Report: Greg Hardy, Demarcus Lawrence separated on sideline

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Not everyone is receptive to leadership, apparently.

According to Kristi Scales, sideline reporter for the Cowboys Radio Network, defensive end Greg Hardy and defensive end Demarcus Lawrence had to be separated on the sideline after going nose to nose.

The Cowboys lead the Buccaneers at the half, 6-3.

Dallas, in its final game without quarterback Tony Romo, hopes to end a six-game losing streak. Apart from the 30-6 loss to New England, the Cowboys have had a chance to win every game without Romo.

Regardless of today’s outcome, it’ll be time for owner Jerry Jones and/or coach Jason Garrett to make excuses for Hardy after the game. Again.

UPDATE 3:04 p.m. ET: Scales later reported that “[a]ll is good” and that it was “[j]ust a little dust-up.”

79 responses to “Report: Greg Hardy, Demarcus Lawrence separated on sideline

  1. Reap what you sow…this s what happens when “special” people go through life with little to consequence for their behavior.

  2. As a Cowboys fan, I’m pretty sick of Greg Hardy. Unfortunately, Jerry is delusional and probably thinks Hardy is the most popular player in the league. I am tired of both of them.

  3. Beyond his continual anti-social behavior, Hardy is mentally ill. Why isn’t Jerry Jones or anyone with the Cowboys concerned about getting this guy help?

  4. He was just imparting some leadership skills to Lawrence. All this after “the puppet” Garrett spoke to him earlier this week. Way to go Jason.

  5. Honestly if he isn’t cut after the game or tomorrow after this Jerry is an idiot. Jerry has been one of my favorite owners too. Guys like Charles Haley and Irvin deserved second chance but Hardy did not deserve a second chance.

  6. This psycho needs to be put in a straight jacked and carted off to the nearest maximum security mental hospital ASAP!! This is exactly what the Cowgirls get when they sign thieves, woman beaters, arsonists and the list goes on and on.

  7. Chuga-Chuga….Choo-Choo……
    What a train Wreck!
    Hardy is a Head Case.
    His uniform should be Black and White stripes.
    Cowboys fans need to give Jerry Jones a message,
    Turn in your season tickets!

  8. With Jerrah’s warped mind, it will be DeMarcus Lawerence who gets cut, can’t have a player challenging one of the leaders of the team.

  9. Just exercising his leadership, what’s the big deal.
    I can’t be the only one that hears Waren Zevon’s Excitable Boy playing on the stereo of the mind before I even click on any article that mentions Hardy or Dez in the lead

  10. nflrule says:
    Nov 15, 2015 2:43 PM
    I’m sorry..has Lawrence made a play all year?
    I’m sorry, but why does that matter at all? I think you are missing the point by a mile or so.

    Greg Hardy = T-hug life forever!

  11. Thanks Jerrah!!
    Thanks for providing me 6.875 days per week of football fun. Three hours to watch my team, and the rest of the week to rubberneck the Dallas train wreck.

  12. the ONLY mistake that I’ve known Jerry Jones to admit was his handling of replacing Tom Landry. Otherwise, he won’t admit poor decisions.So, don’t look for Hardy to be cut, before season’s end, short of another arrest.

    It’s all “glory hole” to Jerry!

  13. Too bad it’s lost on Jerry Jones that his teammates do not perceive Hardy to be a leader…….

  14. Jeepers, Emmitt, they showed it during the game, they showed it after the game, this site reported it, ESPN reported it, SI reported it, and they just talked about it on the Packer telecast.

  15. As a cowboy fan who believes in second chances enough is enough cut him now. It’s to the point now it’s embarrassing and there comes a point you can not defend him anymore. Lots of players have got second chances and made the most of them him not so much

  16. How does anyone know that even happened? Did anyone see it? I didn’t. Remember when Dez blew up on the sidelines and had to be separated then they got audio and it wasn’t even close to being what was going on? Hardy is in the team, Jerry is not going to cut him so just start reporting real stories this stuff is getting old.

    People want him cut so bad they watch his every move. “Did u see how he put his gloves on!?, it looked forceful, Jerry should cut him!”

    Why was it Hardy was the one calling the police and Nicole Holder was the one running from the police?

    Why was it whe Nicole Holder was in the dance floor that night Hardy left and she came running after him?

    Why was it Nicole Holder stood in front of his car and wouldn’t let him leave and someone had to move her?

    Why did Nicole Holder GO TO HIS APARTMENT after he left and push her way in?

    Not one time did Hardy touch her, not on the dance floor, not when she was in front of his car and who knows what happened at his apartment, but SHE was running from police. He SHOULD HAVE called the police when she showed up not after the altercation that’s for sure! But none of you self righteous people have a clue what REALLY happened!

  17. And remember this all started by her cheating on Hardy when he was out of town with Nelly, so we know she is a good person and WOULD NOT lie AT ALL about what happened at the apartment with no witnesses

  18. It would be poetic justice if when, inevitably, Hardy is cut, that he becomes enraged and beats the heck out of Jerry Jones.

  19. Jerry Jones refuses to admit he made a mistake. Somehow he is going to let Hardy continue his demented rants and violence as if this somehow entertained fans. How he will regret this, let me count the ways.

  20. So at this point Greg Hardy could pull a family from a burning car
    and the headline would read
    ****Greg Hardy carjacks family of four****

  21. Jerry will just look the other way like he always does. His “leader” is just emotional because he wants to to win. The guy is “special”. This is another teaching moment…Jason Garrett will be sent in to have yet another chat with him later on. Between Hardy and Bryant,Garrett has had a very chatty week. He’ll show them how to handle things the right way. Again.

  22. How do you write an article about this and not mention they showed him on TV during the game going at it with the fans? Makes me sick seeing animals like him making millions.

  23. I laughed hard at people who said Lawrence would be cut. They traded a 2 & 3 to draft the guy last year and have constantly said he’s a key player in their present and future.

    The crazy thing is if this was the 49ers or any other team people wouldn’t care as much. To think the 49ers had two players arrested for domestic assault on their team last year and have Bowman playing with a pending sexual assault case.

    I don’t think Hardy is worth the trouble, but I hope he doesn’t cave to media pressure. The problem is Hardy is an idiot who doesn’t know what it means to have a second chance and play the game.

  24. @williambowen63

    Help me understand why Hardy didn’t do more to proclaim his innocence? Why did he issue an apology for what happened in the past and who was he apologizing to? Seems to me that if he’s innocent, he would still be proclaiming it…if he’s innocent like you say, there’s no need for him to issue an apology.

    Help me understand because I think there’s nothing worse than being falsely accused.

  25. He should be a wrestler for the WWE the way he likes portraying himself as the bad guy. Unfortunately for him this is the NFL and he just can’t seem to figure out how to behave like a professional athlete or a human being for that matter. If he hasn’t learned yet to keep his mouth shut and to stop acting out, I don’t think he’s ever going to get it. I have a feeling he’ll find himself in legal trouble again soon enough as he appears to be a ticking time bomb.

  26. Romo the Savior, will cure all of the dysfunctional Cowboys, when he returns against the Dolphins on Sunday, you will see Romo perform his miracles, on this team quest to go undefeated and win the NFC Least.
    How About Them Cowboys! ! NFC East Champion, you can take it to the bank! !

  27. We’re 2-7. Yes, only 2 back in the loss column but with 3 teams in front, making the playoffs is highly unlikely. Cut the worthless woman-beater and save a few hundred thousand. He’s a cancer in the locker-room.

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