Marshawn Lynch is truly 50-50 to play


Every week, plenty of players are listed as questionable for their next game, which means there’s a 50-50 chance the player will play. Then comes Sunday morning, when the Twitter version of the Cannonball Run lets everyone know who will be playing and who won’t be playing, despite being 50-50.

Sure, it’s an imperfect process (e.g., T.Y. Hilton last week, who per multiple national reports would play but did). It’s nevertheless become one of the Sunday morning rituals as to all players who, as of Friday, were 50-50 to play.

This week, the most important player on the 50-50 list is Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. Via multiple entries in the Twitterball Run, Lynch remains 50-50 to play.

Lynch, who last played two weeks ago, was added to the injury report on Friday with an abdominal problem. It would be surprising if he doesn’t play in a key prime-time game against the Cardinals. If he doesn’t play, and if Thomas Rawls comes in and does well on the big stage, it becomes even more likely that, come next year, the Seahawks won’t tiptoe on eggshells to persuade Lynch to return for another season.

In 2016, Lynch is due to earn $9 million, with a cap number of $11.5 million. Rawls, in contrast, has a $525,000 salary — with a cap number of $530,000.

Before paying Lynch 18 times more than Rawls, the Seahawks have to ask themselves whether Lynch is 18 times better than Rawls.

So far this year, Lynch has 375 yards rushing in six games, with an average of 3.6 yards per carry. Rawls, who has played in every game and started three, has 376 yards — and an average of 5.4 yards per attempt.

Already, Rawls is more productive. If Rawls is both more productive and more available than Lynch, whether to keep the guy who’ll make 5.8 percent of what Lynch is due to make in 2016 becomes a no-brainer.

20 responses to “Marshawn Lynch is truly 50-50 to play

  1. Lynch is clearly saving himself for one more big contract in free agency… If no one bites, he’ll simply do the 1 yr deal with New England, win the Superbowl and hit free agency again, then score that final big Contract… am I right?

  2. No, you are wrong. As a Seahawks fan I hate saying this but Lynch isn’t getting another big contract, he is at the point in his career where he is going to get 1 year deals until he hangs it up.

  3. igornathanhiggers says:
    Nov 15, 2015 8:11 AM
    Lynch is clearly saving himself for one more big contract in free agency… If no one bites, he’ll simply do the 1 yr deal with New England, win the Superbowl and hit free agency again, then score that final big Contract… am I right?


  4. No you’re not right. Nobody is going to sign a running back approaching 30 to a big contract, especially coming off a down year.

  5. It’s difficult (and sad) to imagine the Seahawks without Beast Mode, but we’ve known that time is coming soon for a couple years now. He simply makes too much money if he’s not producing and regularly missing games and that money could be used to upgrade the OL in the offseason.
    I hope he can turn it around and play another season in Seattle though, as I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet. The ‘Hawks had some very good teams under Mike Holmgren with Shaun Alexander putting up great numbers, but you always heard how “soft” and “finesse” they were. Those labels are a distant memory now, largely because of Marshawn’s punishing running style.
    The Seahawks are finally facing the reality of the salary cap though, and Rawls behind an improved line that can run AND pass block is probably the way to go as much as I hate to say it.

  6. He should play so Steve Keim can evaluate him for next year’s RB 1 yr prove it deal like he did with Chris Johnson this year. 🙂

  7. Rawls is the future of the Seahawks running game. With Christine Michael and Robert the Fumbler Turbin, there was no clear successor to the throne. Now there is. When Lynch is on his game, he truly is a beast. I hope Lynch plays tonight, but if he doesn’t, I know Rawls will step up and do a great job.

  8. Seattle’s offensive line is a terrible joke. If it was any good, the running game would be 10000x times better, and Wilson wouldn’t be sacked ever 5 plays.

  9. seprix
    Nov 15, 2015, 7:57 AM PST
    Seattle’s offensive line is a terrible joke. If it was any good, the running game would be 10000x times better, and Wilson wouldn’t be sacked ever 5 plays.
    Go look up the NFL rankings for rushing offense. I’ll give you a hint, Seattle is up at the top of the page somewhere.

  10. The NFL is replete with guys who had 150-200 yards or MORE in a single game rushing, who went on to be nothing.

    This guy everyone is hyping has also had some bad games as well. Everyone remembers the 23 169 1 against Cinci, but then forgets his 17 48 0 that happened the next week against Lions.

    Is Lynch worth his money, not really, because RB’s are not worth what they used to be. But they are still worth a good amount. Not having Lynch would be a huge blow for Seattle, if anyone thinks otherwise, they are delusional.

    You won’t necessarily be a better team by getting rid of Lynch, for another OLmen and rolling with Rawls.

    If anything, a decision such as that could precipitate the fall.

    If Lynch doesn’t play tonight, that will hurt the Seahawks.

    Seahawk fans need to realize that their front office isn’t perfect. This front office of yours, not too long ago, signed both Clipboard Jesus AND Flynn to be your starting QB’s. Had Wilson not bailed them out of these dumb mistakes, things would of been much different for the Seahawks.

    This season, Seahawk fans are concerned with pass blocking, but what did the front office do? They created this situation by trading Unger for Graham. Now they screwed up their line, for a guy who is a pass catcher, but they want to be a blocker.

    I’m sure at some point they’ll unleash him here or there, my guess is actually tonight, but using him primarily as a blocker is insane.

    Soon they might have to make a decision on Lynch, and boy is it a big one, with potentially huge ramifications. Don’t forget what got you your recent success, a lot of it was Lynch. At times he carried the Seahawks. Perhaps going forward that won’t be possible because his body might not be capable, but if it is, even with some dings and time off here or there, you take it, because it’s likely better then the alternative.

  11. The fan who commented before me seems knowledgeable but absolutely no front office is perfect. Ozzie from the Ravens gets praised and look at his roster right now. Even Ted Thompson has drafted busts. Even the Pats had Hernandez

    Seattle fans know Schneider missed a few early guys in Christine Michael and even James Carpenter but the home runs they have hit on mid to late round picks and UDFA wins 20 times over.

    Max Unger started breaking down 2 years ago and missed as many games as he played and was due to make 7 or 8 million dollar. He even made the Pro Bowl on a down year because of his name. His making the checks at the line is missed.

    Sad to see it with another week of injury, Lynch’s body is finally breaking down. Seattle’s offense will evolve and Jimmy Graham will be a huge part of that evolution and Russell Wilson entering his prime. Rawls will be a successor and I see Seattle drafting another running back. We will see tonight but I am thinking the offensive line clicks tonight and Seahawks put together a full game in prime time. Al Michaels confirmed in interview this weekend NFL didn’t want to give Seattle national televised home games because of the blowouts.

  12. Uh, I could see a team deciding to keep a player who was “only” 10 times as good as another, even if the first player was being paid 18 times as much. Don’t think exact proportionality is the rule when NFL teams decide their rosters. Or at least good NFL teams.

  13. Whatever happens next year is still next year. We’ve been reading gloom and doom reports for 3 years now in the pacific northwest about how Lynch is done and not coming back then the dude pulls off a career game. Cheer the guy on while he’s still playing and let next year take care of next year. If Rawls can step up then that isn’t a case to replace Lynch. It’s just Rawls doing the job he’s being paid to do.
    Go Seahawks!

  14. Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch is the toughest hammer back in the NFL . How many times have we seen him hit in the backfield then drag half the defense for a five yard gain ? Beastquake 1 , beastquake 2 . Marshawn is the engine of the Seahawk offense . Without the threat of him busting off beastquake 3 defenses just tee off on Wilson and leave the o-line wondering what happened. Rawls may be able to handle the carries , but the offense will need more than just another ball carrier if Lynch leaves.

  15. If Lynch saw the B-Mode T-shirts Pats fans were giving to their players during last years Superbowl parade I doubt he’d want to play there. Of course money talks, so you never know, I guess….

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