay security guys like 45 bucks a game to keep the drunks from fighting or running onto the field…not to deal with terrorists…be realistic

  21. A consistant threat to any stadium is a visit from Roger Goodell and his goon squad.

    Of course a greater threat, may be the officiating.

    Joking aside, I wish the citizens of France the comfort of a swift and brutal retaliation against the perpetrators of the despicable crimes visited upon the French and hope that the families of the victims can somehow navigate this awful time.

    It’s good to pray for the wronged. It’s better to hunt down those who wronged them and bring them intense suffering.

    Go Patriots!

  22. BobbyHanks63/35defense2014,

    There are roughly 500 people per stadium per season that are evicted for rowdy conduct. I’d be concerned if 20% of them were also armed at any of these venues. Leave security up to the pros and sit back and enjoy the game. Same for restaurants, clubs, bars etc.
    I know the second amendment rights and all that but your little pea shooters aren’t going to do anything against the weapons a trained terrorist is carrying. Get real.

  23. Only we can protect us. We can’t be scared we can just be prepared. Us as in people not security. If we stay home them lames win. I say get out and live. That’s the only way to die.

  24. quinzze says:
    Nov 14, 2015 3:25 PM
    No mater what team you like or don’t like just remember as Americans we are all on the same team. Be safe and vigilant tomorrow at the games and enjoy yourselfs that’s how we win. God bless America and all who love freedom and especialy those men and woman in the armed forces that fight and sacrifice themselves so we can have these freedoms.

    79 7
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    Good lord! Why would anyone downrate this comment?

  25. 1pavikingfan says:

    I want Gregg Williams to be in charge of security.

    Condoleezza Rice would be an excellent choice.

  26. Don’t say nothing can be done to protect us.. Or there’s nothing anyone can do to prevent this. That is BS. Ignoring the fact that the attack slipped by France Intelligence, at least one of the attackers tried entering the soccer stadium, and had to retreat as he was about to be frisked by security. If gate security wasn’t on top of things, there would have been much more bloodshed.

    Where are the updates on the Panthers stadium situation? The NFL is conveniently silent on this matter, which tells me they have no idea what happened. I attended the NFL HOF Game in Canton this year, and entered the stadium without being frisked or checked by a metal detector wand. Why? Because the gate “security” staff was made up of college kids and others with nonchalant, lazy attitudes who are only there to do the bare minimum and take home a paycheck. That’s not the case for EVERY worker, but all it takes is one. Merely standing in the chaos of a line, and getting lost in the shuffle, I could have brought whatever I wanted to into the stadium.

    With all the money the NFL makes, I see no reason why they can’t pony up some extra cash and only hire local off-duty police officers to work gate security. They put the safety of their stadium in the hands of a bunch of 20 somethings with a few hours of training.

  27. Our government wants 100’s of 1000’s refugees coming to the USA to lessen the burden on Europe.

    No thank you. Middle east countries are not even taking these people. For good reason there are going to be terrorist mixed in with this group.

    We can’t even get terrorists not getting in on student visas.

  28. FinFan68 says:
    Nov 14, 2015 4:13 PM

    News flash: EVERY professional sporting event in the USA or involving teams from the USA is a potential target. The threat has been vocalized in a general sense for decades. The only thing that has changed is the temporary awareness of the general public.


    Finally. Common sense.

  29. Having spent 23 years in U.S. military special operations and still working as a consultant, I will say this. Plenty of my friends are pushing up daisies now as a result of fighting what is pure evil–terrorists. We need to continue doing all we can to take the fight to them and ensure they are the ones who don’t go home at night. And one thing we, as Americans, must never do is give up our lifestyle of enjoying freedom and living our live to the fullest. I am not going to hide inside my house and cower those clowns. However, I’m also not going to be stupid and not keep my eyes and ears open when out and about, and I’m not going to be a jerk about security measures to make sure we are safe in places like airports, stadiums, concerts, fairs, etc.

  30. The bombs went off in France but they affect security here in America. Everyone is now willing to be frisked just to go out to see a movie and have dinner. Soon you and your 4 year old will be frisked just to go to Chucky Cheese.

  31. I guarantee there won’t be any terrorism in the parking lots. Muslim cowards don’t strike when they never know who might be shooting back.

    Unarmed Europeans are like sheep to the slaughter for them.

  32. Key word being “known”.

    In reality though all US stadiums, hospitals, shopping malls, etc are currently under threat of a terror attack. After 9/11 all immigration from muslim majority nations should have ceased until the current environment had ended.

    Instead since 9/11 we have allowed 1.6 million to immigrate from muslim majority nations and those are just the ones that entered legally.

  33. The main threat is that Roger Goodell and his lying incompetent minions are the ones responsible for ensuring our safety

    They can’t even measure and write down the PSI of a football

    We’re expecting them to stop terrorists?

    No bueno

  34. TheWizard says:
    Nov 14, 2015 6:28 PM
    I guarantee there won’t be any terrorism in the parking lots. Muslim cowards don’t strike when they never know who might be shooting back.

    Unarmed Europeans are like sheep to the slaughter for them.
    You should re-think your attitude. People were out at a soccer game and the theater, etc. Suicide bombers don’t care if you shoot back or not. They are not alive to worry about it–and it happens fast. We should expect and hope security is amped up and there is a little more vigilance by everyone, including tailgaters…see something say something.

  35. People can’t underemphasize vigilance and good security. Tim McVeigh simply parked his truck in front of the Murrah building and casually walked away, as if heading towards some other activity and his “bomb” took out a building a bunch of people inside…that quick. Even in Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, a terrorist did the same thing, and even with a lookout on the roof who ran down through the building to warn others…it was still not enough time. So here, some dirtbag pulls into a stadium parking lot, gathers his belongings and, and casually strolls toward the stadium, still with plenty of places to escape, and it can happen that fast. So again….look around, report stuff that is suspicious…probably get the hell away yourself.

  36. No offense but most of you guys are not too astute at analyzing the NFL, never mind national security and international terrorism.

    One simple truth, most people see reality through their own bias. That’s why so many fans really believe the Patriots cheat to win and Obama and Clinton aren’t as smart as them. In reality, the Patriots are 8 – 0, Obama is a constitutional scholar who won the presidency at the age of 47, while Clinton was the valedictorian at Wellesley and is the odds on favorite to be our country’s first female president.

  37. @rootpain-

    Training and superior weapons doesn’t make one immune from the effects of a “pea shooter”. Stadiums, like commercial aircraft, are considered “soft targets”….any idea why?

  38. Love the dumb Republicans and their gun loving ways. You people are seriously the dumbest people on the planet.

    Whose watch did 9/11 occur under? Oops that would be the dumbest President in the History of this Country George W Bush, a Republican in case you morons forgot.

    Yeah id love to see your bee bee guns stop the military assault rifles of terrorists. You people are morons. And you wusses would be afraid to pull the trigger just like all you gun lovers biker gangs acting all tough in Waco running for cover.

    Get a brain would you. O I forgot that would require you to read instead of shooting your guns out at the ranges.

  39. The fact that the NFL is lead by an incompetent stuffed suit should give everyone pause before entering an NFL stadium.

    Think about how poorly Goodell handled deflategate and think about just how far over his head he would be if he had to deal with a real threat.

  40. Going to a game tomorrow , not giving it a second thought. I’ve got plenty of life insurance and I just don’t believe “KILLED BY A FOLLOWER OF A 14th CENTURY CULT” is going on my tombstone. Could be I’m wrong, but I will not have my lifestyle affected by those people.

  41. “bee bee guns”

    I would think someone with such a powerful, evolved, enlightened, elitist brain would know guns don’t shoot bumblebees, honey bees, yellowjackets or wasps. Go back to playing DFS with your superior IQ, genius.
    Stay pacified while this DEMOCRAT cleans his guns.

  42. If it means saving the lives of innocent lives including those of children, I for one don’t care if the government listens to my phone conversations. Who’s with me?

  43. lmao. What are you cleaning your guns for? People that love guns live in constant fear of the boogie men in their heads or proving how tough they are killing animals..

    Have fun loser.

    Yep won again in the NBA last night. Thanks

  44. Cavs, you think you know everything but all you spit out are tired stereotypes. I don’t kill animals, live in fear of boogeymen, or lean right politically. They simply need to be cleaned to function properly. Think of it like changing the oil in your car. Congrats on your gambling winnings.

  45. Cavs, it’s lowlife liberal prices of garbage like you that have blood on your hands. You think sitting ducks in a theatre is morally superior to people exercising their God given right to protect themselves. People defend their homes ame families from danger all the time. If you’d get off Huffington Post and read some actual news, you’d see that. What is a “military assault rifle”? You know nothing about firearms. You’re pathetic.

  46. This, unfortunately, is the world that we now live in. The best way to fight back is to go out tomorrow. Enjoy the games. Stop at a few crowded bars or restaurants along the way. Take public transportation if available or convenient.

    Just keep your eyes and ears open.

  47. Should be safe in Tampa tomorrow. Cowboys in town. If something looks suspicious, they just have to tell Greg Hardy there’s a innocent, defenseless woman over there and he’ll take out ’em out.

  48. @philadelphianewjersey

    Hey gun boy. Not my fault you live in a neighborhood where you need gun. Im sure you had to use yours plenty of times right? What do you live in Baghdad clown?

    If any of those people in the theater had to use a gun they would have been severely outgunned you moron. Hell the police were even fired at from the building you ignorant piece of trash. And they were outgunned. Im sure you would have mowed them down with your pea shooter right?

    Amazing how many ignorant, stupid conservative Republicans there are. Why dont you go form your own angry, gun loving, religious wack job country and leave the people with brains to handle things

  49. I attended the Patriots/Jets game a couple of weeks ago at Gillette. I was carrying a pair of binoculars in a simple case, because we had nosebleed seats (free tickets, what can I say?)

    As I approached the gate, a team of screeners told me I couldn’t bring the case in. I took the glasses out of the case and put them around my neck, leaving the small case totally empty.

    They still wouldn’t let me bring it in, so I had to leave it in the trash.

    But a whackjob manages to sneak rappelling gear into a stadium????

  50. I was at Colts game last week and they didn’t even look in my bag like usually do. Just waved the wand over us and then sent us through. I thought it was strange at the time but now I’m concerned we are letting our guard down and it will bite us in the butt

  51. “Why don’t you go form your own angry, gun loving, religious wack job country and leave the people with brains to handle things”

    We did. You’re living in it.

    The only one who seems angry is you. Name calling and hurling insults at everyone who disagrees with you….playground mentality.
    Who was in charge when Pearl Harbor was attacked? Do you blame the President or his party solely for that? Whether you believe in the Constitution or not, we should both be able to live our lives as we see fit. THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF IT!

  52. At smiley9603:
    The people who work security and the gates at our local stadiums are part time employees with no training in real security. I Europe they use real police and military. Even if they looked in your bag and saw contraband they may have waved you through.

  53. Uh yeah largerthanlife than why is it the religious gun loving religious quacks always telling people what to do and how to live and making everything into a Republican v Democrat issue ?

    You dont like gambling, dont gamble. Religious quacks o gambling is the devil its so horrible.

    I dont tell people that have guns, dont have a gun, but dont tell me for one second youre going to stop a terrorist with your pea shooters.

    And conservative Republicans, o its all the liberals fault. I mean gimme break.

  54. Source: FBI

    In 2009, 24.2 percent of murder victims were slain by family members; 53.8 percent were killed by someone they knew (acquaintance, neighbor, friend, boyfriend, etc.). The relationship of murder victims and offenders was unknown in 43.9 percent of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter incidents in 2009.

    Of the female murder victims for whom their relationships to the offenders were known, 34.6 percent were murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.

  55. I’m just as tired of the divisive partisan politics as you, but nearly every post you’ve made has referenced “conservative” or “Republican” followed by insults. I don’t consider myself Republican, heck I’m probably more liberal than you are. That doesn’t mean I won’t vote conservative occasionally. I believe in people, not party or ideology. Compromise is key.
    Thwarting a terrorist with my “pea shooter” isn’t what it’s about. It’s just a risk/reward assessment the perp’s do in any criminal act, including terrorists. It’s simply easier to attack unarmed people than armed ones. That’s why they go to crowded “soft targets” where the only armed people are easily identifiable via uniforms. I’m aware they’re willing to die for their cause but they want to take as many infidels with them as they can. Again, risk/reward. The “unknown” acts as a deterrent. The Swiss are a prime example. Proficient riflemen with a higher rate of gun ownership than the U.S. which prevented them from being run over by the Germans in WWII. Hitler was going to ignore their neutrality, but didn’t want to tangle with them until he could devote the resources he had tied up trying to conquer England. He knew Switzerland was going to be harder to take than Norway, Poland, etc.

  56. France didn’t have this on their radar on Friday the 13th. At least at the soccer stadium the guy had his suicide belt around him, and the security guard saw it. This was decent security, and he just blew himself up, so one less idiot in the world. Good job there otherwise goodness knows, how many others would not be here today.

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