Greg Hardy was late for work, missed meetings last week


If it wasn’t clear already, it should be perfectly so now.

There’s apparently nothing Greg Hardy could do to make the Cowboys punish him now.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the chronically visible for all the wrong reasons defensive end was late for work last Thursday, and missed most of the morning meetings that day as they prepared for the Buccaneers (or didn’t, as the case may be, as they lost 10-6).

There was no apparent sanction, or any suggestion they even care any more.

They were able to ignore the domestic violence charges from Charlotte that led to him being parked 15 games by the league. They shrugged off the graphic photos of the injuries to ex-girlfriend when they surfaced last week. They’ve patted him on the head and told him to play nice when he said foolish things about guns and women, and looked the other way when he had to be separated from not only one of his team’s assistant coaches, but another teammate on the sidelines yesterday.

They’ve done it all in the name of the pass-rush (and the leadership) he provides in the quest to win football games.

Oh, wait. They’re 0-5 with him on the field this year. Carry on.

123 responses to “Greg Hardy was late for work, missed meetings last week

  1. I didn’t realize as part of the requirements to speak with the media that they are required to disclose everything that happens behind closed doors.

    You aren’t entitled to know everything despite how happy it would make you to have ammo to continue writing 3 articles per day about Dallas

  2. I love the mess this franchise is in and the fans delusion that it is all because of Romo’s injury. This is a bad football team with bad ownership and a coach with no authority. It makes me happy.


    Last night jones looked like a stuttering senile old idiot,,still mumbling about winning the division..I guess Roger has too much of a man crush on chasing BRADY,,to deal with real issues like drug use, domestic violence, DUI,,etc etc

  4. Are you that shocked? Jerrah with an ego the size of Montana isn’t going to admit he was wrong. Hardy has him by the short and curlys and apparently isn’t smart enough to realize he should keep a low profile.

    It’s weird though. Ray Rice did all the right things after his incident and because of diminishing skills couldn’t get a sniff from anyone. Id guess that the Boys weren’t the only team to look into bringing Hardy in.

  5. Not providing anything like he should. Some pressure, but so does all the other lineman. Horrible pickup for his production. Too much to deal with for a team with other issues. Don’t need to babysit “Kraken”. Cut your losses now. This coming from long time Cowboys fan!

  6. He’s lacking in regards to character. The Cowboys, like many sports teams are slimy. Everyone knows this but this writer is surprised as are a few fans.

  7. I am all for 2nd chances, including this situation, but I think I’m just about over Hardy… Dallas will have a high enough draft pick to replace his production (and on a rookie contract) next spring, so I’m pretty sure this will be his only season with the Cowboys.

  8. What everybody is missing is that the coaches are a lot safer when he’s not present at the meetings. Just Hardy using his leadership to make it a better work environment.

  9. “America’s Team”..hmm, might want to pick a new team

    They haven’t been “America’s Team” for a long time. In fact, I don’t think they ever were.

  10. Jerry Jones:
    “Greg is one of our team leaders & we encourage his leadership as an individual.

    As one of our biggest defensive leaders, he was further leading the Cowboys defense last Thursday as he apparently had something very very important to contend with so he arrived late & blew off meetings. Greg has our support 125%.

    We have the NFL’s best systems to help troubled/misunderstood leaders on the football field & the Dallas Cowboys are all in with regards to having Greg Hardy remain a part of our football team.”

  11. Thank you for (finally!) not tagging a Hardy story so that it also appears on the Panthers news feed.

    Hardy has not been our problem for quite some time and is on the perfect team for him.

    On a side note, I am listening to First Take right now and Skip is claiming the cowboys can win out and still take the division. So I don’t expect any homer glasses to come off the cowboy fans anytime soon.

  12. You can’t play for the cowgirl if you a good person , you have to eather be a rapper or a women hitter to be able to play for Jerry jones ( the cowgirls )

  13. Lifelong cowboy fan here I believe in second chances and all but this guy is a complete waste no more chances seasons over drop this cancer right now trade Shawn Lee for a case of Gatorade in the off season and sit romo the rest of the year time to start thinking draft position now

  14. Not a cowboys fan, but everyone can see this guy has been and apparently will always be a problem. He lacks any remorse whatsoever and given his weekly antics, he is just a bad person altogether. No accountability.

    Jerry Jones is a horrible ‘GM’ and nothing will change that or he wouldn’t even have considered signing this guy. Jerry Jones has run his franchise into the ground, and it still bothers me when they call themselves ‘America’s Team” because they just aren’t.

    He signed this guy because he can ‘sack the QB.’ That in itself tells you what kind of guy Jones is. He makes himself look worse and worse continually endorsing this guy. When you have a struggling team, it is your job to get rid of all the distractions that you can to help your team. That is part of coaching. Then again, Jones isn’t a coach, and he doesn’t let his coaches do that.

    IMO hes getting what he deserves.

  15. Real simple.
    It starts at the top when referring to leadership.
    The Cowboys have no leadership in ownership,frontoffice nor the coaching staff.
    How the hell do you expect the players to perform professionally when NOONE from Jerry to Jason does a damn thing to anyone concerning discipline.
    This is the same team that resigned the DT who killed someone in a car and PAID him
    The Cowboys are the A Clowns of professional sports.

  16. Beats up a woman…still gets paid 13 mil by Carilina but complains they disrespected him. Gets signed by Dallas for 13 mil…proceeds to clash with team mates and coaches and miss meetings and no repercussions as a result. Is there any wonder why the youth of today act the way they do and feel entitled to everything?

  17. My opinion of Garrett has completely changed over the last two months. 6 of 7 games were winnable but they choked in the 4th quarter every time. They play with no heart, no one is scared of losing their job. No accountability on or off the field. Garrett seems to be nothing other than the head cheerleader. Can’t get the first down and have to punt? He just claps his hands. “Oh, we’ll get em next time guys, don’t be sad”. Drop a pass? Go to the sideline so he can pat you on the back. He would be better off putting on some white Daisy Dukes and grabbing some pom pom’s.

  18. Jerry: “Jason,after lunch,get in there and have another chat with Greg,will ya?”

    Jason Garrett: “Yes Sirrr, Mr. Jones! This is another teaching opportunity…and when I get back,I’ll finish cleaning your glasses.”

  19. 5 Games played

    4 sacks
    11 tackles
    5 assisted tackles

    projected: 9 sacks, 23 tackles, 12 assisted

    all that for all the headaches he brings????

    Please …he isn’t what you thought he was….

  20. With every passing day the Cowboys become more and more a textbook case of how not to run a pro sports franchise. All of the drama around this team used to be kind of amusing but now it just disgusts me. An abject and despicable lack of integrity and discipline at every level of the organization.

  21. What I find really bizarre is the weighing of pros and cons the Cowboys are using in terms of player acquisition in order to build their team.

    This is not Reggie White or Lawrence Taylor or Charles Haley in their prime. Sorry, Hardy ain’t nearly that good. So, measuring their column of reasons “why not to date this guy” versus their other column of “reason (just one) to date this guy,” why would they have him on their team? If he got 100 sacks, it wouldn’t be worth the PR hit and negative attention he brings, not to mention how foolish he makes the Cowboys look, but when he’s doing everything he’s doing (all negative) and he’s having zero impact on the outcome of games, why is he still there?

    By the way, Jason Garrett is the world’s highest paid babysitter. What a spineless chump that guy is.

  22. I actually hope he stays with the cowboys because he is making them look like clowns in a circus…Theres a reason why my team the eagles got rid of Desean Jackson….a good reason behind everything

  23. Everybody relax, he missed those meeting and was late to others because he’s been attending a Leadership Conference.

  24. Cowboys’ season is over — so no need to keep harping on the negative energy that continually emanates from them (i.e., Greg Hardy, Dez Bryant, instability of Tony Roamo [sic] etc.).

  25. While I can’t stand Greg Hardy and think he needs to be cut, the snark here is a bit annoying. We get it, you’re a former Panthers guy and are clearly angry that he robbed you guys after the team, not the league as you’ve pointed out, suspended him all of last year. You’ve mad that perfectly clear. Now just report on him without that slant. It’s not like it’s needed. No one even likes the guy as it is.

  26. Don’t worry everyone. Next weeks FOX game of the week will be the Cowboys and whoever they’re playing called by joe buck and Troy Aikman. We will here that blowhard Aikman tell us how great the Cowboys should be. So sick of the NFL and fox showing this garbage down our throats every week.

  27. Is it really necessary for the media to report on unsubstantiated rumors about player issues on a day-to-day basis?

    The last time it was reported that Greg Hardy missed a day of practice, it was later determined (later… as in later that same day) that Hardy was ill and was excused by the team doctor to stay home.

    The bottom line is that none of this matters. Nobody really cares if Hardy was late to a meeting. Nobody cares if he was barking at a teammate on the sideline (which happens multiple times, EVERY team, EVERY game). Nobody cares if he was in a rap video. Nobody cares that he says “guns blazin.” Nobody cares that he thinks Tom Brady’s wife is hot.

    And for those commenters here who love this coverage because they love to hate the Cowboys, I get that. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s trash journalism and should be abhorred in general.

  28. As long as the owner also wants to be the GM and part time coach, the team will go no where, look how far it got the Raiders with Davis.

  29. This offseason should be interesting.

    Does JJ finally relinquish his GM duties? – Never

    Does JJ fire Opie? – Nope, blames the injuries.

    Does JJ release Hardy? – Nope, locks him in for 3yrs.

    Who does JJ draft? – Another OL of course

    The America’s Team moniker ended long before this…it ended with the Landry & Staubach era when being successful coupled with class and integrity meant something!

  30. Maybe the Cowboys want to punish Hardy,
    but can’t find anyone brave enough to tell him. A job for Cosmo Kramer.

  31. The best part is going to come when they announce they signed him to an extension and guaranteed 30 million of his salary…..then watch the crazy in him come out, he’s on his best behavior now, this ain’t nothing….

  32. When will Cowpoke fans realize this team is a dumpster fire with Jer ruh at the helm. He continues to fleece Cowpoke fans and does stupid things like says’ Hardy is one of the leaders of this team”…Really?!

    Since Jimmy left they have been left to live in pig slop. They will not win as long as Jones is involved and Tony Slomo is at QB. Why does Garrett stay there year after year to get bent over by Jer ruh? He is like the ex-wife that keeps going back to her abusive husband.

  33. Now put your DeMarco Murray and DeMarcus Ware replica jerseys back in the closet until next year.

    Sorry… but I see a lot of people still rockin’ those Dallas jerseys in the area I live… Which happens to be a 1,487 mile drive to their stadium. nobody finds that silly?

    Gotta love it

  34. It is beyond comprehensible that the Jones’ are allowing a convict to run the ship. Yes he should be behind bars…he was convicted and just because he had money he was able to pay her off. For the rest of us Cowboy haters it is nice to see someone tear apart this team but for the real world, this guy should not be able to earn a living, he gave up that right the moment he laid hands on her.

    Go to Jail go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect any salary.

  35. lolo376 says:
    Nov 16, 2015 12:26 PM
    “As long as the owner also wants to be the GM and part time coach, the team will go no where, look how far it got the Raiders with Davis.”

    3 Super Bowls, 1 AFL Championship, 4 AFC Championships

    Let’s add perspective to your comment here. Al Davis was a coach first, a successful one at that!

    However, there comes a time when an old man needs to step aside (Al Davis circa 03-11) and JJ is no Al Davis, never was, or will be!

  36. Cowboys go 12-4 last year. Came real close to beating the Packers. Their star QB goes down and they start losing games.

    Somehow, you guys equate Hardy being a crappy human being to the Cowboys losing. It shows me a few things….you don’t pay attention to anything but your own team, and headlines about the Cowboys. You LOVE the Cowboys losing more than your own team winning, and the Cowboys very much ARE still Americas team.

    Where is the outrage for the Jets or Seattle or any other team that openly and willingly has players with domestic violence issues on them? What’s that? You don’t care because it isn’t the Cowboys and you’re STILL JEALOUS of the team winning three superbowls like 20 years ago?

  37. wow look at all the haters, lol. Every fan of most other teams are so bitter they have to stop n hate on the Cowboys. A lot of people will say Dallas is irrelevant, they don’t matter, but as soon as florio puts an article up, they run so fast to give a little hate. Look at all the thumbs up n downs. You go to teams articles that are winning n matter , it’s quiet n a few comments here n there. But a 2-7 team, you guys can’t get enough. All it shows, Dallas is Americas team n you haters will never get off their ……. Hahaha

  38. If I were Jason Witten, a perennial All Pro, future HOF and true good guy, who’s old man beat him, his brothers and his mother until leaving them broken, I would do two things. 1. walk into GM Jones office and demand a trade immediately, and 2. Walk into the locker room and tell Greg Hardy he wants to show him something outside in the parking lot, and then beat the living ish out of him and leave him in a heap where his teammates will find him.

  39. “By the way, Jason Garrett is the world’s highest paid babysitter. What a spineless chump that guy is.”

    Let me ask you something. If you were offered the chance to be a “highly paid baby sitter” with a salary in the millions are you really claiming you wouldn’t take the job ?

    Of course you would because when people are paid that kind of money they usually put up with whatever the negatives of the job are to keep those huge checks rolling in as long as possible.

  40. If that’s Jerry’s definition of a leader then it shouldn’t be surprised the Cryboys are a trainwreck.

  41. I’ve been a Cowboy’s fan for 40 years now, but I haven’t pulled for Dallas since they signed Hardy. And I won’t be a Dallas fan again so long as this piece of excretement is wearing the star. Jerry Jones….the harder he tries to prove he’s a “football guy”, the deeper into the slime the Cowboys fall. I’ve never seen the Dallas locker room as out of control as it is now and the blame lands squarely on the feet of Jones. Football guy? Yeah, I think that’s been disproven.

  42. Let’s not forget the Cowboys also gave Adam “Pacman” Jones a 2nd chance. Jerry Jones doesn’t care about off the field stuff

  43. I get so tickled at all the people that are surprised at the situation of the one time great cowboys. Jerrah is laughing all the way to the bank with you clown’s money LOL. He could care less about what you think as long as you keep buying is tickets and trinkets.

  44. Lehman Bros was run better then the Dallas Cowboys.

    Now those are the actions of a leader Jerrah!

    Hopefully the rest of the Cowboys players prove you right and start following his example of being a leader, as you sanctioned.

    Leadership starts at the top, and the Cowboys simply don’t have it.

  45. Only a soulless corporation would would put winning and profits ahead of ethics and moral standards. I think this perfectly describes today’s Dallas Cowboys.

    “Corporate America’s Team”.

  46. “You aren’t entitled to know everything despite how happy it would make you to have ammo to continue writing 3 articles per day about Dallas”
    If they want to call themselves “America’s Team”, they’re going to be under the microscope. Besides, EVERYONE knows that JJ thrives on the pub, good or bad. I, for one, love reading about this dumpster fire. I thought for a minute earlier in the season that the York/Baalke tandem might surpass JJ as the most dysfunctional owner/GM’s in the game, but nope! JJ isn’t having any of that.

  47. His passion and leadership qualities are only outdone by his exemplary behavior. I hope the example he sets for all the other players on the team is not lost.

    Jerry deserves a team full of such characters.

  48. How not to be successful: build a state of the art stadium filled with beautiful artwork chosen by your wife…then put a team on the field mixed with some decent guys and assorted losers. Let the biggest yes-man you could possibly find be the head coach. Result: The Dallas Cowboys.

  49. I just don’t understand how Greg hardy is still on an NFL team. I get the whole “Talent” argument, but he is a piece of CXXX. late or misses meetings. altercations with teammates. Who wants “That” on their team. No one but Jerry Jones.

  50. This is the guy the Dallas owner thinks is a “true leader”

    Basically he hates Brady and loves Hardy – and it’s not just the owners – it’s the fans too

    That tells you all you need to know about the Cowboys

  51. I don’t care if the team is 0-5 with Hardy on the field. He shouldn’t even be allowed in this league. Team record should have absolutely nothing to do with it, good or bad.

  52. So, if somebody else is late or misses a meeting, do they get punished? Every free agent is going to want to go Dallas. They can do whatever they want and not ever get reprimanded. Score!

  53. all you people hatin on the’s so funny you make of them and say they’re not America’s team, they are garbage, they are a dumpster fire they are a joke, they are poorly ran, Jerry is incompetent, well I have 2 questions to ask,what is the richest NFL franchise, actually,what is the richest franchise in the world? and what team is on TV every single week

  54. mrbiz8505 says:
    Nov 16, 2015 11:42 AM

    He proly saw some hot ladies on his way in….and decided to hit on them

    Hit ON them , or just hit them?

  55. Cowboys are 2-7 and these jealous a-holes posting comments are still talking about “America’s Team”. Post about your own team! Losers!

  56. Uh oh. Somebody check on Jerry. He is displaying all the signs of an abused spouse. Hardy must have got his paws on him. You know he wants to put Hardy in check, but he has battered-Jerry syndrome.

  57. Williambowen63:

    Response to your 4:24.

    1) Probably the cowboys.
    2) ALL the teams are on TV somewhere every week.

    2 questions of my own.

    1) So what?

    2) When’s the last time they got to a Super Bowl?

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