Bears told Rams about players not traveling, but not the media


The injury updating process might be flawed, and some coaches don’t think they ought to have to participate at all.

But one team took it a step further this week, telling the opponent without updating the media.

The Bears are going to be without running back Matt Forte and linebacker Pernell McPhee today, as neither of them traveled to St. Louis.

Ordinarily, a team will report that information to the media, to disseminate it in advance of the game. But the Bears didn’t.

They did, however, tell the Rams, according to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports.

That at least keeps them in compliance with the competitive balance portion of the equation. But there are plenty of other people who might have liked to know that information, and they were kept in the dark.

And the league office should be working to find out why that happened.

11 responses to “Bears told Rams about players not traveling, but not the media

  1. Someone needs to remind john fox that the world of sports wagering is the reason for the popularity of the NFL and (more personal to him) his lucrative coaching salary. He needs to stop biting the hands the feed him (or win more games) or he will be just another coordinator in the league. Still making a nice living in the process mind you.

  2. But there are plenty of other — Gambler’s — who might have liked to know that information, and they were kept in the dark.

    There, fixed it for you.

  3. It’s really no one else’s business but the teams involved. Why should the media know,in advance? They’ll find out soon enough when the game starts. The media is always butting into the NFL’S business.

  4. Teams shouldn’t have to disclose who is injured and who’s not. Let’s see who can game plan and make adjustments and who can’t. Oh, but that gambling money could dry up..

  5. Good for the Bears hood they start something.

    I’m thinking this article might be another one pft might need to post that whole nbc/fanduel disclaimer.

  6. Don’t mess with the medias right to know. Any sane person would tell you what difference does it make if the media knows? At least they told the Rams, that should be all that matters. I suppose there’s the opposite, you could be like BB and claim your starting QB is hurt every single week on the injury report when he’s not hurt. There is no integrity of the game issue by not telling the media information, so long as the other team is aware. True it’s an NFL rule to notify the media, but sounds to be more like a technicality. But we all know who holds the power, the media. They can make any player look great or look bad, they can turn a tchnicality into a major issue. For the deflate gate comparison, it’s not the same. With deflate gate the integrity is at issue if a team is gaining an unfair advantage. The NFL did not prove its case, however there is no integrity with the media not knowing. There’s no unfair advantage to either team in this case.

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