Telesco not in trouble, yet


With the Chargers slumping on the field and in the process of sliding to L.A. off it, one of the biggest questions for the franchise moving forward will be whether current high-profile employees would make the move along with the players.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that G.M. Tom Telesco currently isn’t believed to be in danger of being relieved of his duties after the season. However, Acee provides no similar assurance for coach Mike McCoy.

If the Chargers continue on a path that has them at 2-7 through nine games, with the only wins coming against the 1-7 Lions and 2-7 Browns, the Chargers will feel compelled to do something to energize the franchise in advance of a move — especially if 2-7 becomes 3-13, 4-12, or 5-11.

Telesco apparently won’t be included among the changes. To remain over the long haul, however, Telesco may have to change his approach.

There could be a connection between Telesco’s affinity for small, fast players and the epidemic of injuries that has kept the Chargers from fulfilling expectations that had many viewing them as potential postseaon contenders. But cleaning house apparently won’t be the move that’s made come January — especially since a member of the Spanos family (John) has now grown into the role of running the football operation.

The General Manager, whoever it may be, needs to be willing to work with (and possibly at times defer to) Spanos. Telesco apparently is, which could give him an edge over other candidates for the job who would possibly be less inclined to work with (or for) a member of ownership who decided to become more directly involved in the family business than most.

Regardless, the prospect of sharing a stadium with the Raiders in L.A. will make it even more important for the Chargers to be competitive on the field, since they’ll be competing with their roommates for fans (and dollars) in their new home — if the Iger maneuver results in both teams getting the league’s blessing to relocate.

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  1. They’re intentionally tanking the season so it makes it easier to leave San Diego

  2. Ok if I had to choose I would get rid of the worst coaching staff in the league all day every day and twice on Sunday’s before canning Telesco. How am I supposed to know how good some of these players could be if their highest level of development is still the college level?

  3. Conjecture piled atop conjecture is still conjecture. In this case the foundation layer of the conjecture is the opinion of a member of the media militia.

    High-ranking employees of the team will measure their level of assurance from direct contact with their superiors, not from the opinions of beat writers such as Acee.

  4. The talent on the team is abysmal, compounded with the flawed philosophy of ignoring DL to go for skill player “stars”. PFF ranked 7 of the charger starters as among the worst at their position (out of around 50 league wide). These aren’t street FAs who don’t know the playbook, but players telesco entrusted playing big time snaps. The colts philosophy for building a team is flawed, telesco is set in his ways and needs to be shown the door. The defense ranks last overall, especially run defense. This isn’t just injury, but by telesco design/resource allocation. He’s wasting rivers’s final years and needs to go.

  5. In my mind, the blame falls first on the ownership (> 50%), then on a clearly underachieving coaching staff (~ 25%), and the rest on Telesco (< 25%). The problems with Telesco are: 1) that he picked McCoy, which doesn't make him look like he's a victim of the coach ineptitude, since he hand picked his own coach; 2) that his drafts have been so-so, and the Gordon's pick is looking increasingly worse at every game, not necessarily because Gordon does not have the talent to be an impact player, but because of the overall situation of the team, especially on the O-Line. Of course it doesn't help that Langford, picked in the 4th round, had a heck of a game on Monday Night, even though he also plays for a mediocre team. But John Fox's coaching staffs apparently own McCoy's, even if McCoy comes from the Fox's coaching tree…

  6. A recipe for disaster – one of the absolute worst franchises from owner, to gm, to head coach, to players as the franchise going to LA. Only idiots like the ones who run the NFL would let this happen. Of course, several owners are working against Kroenke and bringing the Rams back to LA. I don’t understand why the league would not want the best franchise in that city. Of course, it’s the same league that is trying to suspend its best player for a quarter of a season for something he may or may not have done. IDIOTS.

  7. I wouldn’t get rid of McCoy.

    He’s was 9-7 in back-to-back season, had a roster too affected by injuries, and does not have a roster that has enough players from top to bottom like other good teams and Telesco is not on the hot seat?

    If you have to fire anyone, it should be John Pagano. It’s not as if his brother is doing wonders either.

  8. 1. Chargers are NOT going to LA for more fans.
    2. MM is Norv 202
    3. TT might be in over his head as a GM
    4. Spanoses will never be successful as owners.
    5. I would love to see the Raiders in SD, and that would just burn the spanos’s butt knowing that SD is always a brides maid to the Raiders. If the Raiders and Rams cant make it in LA what makes the Spanos’s feel they can? and if SD isnt good enough for the spanos’s but good enough for the Raiders thats a slap in the face to the spanos’s.

    Yeah, the spanos’s are by DNA, creeps.

  9. If by “grown into the role” you mean he’s turned old enough to drink, you’d be correct. And that’d be the only way.

    The Spanos’ as a family have about as much football knowledge as raider fans do class.

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