Rams bench Nick Foles, will start Case Keenum


The Nick Foles era is over in St. Louis. (There was one?)

Rams coach Jeff Fisher announced this afternoon that he is benching Foles. Case Keenum is the Rams’ new starting quarterback.

Fisher said he’s hoping that Keenum will provide an “offensive spark” for the team, which is reeling from back-to-back losses in which its offense failed to do much of anything.

Foles, who was acquired from Philadelphia in a trade that sent Sam Bradford to the Eagles, has completed 56.6 percent of his passes this season, with seven touchdowns and six interceptions. His 75.9 passer rating is the third-worst among starting quarterbacks, ahead of only Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

Keenum has started 10 games in his NFL career, all for the Texans. He has a 55.2 percent career completion percentage, with 11 touchdowns, eight interceptions and a passer rating of 76.8. In other words, his career stats look a lot like Foles has looked in St. Louis. But Fisher thinks Keenum can give his team a spark.

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  1. This is definitely on the “Bench Hoyer for Mallett” end of the wisdom spectrum.

    I.e., stupid. Really dumb move here. Looks like a CYA move for Fisher, but it will came back to haunt him.

  2. I have waiting for this for the last month. You could say the Oline hasn’t been up to par and that the WR’s can’t get open or they drop passes which all of that has some merit but at the end of the day Foles is terrified at any hint of a passrush and TERRIBLY overthrows or underthrows the receivers. Keenum has hardly had a stellar career but believe me…he can hardly do worse at this point than what we have seen from Foles.

  3. His 75.9 passer rating is the third-worst among starting quarterbacks, ahead of only Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

    I did not expect to see that sentence this year.

  4. Fisher was hoping to get his 7th winning season in his 21st year as head coach. Probably will have to settle for 6 winning seasons out of 21. I hate the Rooney Rule, but this is why they have it.

  5. Amazing how good Jay Cutler can actually look with an actual coach. Also how much better he looks compared to what else is out there. Glad the Bears kept Jay. Certainly a top ten qb this season

  6. For those of you who haven’t watched the Rams games, this was totally the right call. Foles was horrible for most of the year. He only passed for more than 200 yards in 2 of his 9 starts. He was woefully inaccurate missing open receivers. He had a great opener against Seattle and a nice game against the Cardinals, but he got worse as the season wore on. I think his starting days in the league are behind him. 2013 was an aberration.

  7. Hmm… then one would suppose that Foles’ 2013 TD:INT ratio of 13.6:2 (27 TDs: 2 INTs with Philadelphia) just happened by accident. Who’s worse: HC Fisher or “former” HC Whisenhunt? lol

  8. Although I was appalled at the cheap shots the Rams took last week against my Vikings, I still respect their young core they are developing.

    The answer may be Mark Sanchez. I would have traded Bradford for Sanchez rather than Foles. If you don’t believe me just go back and look at the tape from last year, Sanchez picks fools apart at times. He just needs a better system.

    Or, welcome to the QB carousel, buckle up and enjoy the next 10-15 years.

  9. Elevating Keenum was an easy decision. Said Fisher “I love how committed Keenum is to committing personal fouls.” Foles has committed zero! That is not Rams football.”

  10. .
    When you’re the media’s favorite coach, you can easily escape scrutiny. Someday, someone will question why Fisher, who had a multitude of high draft choices, failed to draft even one quality QB.

    Has anyone told Fisher that the NFL is a QB league?

  11. Case Keenum!
    I loved him when he did the American Top 40 every week.

    I thought he died though. Even if he didn’t, I would think he was a bit old and short to play qb.

  12. Bold move, Casey Kasem had a knack for managing the top 40 but I’m not sure he’s an NFL starter at this point.

  13. In the Jeff Fisher era, this team seems to always play up (beating Seattle), and down (losing to the Bears) to their competition and have never been consistent. Consistency in winning and in team performance/execution is something all NFL teams strive for and the Rams have been the furthest from it. The only thing that is consistent about the Rams is that you can always pencil the Rams in for 7-9 or 8-8 every year. They are in NFL purgatory, not bad enough to get a top 5-10 pick, and not good enough to make the playoffs. Honestly think its time for the Rams to cut ties with Fisher and find a new voice.

    This from a Cardinals fan

  14. For all of you saying they will draft a QB next year you must forget they drafted Sean Mannion this year and if my worst fears come true we might be seeing him before the season is over.

  15. Fisher sure loved the deal at the time but, as expected, what is it now, 3 years, maybe 4 into his deal with the Rams and below .500, yes, another Jeff Fisher year. How this guy gets good paying head coaching jobs is insane.

  16. Can’t say I blame him, the one game I saw with Foles he was just bad enough to keep them from winning, missing wide open guys on critical downs…..can’t blame him for trying to find a replacement for the brittle Bradford and smart enough to know what’s hurting a team with good WR, excellent running game and a top 10 defense…..Foles…..

  17. birdgang84 says:
    Nov 16, 2015 6:45 PM

    They are in NFL purgatory, not bad enough to get a top 5-10 pick, and not good enough to make the playoffs.
    This concept is true in the NBA, not the NFL. early draft picks don;t guarantee you anything. Late picks can help win Super Bowls.

    The single most important thing in the NFL is coaching, and there are only a few really good ones: Arians, Belichick, sometimes Coughlin. Fischer ranks about 20th in the league just ahead of a guy like Tomlin.

  18. Foles: Good QB when he has a solid OL in front of him, horrible when he doesn’t.

    Hopefully Keenum fares better. All the Rams have left of their starting line are a LT who should be playing guard and a journeyman center.

  19. If you’d hear that Nick Foles was ahead in passer rating over Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning, you’d assume Foles was amazing…

  20. So if someone had told you 2 years ago Foles would be rated ahead of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck…

  21. When the Rams traded for Nick Foles, I am sure that Jeff Fisher never imagined that by mid-season Foles would be right there with Payton Manning and Andrew Luck.

  22. Mike Zimmer and the Vikings RUINED the Rams this year!

    Before Rams fans get mad they should realize we did them a favor. Jeff Fisher is a bum. You aren’t going to win anything until you fire him and that Just for Men reject Gregg Williams.

  23. This should be fun! Keenum will throw and scramble and hit receivers in stride. The Rams might start getting W’s if the offense can start moving. The right move by Fisher.

  24. Jeff Fisher Lifetime failure as a HC. Throw in Greg Wiliams? Failure. Name any other team in the history of the NFL that was GIFTED with the RG 3 trade on draft day that failed so miserably. Yep, that’s Jeff failure Fisher folks. LA is too big for cumquats like Fisher and his minions

  25. To beer man
    Nick Foles could not shine the shoes of any QB you mentioned. LOL. Keep believing what Bernie spews, please, the rest of the league loves it. St Louis is a dead, dirty, garbage, home for derelicts town. Nice cat fish sandwiches but it ends there. Hit lace fire garbage explains St Luois and it’s surrounding area

  26. Foles stinks. That’s why the Eagles were willing to trade him for a walking accident waiting to happen.

  27. While I am not a Nick Foles fan, didn’t he already achieve these NFL career highlights?

    Career highlights and awards –
    Pro Bowl (2013)
    Pro Bowl Offensive MVP (2013)
    NFL Passer rating leader (2013)
    Ranked #70 in the Top 100 Players of 2014
    2× NFC Offensive Player of the Week
    (Week 6, 2013; Week 9, 2013)
    2× FedEx Air Player of the Week (Week 6, 2013, Week 9, 2013)
    NFC Player of the Month (November 2013)
    60th Perfect Game in NFL History
    (November 3, 2013 vs. Oakland Raiders)

    NFL Records-
    7 touchdown passes, single-game (Tied)
    27:2 TD-INT ratio, regular season
    152.8 passer rating in a calendar month (November 2013)

    Since he has been with the Rams, Foles has done little to nothing. Now with the solid track record he has achieved, his lack of production with the Rams is all Jeff Fisher’s fault.

    Jeff Fisher is a dirty and crummy .500 coach, but the rest of the NFL wants crummy coaches to stay around because someone has to lose and it might as well continue to be guys like Fisher.

  28. kevpft says:
    Nov 16, 2015 6:21 PM
    This is definitely on the “Bench Hoyer for Mallett” end of the wisdom spectrum.

    I.e., stupid. Really dumb move here. Looks like a CYA move for Fisher, but it will came back to haunt him.

    Interesting analogy as the Texans cut him twice, once when they brought in Mallett, then they got him back from the Rams when Fitzpatrick, Mallett and Savage went down, then cut him when they brought in Hoyer.

    He was a run and shoot guy in college, and looked good when Foster and Johnson were healthy at the same time-which was rare. If the play calling is good, with Gurley, Austin, Britt and Welker, they should get 24 pts.

  29. raiderapologist says:
    Nov 16, 2015 7:56 PM
    13 first or second round picks in the past 5 years, and no QBs selected.

    True, but they at least tried with Bradford.

    Heck, the Cardinals had a 41 year stretch where they only drafted 4 QB’s in the first round. 2 of them -Joe Namath and Kelly Stouffer didn’t sign, the other two were busts in Steve Pisarkiewicz and Matt Leinart.

  30. That 27 Tds 2int season Foles had,was the WORST thing that could have happened to him. The kid was miscast as a starter from the very beginning. Great kid,but he’s a backup at best,not a Franchise QB

  31. Chip Kelly: Boy, we really got screwed on that trade.
    Jeff Fisher: Boy, we really got screwed on that trade.

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