J.J. Watt to critics: “How you all doin’?”


The Texans stunned the previously 8-0 Bengals on Monday, in a game that few believed the Texans could win.

But win they did, and after the game Houston defensive end J.J. Watt gave his slowly-percolating throng of critics more ammunition for making him into a heel in all cities except Houston.

“Just talkin’ to my teammates about how everybody told us we couldn’t do this,” Watt told ESPN’s Lisa Salters after the game. “Everybody said there ain’t no — you’re 3-5, there’s no way you’re gonna go in their building and win. Well, how you all doin’?”

Watt then trotted out some rehearsed material that possibly went over better when he practiced it in the mirror.

“Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB Gun,” Watt said, in reference to Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

Watt needs to perhaps tread lightly, given that the Texans very well could face the Bengals again, in the postseason.

Then again, it may not matter. The Texans are now 6-1 in their last seven games against the Bengals, with half of those wins coming in Cincinnati.

88 responses to “J.J. Watt to critics: “How you all doin’?”

  1. Rehearsed or otherwise they made Dalton look like he shot his eye out. This is the best game they played all season. J.J. can talk all the smack he wants because they beat the odds tonight. I for one am okay with eating some crow, the critics, well that’s another story.

  2. I love it. Keep it up watt, it’s great to see one of the most gifted athletes ever in the nfl play well and win.

    Maybe as a seahawks fan I’m just used to liking the big egos.

  3. As a Cardinals fan, I have to believe the Bengals were looking past the Texans. Cards are gonna have a tougher fight.

  4. Bunglemania strikes again!

    This snoozefest (described by Tirico as “wild game” — ESPN should assign him to log rolling or mud wrestling –) proves once again that the Bengals should not be taken seriously until such time as they win a playoff game.

    The only thing it proves about the Texans is that when you traffic strictly in backup QBs, they’re pretty much interchangeable. Some bright member of the Houston media militia is sure to demand that O’Brien name his QB for the next game immediately. Maybe Watt will get lucky and it will be him.

  5. Perfect response from Mr. Football JJ Watt. Of course the media leaves out the part where JJ calls Dalton a “great player.”

  6. Not a huge Watt fan but Dalton is overrated, so glad to see him stink (again) in primetime pressure and get called out for it by JJ.

  7. Iam convinced that all these different days and start times has lead to the parity of the league ! Back in the day good teams built up to 1 or 4 o’clock start and came out firing on all cylinders now a teams body clock is vulnerable to these junk loses which the NFL loves

  8. Looks like I’m not the only one that sees little Scotty Farkus at QB in Cincy.

    What a joke, needed 8 pts from AJ but the bully got beat and couldn’t deliver.

    Can’t wait to watch the Bengirls lose in January.

  9. Why is everyone so upset about him speaking his mind. What is wrong with our goal was to make him look like…? What is he supposed to say we are just so lucky we won because we were in awe of the Bengals and what they have accomplished this year? You people are way to sensitive.
    Bengals and Andy Dalton choked in another big game.

  10. Love it. Good natured ribbing by a WWE wannabe. It couldn’t be a better interview. BUT, to top that, Dalton took an issue with it. Somebody needs to tell Andy that that red hair make crying look worse.

  11. 4-5 team in a crappy division. What’s next, printing a banner? Adding “We beat the Bengals” patches to their letterman jackets?

  12. Watt’s shtick is getting old, everything seems so forced when he’s got the cameras on him. I cringed a dozen times watching those post game interviews.

  13. I like it. Don’t mind a big mouth if the person can back it up. We’re too sensitive these days.

  14. This post spins it as if he didn’t give credit to how good the Bengals have been. He immediately gave respect to what they’ve accomplished thus far, as well as specifically to his fill in QB, and what their offense was able to accomplish.

  15. You’re still 4-5 and beat a team that can’t beat anyone other than the Browns in prime time. Your QBs are TJ Yates and Brian Hoyer. You have no running game. You lost to 87 year old Matt Hasselbeck and got pounded by the Dolphins. This team is still firmly on their way to 7-9.

  16. Watt is a man who sees this as a confidence builder for his team. Beating a strong team like Cincinnati makes you 4-5 which can lead to 5-5 which can lead to 6-5 which can lead to 7-5 which can lead to 9-7 and losing in the wild card round before falling back to 5-11 next year.

  17. Here’s the difference. JJ might say something stupid, but he backs it up every time. He is by far the hardest working player in the league. Motor is always running.

  18. If the Texans could win as often as JJ appears in commercials on Sunday they’d really be something!

  19. I can’t believe anyone has anything negative to say about someone talking the slightest bit of smack after beating an 8-0 team, in their house, and even keeping them without a TD. It wasn’t a beatdown, but still, a HUGE accomplishment and he has every right to feel real good about it

    I’m a Pat’s fan and I have no “JJ Watt fatigue” at all. I sincerely hope if the Pats are still undefeated when they go down there, that they don’t suffer the same fate.

    Any given Sunday… (or Monday, or even Thursday)

  20. There’s the real Andy! I was wondering when he would show up and show up he dud, under the bright lights. Well done, Ralphie. Now be sure to drink your ovaltine!

  21. “Watt then trotted out some rehearsed material that possibly went over better when he practiced it in the mirror.”

    That’s cuz he’s calling all you media “experts” out! ha! He may be a blow hard and his team still sucks but you media types should also eat it!

  22. Also, how about taking some “risk” picks. That’s all. Maybe study up on the teams and games and pick some underdogs to win games.

  23. Why is it that some great players can talk noise and others get crushed for it? Quit drinking the Hatorade people.

  24. Calm down JJ, you’ve been a non factor this year. Worry about winning games and playing consistent high caliber defense before running your mouth. You’ve become a cartoon.

  25. They won’t be playing the Bengals in Cincinnsti in the playoffs because the Bwngals are going to be the # 5 seed. Steelers cannot be stopped.

  26. Mhmm well that’s what I’d expect from a passionate leader of the Texans defense! How sweet it is he wasn’t being arrogant just speaking how he feels. Weren’t the Texans a 12 point under dog? That’s hilarious he literally made the “red rifle” seem like a mere BB gun. Kind of funny in my opinion… Don’t hate and never underestimate a team led by the one and only JJ Watt!

  27. Watt, you’re 4-5 in the worst division in the NFL. The Bengals are 8-1 and not in the worst division in the NFL.

    But keep yappin’……

  28. I like jj watt and all, but him.and the texans have never won a game at lucas oil. Not even to dan orlovsky. So, good, you won a big game, but you are 4-5, and have a chance to make the dance only because murphys law showed up in indiana. You will be chopping wood in december buddy.

  29. NRG Stadium’s Wonky Grass says:
    Nov 16, 2015 11:53 PM

    Sometimes I wish Watt would simmer down. He’s an excellent football player, maybe the best defensive player in the NFL, but everyone is beginning to suffer from JJ Watt fatigue.

    The same can be said of Cam Newton and his classless dancing but I bet I’ll get a few dozen thumbs down, probably one from you.

  30. This was supposed to be the week all the undefeated teams went down. The Panthers had never beaten the Titans (and the game was in TN) and the Giants always give the Patriots a hard time. Ditto for Houston against Cincy.

  31. Won’t matter who plays the Bungles in the playoffs. Dalton again shows that in a nationally televised game he disappears. Doubt the networks will go regional for a playoff game.

  32. Oh, how clever, JJ. Took you all week to come up with that one. Maybe if you’d focused more on your play, you’d have had more than 2 tackles.

  33. I dunno, JJ. Ho you all doin’? Trash talk sounds really stupid at 4-5.

    Remember that time you finger-wagged Steven Ridley when you stopped him at the line. Of course, that was in the 4th quarter and you were down by 3 touchdowns, but hey, you totally stopped him that one time.

  34. Other Texans accomplishments this season include having a losing record and getting throttled by the lowly Dolphins. So there, critics. How y’all doin’?

  35. Well hey Bengals fans, you should be proud. If some team with a losing record upsets you during the middle of the regular season and treats it like they won the championship, this is actually a compliment to you.

  36. In watching the game it seemed that all Watt had to do was be in the vicinity and be “generally aware” that a tackle had taken place for Mike Tirico to announce him as the tackler.

    I was getting Ray Lewis flashbacks.

  37. JJ, you aren’t in Wisconsin anymore. You’re in Houston. It’s not you all, it’s Y’ALL.

    Get it right! 🙂

  38. Dalton overreacted to the comment. This is what you get when you stick a microphone in a dude’s face right after the last snap of an intense contest. Not sure why people ever really take those comments seriously. IT IS entertaining, for sure, and I love it but I don’t lend much credence to what actually comes out of their mouth.

  39. Is it Watt’s goal to go from the most popular player in the NFL to the least in a single season?

    Between this nonsense and his self aggrandizing act on Hard Knocks, that certainly appears to be what he is trying to do.

    Maybe if Watt was having half the season he had last year, people wouldn’t have considered the Texans such underdogs last night.

  40. Watt made this one comment, and then went on to praise Dalton and the Bengals up and down for the entirety of the interview. No media outlet will tell you any of that, however. They will just run with this one quote. Where’s the integtity in that? Who should really be taking the heat here?

  41. Ryan “Thee Amish Rifle” Fitzpatrick is licking his beard for revenge in Houston this coming Sunday. Y’all gonna have a problem Houston.

  42. This guy called out Zach Mettenberger last year saying this isn’t high school… But Watt is showing us constantly that he has the brain and attitude of a high schooler. Grow up

  43. Lol…JJ Watt has won nothing but he sure talks like he’s won multiple Super Bowls.

    He’s a good player, not great, if he were great, the Texans D would be a lot better then it is.

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