Aaron Rodgers denounces Green Bay fan for prejudiced comment during moment of silence


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was upset after today’s game, and not just because his team lost to the Lions.

Rodgers said that during the moment of silence for the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris, he heard a fan make a prejudiced comment.

“I think it’s important to do things like that, we’re a connected world, you know — six degrees of separation,” Rodgers said. “I must admit, though, I was very disappointed with whoever the fan was who made a comment that I thought was really inappropriate during the moment of silence. It’s that kind of prejudicial ideology that I think puts us in the position that we’re in today as a world.”

It was unclear what, exactly, Rodgers heard a fan say, but on social media there were several accounts of fans in Green Bay saying things like, “Death to Muslims” and “Muslims suck.” There were also a number of fans who tried to begin a “Go Pack Go” cheer during the moment of silence. One fan could be heard loudly yelling at those fans, “Have some respect.”

Whatever was said, if Rodgers heard a prejudiced comment, he should be commended for speaking out against it. And any fan who would take a moment of silence and turn it into an opportunity to spread bigotry should be ashamed.

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  1. Every game I’ve ever been to that had a moment of silence had a few morons yelling something obnoxious to shatter the silence.

    Note to all obnoxious morons: It is not your moment. Show some respect. For once in your life, try silence.

  2. I talk smack about Packer fans for fun, but the Pack fans I know are not like this.

    It’s too bad some jerks have to do this kind of crap.

  3. Seahawksgo then move to Europe. Not condoning prejudice but I hate this thing where Americans act like Europe is more civilized or “gentlemenlike”. Go live there you Seattle hipster and enjoy boring soccer and non-sensical rugby….

  4. maybe rogers should more time worrying about being able to beat the worst teams in the league (see lions),,,and less time telling the fans how to be political correct.

  5. Funny that a lot of these comments condemn blaming all people of a group for a despicable act by blaming all people of a group for a despicable act. #hypocrisy

  6. 129 death and scores injured in horrible planned terrorist act.
    While in American we are worried about what someone said during a moment of silence.
    Sure it was uncalled for however you have a person suggestion what is being said at the Packer game is on the same level as the terrorists. What hell is wrong with America…

  7. Tough to say as a Vikes fan, but much respect, Aaron. One of the classiest good guys in the league.

  8. What puts us in this position in the world are people who kill in the name of religion.

    I do find it slightly strange he cares more about phantom comments than the game. Then again maybe he was busy playing golf and didn’t have time to do his job. We see a lot of that these days 5 handicap golfers who blame everyone else.

    But that couldn’t possibly put us in this position.

  9. There was a moment of silence to honor the dead in France. Honor them and shut your damned mouth. It was a moment for them, not for everyone to hear your big mouth. Save it for after. Moron

  10. Yelling out during a moment of silence is just disrespectful no matter what they are yelling. You can have a discussion about ISIS on some other blog site.

  11. Making any comments during a moment of silence is just disrespectful and then make comments like those just shows ignorance. Stupid people do and say stupid things, every fan base has their share of stupid fans.

  12. What do you expect from a groups of dudes who get drunk hours before the game just so they don’t have to pay for as many beers before they get cut off at the end of the 3rd quarter?

  13. How does anyone know if it was a Packers fan or a Lions fan? Lots of Lions fans go to Lambeau. Like when the Vikings play there..

  14. I used to convince myself that the radio call in Packer fans were the only rude Packer fans but I guess they go to games as well.

  15. So Aaron it’s okay for you to mock Russell Wilson’s Christianity but NOT okay for fans to mock muslims…..interesting!

  16. Time to cut off the beer sales the day before the game.

    And no longer allow tailgater’s to consume alcohol.

    Of course, that would cause the bars, liquor stores and the state to go broke.

  17. Rodgers needs to be more concerned with his quality of play. He’s a top reason why the Pack stinking it up. Open your eyes pack fans if you disagree. Line was good today.

  18. Make no mistake, these terrorists are committing these atrocities in the name of Islam. That does not mean that all Muslims are terrorists, and every individual deserves respect until their behavior makes it clear that they don’t. The things that were yelled at Lambeau during the moment of silence are ignorant.

    The fans yelling “Go Pack Go” are just as ignorant. It’s a moment of silence to show respect for people who were involved in a tragedy. Show just the smallest amount of class, please.

  19. A fan said something inappropriate? “A” fan, as in a singular fan?

    So out of 60,000 thousand fans, ONE yahoo makes an inappropriate comment, and Rodgers feels the need to comment on it?

  20. Should we judge all Green Bay fans based on the worst of them?
    Should we judge all Muslims based on the worst of them?
    People need to take a step back, and realize that the world isn’t simple just because they want it to be. There are shades of gray. Deal with it.

  21. As an American Muslim, I have tremendous respect for Rodgers for standing up against prejudice and bigotry. Those who equate Muslims with terrorists are not much better than the terrorists, because they are both consumed with hatred. There are 1.5 billiom Muslims in the world. If even 1% were twrrorists that would be 15 million terrorists killing people ever day. Reality is they are minute but unfortunately their actions are horrific and shocking which is why it’s called terrorism. More Muslims die at the hands of ISIS and other terrorist groups than anyone else. Ordinary Muslims are on the front lines defending their religion and families against the evil fanatics. Muslims in America unanimously condemn all terrorist actions in the name of Islam. We are proud Americans and love our football. This is why it is important NOT to generalize an entire group of people and spread more hatred in this world. The terrorists are actually counting on the extremists on the other side to react in such a way. Let’s not let them win. One world, one love. Peace.

  22. Seattle fans doing the same thing. Very audibly on the on field mics (why wouldn’t they turn them off during a moment of silence?)

  23. Are most of you really that dense?!?! It wasn’t about what was said, but that it was said during a moment of silence for the victims of this brutal attack.

  24. I was at the game and the “Go Pack Go” chant was attempted before the moment of silence was announced.

    But hey, lying to fit your argument is just part of being in the media right? A few bigots in a group of 80k people is expected regardless of the state you reside.

  25. Did anyone just hear the noise in Seattle during their moment of silence? Stop your preaching. . I’m sure it happened all around the league. Rodgers’ just happened to brong it up. America, land of the free. Remember?

  26. The amount of intolerance and stupidity I’m reading here is just astounding to me. For what? Just to bash Rodgers and Packer fans and to try to paint us as either inbred drunks and supporters of terrorism and anti American because of the stupidity of a handful of fools in the crowd and for Rogers calling them out on it? There are so many of you that should be ashamed of yourselves to use this tragic atrocity in Paris to further your agenda to denigrate a great organization, it’s fan base and a respectable man like Aaron Rodgers. You should hang your heads in shame.

  27. If you tell me you’re turning 100 snakes loose in my house, but ninety of them are harmless and only ten of them will kill me, I still don’t want you setting those snakes loose in my house.
    And if a few of the harmless ones die while I’m killing the deadly ones, I’m sorry… but I WILL do what I have to do to protect my house.

    I deplore the disrespectful interruption of the moment of silence for the victims, and if you think it’s a liberal idea that disrespect for newly assassinated innocents is a despicable act, then you need to pick up a weapon, shut up, and go fight… unlike the chicken-hawks of both parties who dominate the far right AND left in the media, from Trump, Limbaugh, and Hannity to Cooper, Maher, and Maddow, NONE of whom loved their country enough to serve.

  28. So Aaron it’s okay for you to mock Russell Wilson’s Christianity but NOT okay for fans to mock muslims…..interesting!


    If you want to mock Muslims, that’s your call.

    But don’t do it during the moment of silence for the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in France. Show some respect for those who died. They don’t deserve to be disrespected because some idiot thinks his opinion is more important than they lives they lost.

    Give those who died their moment of respect. Express your opinion on your own time, not theirs.

  29. This needs to end. Rodgers, nbcsports, the packers, the nfl….NOBODY is saying that what the fan said is “worse” or “on the same level” as the bombings in Paris. Not once was that a topic. They asked Rodgers a question and he gave his opinion on that event. The two are not comparable. Yes the bombings are obviously far more tragic. Does that make this idiot saying something ok? Not by a long shot. You people need to gain some perspective. Realize that you make yourself look foolish by the things you are saying. Especially all of you “what a liberal!” Morons out there. You know who you are.

  30. Green Bay fans gonna be Green Bay fans. Rodgers gonna say whatever he can to steer the subject away from his play.

  31. Is the chant ” death to America” considered bigotry?

    Is the actual murder of people from the “west” because they don’t conform to Islam considered bigotry?

    I can’t believe that after Islamists murdered innocent people, again, that Rodgers and the author of this post is concerned about only one form of bigotry.

  32. I went to the game this afternoon, respectfully removed my hat and had enough self control to remain silent for 10 seconds.

    From my seat in row 56, North Endzone, I heard absolute silence.
    Everybody in my and the adjoining sections were very respectful, as they should have been.

    Very disappointed in the minority of idiots that lack an ounce of tact and honor for a tragedy that should affect is all.
    I’m Very happy that Aaron Rodgers called these morons out.

    Seriously, could we just leave our petty ideology and politics out of this issue.
    It’s a simple moment of silence in response to a disgraceful act.
    It shouldn’t be this difficult.

  33. From a lifelong Viking fan, I have always appreciated Rogers’ greatness and today he confirmed again that he is also a class act. Unfortunately, the fan(s) who say and think these negative kinds of thoughts are representative of the kind people these terrorists love to see and hate. Hate breeds nothing but more hate! Either way, Go Vikings!

  34. He was correct in his actions. Those who are more interested in posting negative comment here are not.

  35. Saying anything during a moment of silence is not acceptable.
    However Aaron Rodgers should not be the man carrying the message.

  36. I get a kick out of the American people and their sudden concern and unity for France. Just a few years ago, many of you knuckle-draggers were condemning France for not playing along with the Bush Administration’s disastrous war in Iraq, based on lies. So much so, you wanted to change “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries”.

    You bunch of flag wavin’ fakes.

  37. It’s so much more fun watching the Packers lose with a healthy Rodgers instead of when he was injured. AR is absolutely struggling right now. He missed quite a few open receivers yesterday.

  38. I thought that I heard “ISIS Sucks” on the TV broadcast, which I hope is actually non-controversial, and something we can all agree on (though said at the wrong time)

  39. spurtbball says:
    Nov 15, 2015 7:44 PM

    So Aaron it’s okay for you to mock Russell Wilson’s Christianity but NOT okay for fans to mock muslims…..interesting!

    This has been discussed a million times. Rodgers did not mock Wilson’s Christianity. He stated that he thought that God didn’t care about the outcome of a football game. Then, when GB beat Seattle this year, he was further mocking Wilson’s statement about that.

  40. icabodslip says:
    Nov 16, 2015 7:09 AM

    I get a kick out of the American people and their sudden concern and unity for France. Just a few years ago, many of you knuckle-draggers were condemning France for not playing along with the Bush Administration’s disastrous war in Iraq, based on lies. So much so, you wanted to change “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries”.

    You bunch of flag wavin’ fakes.
    One has nothing to do with the other. Yes, many people were angry that France backed down when they were needed. Me included. However, it doesn’t mean I want a tragedy to happen to France. Nor does it mean I would be disrespectful during a moment of silence pledged for the country of France. I’m a 27 year U.S. veteran that served my country. Does me being a little angry at France a few years ago make me any less of an American or a “flag waving fake”? I don’t think so.

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