Washington’s injured Junior Galette suspended two weeks


Washington outside linebacker Junior Galette’s already not playing, but he’s about to not play for free for a few weeks.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Galette will be suspended for two weeks for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, stemming from a domestic violence incident when he was with the Saints.

The Saints released him in July, but he joined Washington, before suffering a torn Achilles in camp.

Charges against Galette for the January incident at his Louisiana home were later dismissed, along with a civil suit.

He already lost $332,000 because of the split contract he signed with Washington, and with his annual salary down to $413,000, he’s now out another $48,588.

Granted, the Saints paid him $17 million for a year’s work before sending him away, so he should be able to manage.

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  1. “How come he doesn’t get the same scrutiny that Greg Hardy does?”

    That’s easy. Because he doesn’t play for the most hated team in sports like Hardy does.

    America’s Team will always lead the league in jealous peasants who hate them. Same reason the Yankees and Lakers are the most hated MLB/NBA teams.

  2. “How come he doesn’t get the same scrutiny that Greg Hardy does?”

    Charges against Galette for the January incident at his Louisiana home were later dismissed, along with a civil suit !!

  3. Divan, no one’s “jealous” of Dallas. People dislike them for a multitude of reasons, chiefly the sheer arrogance and delusion of the fans and owner. That’s not jealousy.

  4. “How come he doesn’t get the same scrutiny that Greg Hardy does?”

    Because he served his time, apologized, and has since shut his mouth…

    Oh, and he didn’t say he was ready to come out, “guns blazin” after threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend and throwing her onto a futon full of guns

  5. He’s bad, but not as bad as Hardy. If it were up to me, he’d be gone–but it’s not. They guys playing now are doing great and that’s enough for me!

  6. Geeze Juneyahs career took a sharp nosedive. One day he was captain of the saints defense, highly productive, with a huge contract. Then Saints release him and it comes out hes an absolute nutcase. He then signs with the Redskins for the veteran minimum and tears his achilles. Now hes getting suspended for something that happened three years ago, smh.
    Hopefully this gives him a huge attitude adjustment. As a speed rusher, that injury has got his career in jeopardy anyway.

  7. He doesn’t get the same scrutiny that Hardy does because he didn’t throw a woman on a bed of guns and tell her he’s going to kill her. He didn’t almost kill a woman. He also got in a fight with some guys on a beach and the women tried to break up the fight, that’s how they got hit.

    He also has shown remorse and hasn’t been tweeting about it and talking badly about what happened since then.

  8. This will just give him two more weeks to rehab his achillies injury before he gets to play for the skins and put up double digit sacks in 2016.

  9. that’s like my job calling me on a sick day and telling me not to come in because i’m suspended from work that day for something i did while employed by someone else…

    i dont see why the NFL cant start a DO NOT HIRE list of people who teams just plain cant sign because they’re not eligible for hire under terms set forth in the CBA. Virtually every other job/organization (well run) has one. Everyone doesnt meet the standards and/or qualifications, whatever they may be. You can’t let every Tom, Dick, and Harry off the street work at your place of business just because he can do the work. If you’re smart, you add people who can also add to your business; be it the atmosphere they contribute to, the leadership they provide, their actual job performance, or something else. Seems like if the league is so concerned about their “image” and integrity, I cannot imagine not having one. Everyone has right to work, but that doesnt mean “in the NFL”

  10. I still can’t believe an internet site dedicated entirely to pro football won’t use the name of one of it’s teams in writing….as of now, it’s STILL the Redskins.

    If the name ever changes, you can start using the new name. But not saying “Redskins” is just plain stupid .

  11. $17,000,000 from the Saints? Bet ole Junior is already broke. He likes multiple very large gold necklaces.

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