Texans knock Bengals from unbeaten ranks with 10-6 win in Cincinnati

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Quintin Demps punched the ball free from the grasp of A.J. Green and Kevin Johnson recovered to hand the Cincinnati Bengals their first loss of the season in a 10-6 win over the Houston Texans on Monday night.

The victory moves Houston into a tie for first place in the AFC South.

The Bengals were attempting to mount a go-ahead scoring drive when the Texans defense came through. After a sack by J.J. Watt put the Bengals in a 3rd-and-18 scenario, Dalton hit A.J. Green for 26 yards for a critical first down. Cincinnati moved to the Houston 33-yard line before facing a 4th-and-6. Dalton hit Green for a 10-yard gain but the ball was punched free and recovered by Johnson to seal the game for Houston.

The only touchdown of the night came after T.J. Yates relieved Brian Hoyer at quarterback.

Yates replaced Hoyer late in the third quarter after Hoyer left the game due to a concussion.

Yates completed just 5-of-11 passes for 69 yards the rest of the way, but the touchdown to Hopkins was the biggest play of the night.

Tyler Eifert had several key drops for the Bengals and Dalton managed to throw for just 197 yards and an interception on the night.

88 responses to “Texans knock Bengals from unbeaten ranks with 10-6 win in Cincinnati

  1. Hey, at least the “red rifle” broke a 60 QB rating, that’s usually a lot better than he usually does in prime time.

    The bungles will make the playoffs again. The bungles will be one and done again. Rinse, wash, dry, repeat.

  2. Lol! I’m a Lions a fan and I think the Bungels are pathetic! On another note JJ Watt loves him some JJ Watt. His head is getting bigger by the minute as he’s talking on ESPN

  3. Good game Texans. You’ve got the bengals number. Sloppy game from cincy. Alignment penalties brought back nice gains, too many pre snap penalties, and Tyler Eifert couldn’t catch the ball. Bad night. On to Arizona.

  4. This’ll be all about the Bengals losing but the Texans D looked really good and may be clicking. They’re starting to tackle. Special teams were A+

  5. This team looked nothing like the group that came back to beat Seattle. of course, it is hard to win when your receivers can’t catch a pass. Still, props to Houston’s defense.

  6. I’m the biggest Texans honk there is, and even I am surprised they were able to keep the Bengals to 6 points. I figured the game would be relatively low-scoring. Maybe 19-16 or 17-14 or something like that.

    This is two consecutive excellent games for the Houston defense. Maybe they can win a few more and steal the division at 8-8 or something like that.

    Doesn’t exactly solve our quarterback issue, but a fun couple of weeks to be a Texans fan.

  7. Ah yes!! these are the BUNGLES that we all have come to know and luv. The only difference these are the type of games they save for the PLAYOFFS.

    You can’t be losing to the Texans …. really !!! Especially when they could only put up 10 points.This is where they should be brought up on the charge of FRAUD when you hear some whisper contender.

  8. The Cincinnati Bengals had a chance to show the football world on prime time how good they were and they lost. Is anyone really surprised? The Texans defense totally dominated the game. They were awesome.

    There was a guy on here last week saying Tyler Eifert was in Gronks league. I really don’t think so not even close.

  9. Sad for the Bengals. They just didn’t have it tonight. They will rebound and come back stronger.

    I am happy for Texan fans. Even if their owner is a tool, the fans are always classy and they deserve some good fortune.

  10. It is not easy to win in the NFL on any given Sunday never mind win 9 straight.

    It looks like the injury decimated Patriots are the only unbeaten team in the AFC.

  11. Dalton missed passes and obviously there were drops, but the Texans D deserves a lot of credit for shutting them down. Given Indy’s QB situation and the Texans’ improved defensive play I wouldn’t be shocked to the Houston take that joke of a division.

  12. What about all those articles we were reading last week about how Tyler Eifert was very close to Rob Gronkowski… are we all still of the same opinion???

  13. In the last 5 games the Texans and Bengals have played each other, Houston’s won 4 of them. The only time Cincy won was when TJ Yates wasn’t on the roster last year. Lolwut.

  14. In the words of the great DrRustbelt, the Texans DESTROYED the Bengals.

    I didn’t give Houston a chance tonight and the Bengals let me down.

  15. As a bengals fan I don’t mind a wake up win. I never expected an undefeated season and this Texans D has been great. Kudos to Houston for bringing their A game.

    Should be a great game in AZ next weekend, and even 8-2 wouldn’t be the end of the world.

  16. funshipm174 says:
    Nov 16, 2015 11:46 PM

    Patriots house of cards comes tumbling down this week against Bills.
    Can you post all of you previous predictions from this season and earlier years? Because I’m getting the sense that you have been predicting the Bills ascension or the Patriots demise for 15 years now, and have wrong every single time.

  17. 6jaws9 says:
    Nov 16, 2015 11:37 PM
    AFC South haters…. Get some! And you’ll be watching Titans vs Jags Thursday night. Ha!


    Nothing to hate. Worst division in the league. And I’ll be looking at updates periodically on NFL mobile while doing more important things.

  18. Marvin Lewis needs just 18 more wins to break the record for most wins by a coach without a single playoff victory. GOOOOOOO Marvin!

  19. Why are you folks trying to blame this loss on Andy Dalton alone? Yes, Dalton made some bad throws but all the drops didn’t help either. Cindy’s defense didn’t play that well either. Don’t lose faith Bengals fans, it was better to get a bad game out of the way during the regular season, instead of the playoffs. Several years ago (2012?), when Denver was ROLLING towards the post season, I told my Broncos fan buddy, that they were due for a bad game and they needed to stub their toes sooner rather than later. He scoffed at me and said, “We’re on a roll, there’s no stopping us!” After playing terribly and losing their first playoff game, my buddy agreed with me.

  20. Jim699….beating the Steelers at Heinz Field is not a quality win??? What planet are you on?? That being said though, this loss will either serve as a needful wake-up call, or the beginning of a bottomless spiral.

  21. Stay classy steelers fans.
    Not talking smack here. But it does boggle the mind how this seems to always happen in primetime.

  22. For all of those AFC South haters, I give you…… the NFC East.

    Giants 5-5
    Eagles 4-5
    Skins 4-5
    Cowgirls 2-7

  23. Seriously ???? The Texans won??? The ONE MNF game i don’t watch because it just has to be a LOCK as the Texans typically couldn’t muster up enough offense to open a “Lipton’s Teabag Wrapper” and they BEAT the undefeated Bengals ??? Holy Shyte, shame on me !!! Ahhhh-Haaaa !!! back to the old Bungles………………….lol

  24. remembertheagenda says:
    Nov 16, 2015 11:49 PM
    AFC South = Colts and… Ummm…
    AFC South = Dumpster Fire
    Texans and Colts tied
    same record
    Same Point differential.
    Both beat Titans and Jags
    Colts beat Texans
    Texans beat Bucs
    Bucs 4-5, Texans 4-5
    Colts beat Donkeys
    Texans beat Bungles
    Two teams seem equally bad.

  25. Went to my first game in eight years disappointed that they lost but I’m not really all too worried.

    First off, defense played very good. TJ Yates our kryptonite that started the downward spiral of playoff losses rose from the dead and pitched the game winning td to Hopkins (who is a boss by the way). Dalton played poorly, old Dalton of primetime yes. He was just off tonight. Playcalling though was also very questionable not enough downfield shots were taken and no Eifert over the middle matchups on linebackers. Also can’t blame it all on Dalton, AJ basically screwed us on the last drive. As much blame as Dalton has taken over the years AJ also should take some blame because he tends to perform poorly as well in prime time.

    I’m not sweating though, still 8-1 and up a game on Denver and only one behind New England to. Still the number 2 seed. If you would have told me they would be this good going into the year with the third toughest schedule in the league I’d probably say you were crazy. Can’t put too much into one loss, I know it’s another primetime loss but they just stomped Cleveland in a similar game. Going into next week is a tough matchup against a top NFC team at Arizona. Would not be surprised at all if they dropped that one, I thought going into the second half of the year it is the toughest game on the schedule. All in all I’d rather them lose a little early on, this team is young and the pressue of being undefeated might have caught up with them eventually. I mean not everyone can be New England and be a god like Tom Brady, I’ll definitely take where the Bengals stand at now. Who Dey

    BTW there are a lot of drunk idiots at NFL games. Hats off Texans played a great game. Haters saying the old Bengals are back, one loss doesn’t make up for the eight good wins. This isn’t a one week league.

  26. Patriots house of cards comes tumbling down this week against Bills.

    C’mon, man, you almost made me spit my bourbon on my computer monitor. You shouldn’t spout such hilarious nonsense when a man’s enjoying his evening libation!

  27. So, another vanquished competitor looks up at the Patriots and refers to the best organization in the NFL over the last 15 years as a “House of Cards”. The only thing fragile and volatile that I see is the crushed egos and aspirations of all of the teams that just couldn’t compete at the patriots level, especially the other three teams in the AFC East.

  28. The Bengals win on Thursday night in primetime-The primetime curse is over!

    Bengals lose on Monday night-They cant win in primetime!

    RELAX. Texans always have Bengals number and they were playing for a share of their division lead, so them winning isn’t as big a surprise as most think. That said, the Bengals better figure out how to get Jeremy Hill going in the 2nd half of the season and run the ball better to keep teams from dropping back daring them to run….

    PS: Don’t overlook the fact the bengals defense hasn’t given up more than 10 points in 3 straight games…gonna be a huge test sunday night! #whodey

  29. The Bengals laid an egg, all teams do it…

    I wouldn’t write them off.

    The Pats got blown out by KC last year on a nationally televised game and everyone said Brady was washed up etc. But they won the Superbowl.

  30. That’s the madden curse. You play in an online league. You’ll be 10-0 and play a team 2-8 and it will be the hardest game ever.

  31. Took about 24 hours, but it was worth it. After the Patriots squeeze one out against the Giants (who don’t actually suck btw), the Bungals fans thought it was evidence of their superiority this season. Then came Monday night football. Hahahahahaha

  32. Wait, 5-of-11 passing? That completion percentage is TOO LOW! THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least that’s what y’all would be saying if this was the Panthers and Cam Newton had completed 5-of-11 and won.

  33. 10-6? I’d be curious to know how many people other than Texans and Bengals fans actually stayed up for that whole thing.

  34. Were 1-1 in prime time this year, we did win last week. We’ll be alright.

    Double lol at steelers fans. Houston might be dey, but you sure as heck aren’t.

  35. By the way the trolls are grunting, you’d never know that their teams have had bad games this year.

    Maybe the Texans can talk the league into giving them two weeks between every game.

  36. Jim699….beating the Steelers at Heinz Field is not a quality win??? What planet are you on?? That being said though, this loss will either serve as a needful wake-up call, or the beginning of a bottomless spiral.


    Not with a clearly rusty Roethlisberger who threw 3 ints and you barely hung on to win in the last minute. No that was not an “impressive” win. I never used the term “quality win,” which beating the Steelers, by definition, always is.

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