Andy Dalton miffed by J.J. Watt’s comments

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Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton didn’t appreciate J.J. Watt’s comments at his expense following Monday night’s 10-6 loss to the Houston Texans.

Watt took the opportunity in a TV interview with ESPN immediately following the game to take a jab at Dalton’s red hair and nickname.

“Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB Gun,” Watt said on ESPN.

When informed of the comments, Dalton didn’t think they were that funny. Not only that but Dalton took his indignation over the slight a step further in criticizing Watt’s integrity.

“I’m disappointed in him,” Dalton said in his postgame press conference. “The integrity of this game — I have a lot of respect for him. He’s a really good player. There’s a lot of kids and a lot of people who look up to him. For him to make comments like that, he’s showing that’s acceptable to do that kind of stuff, to say that kind of stuff. It’s disappointing for one of the best players in this league to come out and say something like that. That’s all I’m going to say about that. I think J.J. is a good player, but for him to be one of the best in this league and to show that integrity, and to show that type of … it shows what he’s about, which is disappointing.”

Oh no! The kids! What ever will they do now?

In a league that still allows Greg Hardy to play on Sundays, it’s the guy making a joke about redheads that is harming the integrity of the game.

Watt’s comments weren’t particularly funny, but in the realm of things to get upset about they barely even register on the list. Dalton’s appeal of ‘Oh, but what about the children?’ is maybe even more ridiculous.

As Cam Newton said, if you don’t want him celebrating touchdowns, then keep him out of the end zone. If Dalton doesn’t want to be the target of trash talk, don’t lose at home to the Texans.

287 responses to “Andy Dalton miffed by J.J. Watt’s comments

  1. Well I mean JJ is kind of right, Dalton sucked tonight. In retrospect it’s just one game and they’re still 8-1. I know in every Bengals article we’ll see comments that say pretenders frauds yada yada yada. Texans played a great game Bengals didn’t. That’s why there is the saying any team can beat any team on any given day. If you would have told me at the beginning of the season with the third toughest schedule in the league the Bengals would be 8-1 I’d say sign me up. I hope Dalton takes these comments and uses them for motivation to not crap his pants next Sunday.

    Dalton wasn’t just to blame for tonight a few drops and penalties killed things and AJ also screwing up at the end of the game. As much flack as Dalton gets AJ deserves it to because he does his fair share of disappearing in prime time. Playcalling was also very conservative for some reason as well.

    Stay positive Bengals fans, second seed isn’t so bad to be right now.

  2. I totally disagree with your remarks about Dalton. No matter the level, it was disrespectful. To compare it to Hardy is irrelevant. He shouldn’t be making those comments about Dalton after the game. Pretty classless actually. You may be right that in comparison it’s minor, but that doesn’t make it right. Good for Andy to show some anger. Bad game, will bounce back………

  3. Footnote: As for children learning from this……..I actually agree again. Children probably aren’t the targeting demos for the Hardy type issues, but good sportsmanship should be right up the alley for kids to learn and JJ Watt displayed a lack of that with his comments.

  4. When Dalton heard the comments he nearly spit soda all over his dress


    -Said Children

  5. Strange that Dalton is so sensitive about red hair analogies.

    My personal outrage here is the gun analogy. Watt clearly isn’t thinking of the children. I’m appalled. Just think of all the kids that are gonna ask for gateway guns for Christmas now.

  6. I agree with Dalton’s point.

    Take the example of social media which is fed by anonymous users. The middle schoolers might think name calling and making fun of someone is cool so they have no problem expressing hatred and mockery to their hearts content.

    The next thing you know, the adults feel free to join in. Look at how casually JJ blurted out the insult.

    Unless someone speaks up against it, society will continue sink to the lowest common denominator.

  7. Watt immediately followed it up by showering Dalton in praise. It was really clear that he was playing off the nickname with an obvious metaphor.

    There were no shots, it had nothing to do with him being a redhead other than that’s how the original nickname came about. Dalton is a mentally weak baby.

  8. A lame put down followed by an even lamer reply. Dalton needs to loosen his skirt up a little

  9. The media and sour fans drum this kind of stuff up all the time. Does anyone remember Richard Sherman telling people he was changing his Twitter to Optimus Prime just bc he was going against Megatron. He even said Calvin Johnson was the best wr in the NFL but barely anyone cared about his compliment and playful humor.

    This is an exactly perfect example except Sherman gave his opponent more credit and it was before the game. Sounds like half of you shat your pants when it was Sherman .

    Js dont be so gullible and believe everything you hear is all there is. Side note the reason don’t like Cam derives from a few things most importantly he’s the qb but doesn’t carry himself like any other qb he’s not always professional not always PC and has a history or theft and shady business around him. Fair or not that’s why people don’t Give Cam any leeway as they Shouldn’t.

  10. I’m so sick of hearing players talk about “the integrity of the game” too. What does Watt’s comments have to do with the integrity of the game? Do you even understand what integrity means Andy?

  11. When a child makes fun of another child for their hair color at school it is called bullying and everyone gets their panties in a bundle over it. Comments likes this by JJ Watt are where many of them learn the behavior. So one of two things have to happen. We decide this is just “trash talk” and it is fine universally or it is “bullying” and has to stop at all levels.

  12. Dalton…you should have laughed it off, and filed that one away for the next game you play them. That is what the Pats do. You take bulletin material and shove it up their a**.
    Now, it makes you look sour and pouting.

  13. Andy can be “miffed” all he likes, but he’s still too much of a Howdy Doody Dalton Clown – this wasn’t even the playoffs, but it was prime time – look how he performed. This guy is a LOSER.

  14. Sounds like he’s a little sensitive. Sorry I thought it was pretty funny to me. If you call yourself the red rifle prepare yourself for ridicule.

  15. What Dalton is probably saying is that you don’t expect those kinds of comments out of JJ. Andy holds him to a high standard and he should be because JJ’s got a lot more class than a lot of the players in this league and he’s a real good player.

    Sometimes if you don’t take everything so literal and you take a step back and listen to what an athlete says in the heat of the moment after a game, you can figure it out. Having a mic in your face after a football game is a little different than reading a prepared statement. However if your agenda is to concoct a hit piece on a guy then you have what you have here.

    Oh, and by the way, there is never a wrong place to practice a little sportsmanship and that is the lesson that kids aren’t getting. Whether you think it doesn’t matter much, a little sportsmanship goes a long way.

  16. I didn’t know Dalton was a member of the “I’m offended” crowd. And if what Watt said bothers him? Geez.

  17. Don’t bring attention to it or take it so personally. Half of the football fans would not have thought much of it or even know about it. I heard it live and did not think much of it. Dalton’s comments gave it attention to se how a simple comment can hurt him.

  18. Message of the article? Find out how someone is different and then make fun of them for it.

    Have at it kids, be just like your role model and make fun of gingers.


  19. JJ Watt has disrespected Ginger Nation and Andy’s status as an elite QB. Where is Commissioner Goodell to protect the integrity of the game?
    Seems like the Red Rifle has a very sensitive trigger.

  20. I think J.J got a little over excited cause they actually won a game. Act like you’ve been there before J.J

  21. Dont care about the Dalton story but moreso the Hardy dig. If Hardy did what hes accused of, he is a terrible excuse for a human being but last time I checked he wasnt convicted of anything. Most people are saying he paid his way out of the conviction. If thats the case (which is more than likely true) where was all the outrage for Ray Lewis being able to continue to play football? Where was the outrage when 3 different NFL teams signed Donte Stallworth? Both paid their way to get out of convictions and they killed people.

  22. I’m a bengals fan, and I agree with the General tone of this article, but Dalton has taken a lot about the color of his hair since he came into the league.

    He has expressed on several ocassions while being extremely polite about it, that he’s not comfortable with people making a joke about the color of his hair color or skin tone.

    In this modernly overly P.C. World, What’s the difference between being offended by having someone make fun of you for being a “ginger” than it is have someone insult you for the color of your skin being darker than yours.

    He’s a class act, and has nothing but positive things to say about everyone when asked.

    Just because Greg hardy beat a woman and doesn’t deserve to be in the league, doesn’t mean Dalton can’t take offense to being ridiculed for his appearance.

  23. Not to mention that in the same interview Watt repeatedly said what a great team the Bengals were and what a great player Dalton was. This type of thin skin is why Dalton can’t and won’t ever win a big game. And no a Thursday night home game against Cleveland isn’t a big game.

  24. Watt never made fun of Dalton for being a redhead. It was fairly innocuous as far as trash talk goes. Dalton’s nickname is the red rifle because of his big arm and red hair. That is the sum total of what Dalton’s hair color has to do with this story. Watt, as a way of saying they wanted to see to it that Dalton had a bad game, joked that they went out and turned the red rifle into a red ryder bb gun. In other words, turn a dangerous weapon into something that’s relatively harmless. It’s an amusing reference to a good movie. There’s nothing offensive whatsoever about the comment, yet Dalton whines and makes it sound like he used a racial slur. Man did he fall for the bait and give reporters what they wanted…and he looks foolish and overly sensitive doing it.

  25. I’m not defending Dalton, he stinks on his own. And maybe I’m in the minority, but I cannot stand J.J. Watt. He’s an awesome football player but he seems like he’s the biggest tool and a fake dude. You got paid all that money to stay on a team that sucks, and won’t go anywhere ever. No offense, but no-one cares about the Texans.

  26. Maybe if Dalton actually led his team to some game winning touchdowns against JJ Watts he wouldn’t have to listen to these comments. What a whiner.

  27. well, if you can’t reference a persons skin color (redskins) then why should you be able to reference a persons hair color? [tongue firmly embedded in cheek]
    but on a serious note though… “gingers do have souls!!

    At least he didn’t refer to him as the “red rocket, red rocket”

    and for that we thank you.

  28. JJs comment didn’t sound that bad to me, it’s like saying “we tried to make Tom Terrific look like Terrible Tom” I hope hope anyone that read that out loud put ear muffs on their children

  29. Any A Christmas Story reference is a good reference. Dalton’s ego seems a bit frag-eee-lay.

  30. Is he channeling his inner Goodell? I hate JJ Watt but Andy Dalton whining about obviously rehearsed throw away line is the day “integrity of the game” jumped the shark.

  31. I’ve heard meaner comments at my daughter’s elementary school! Man up Andy! If that hurt your feelings, you’d better not turn to any sports stations today!

  32. Dalton is clearly hurt that they lost to a bad team. That’s his problem to figure out. That said, Watt is a cornball schoolyard bully trapped in an oversized body. He loves talking trash, but all of his jabs reek of immaturity. Can your dad beat up Dalton’s, J.J.?

  33. I was all ready to jump on Watts for being classless…then I laughed out loud at the insult and my credibility went down the drain.

    Good one, J.J. Good one.

  34. I mean seriously Andy Dalton, you’re going to be bothered by a funny comment by J.J. Watt after the game with him basically saying the Texans goal was to make you look like a “Red Ryder BB Gun” ?

    Please Andy, isn’t there just too much garbage going on in the world to be bothered by a comment like this. Just lighten up and chalk it up to an off night.

  35. It is known that gingers are more sensitive than people with other hair color. The comment was pretty tame.

    Plus it may go back to TCU days when they beat Watt’s Badgers.

  36. Excuse me but Watt’s comments were particularly funny. I am not sure what Dalton’s problem is; are red heads the next protected class by the PC police? I’ve read his comment a few times and I don’t see anything Dalton says that even makes sense. He didn’t seem to have a problem when people called him a Red Rocket so in my estimation, he only seems to be offended when his hair is mocked in a negative way. What a baby. Watt should come out today and said he is sorry and something about how he doesn’t understand why Dalton wore his helmet to the press conference.

  37. This is soooooo good. I love this article. Finally, a litlle bit of humor amidst Greg Hardy, Deflategate, etc.

  38. Then get your head out of your rear end and shut Watt’s mouth in the playoffs. Maybe pudgy #71 will play instead of Winston, who got owned.

  39. Good for Dalton……

    ….last few years Andy wouldn’t say boo to a goose; at least now he’s growin’ some; perhaps he should get jacked-up a little after last night……

    Watt didn’t say anything too offensive; just a little insulting…..that’s all……

    Dalton played a similar horror show game to last night v Cleveland on a Thursday night last year; and came back strong….. lets see if he does it again this……

    OBTW; it also helps if your recievers; you know; like catch the damn ball. Eifert and Green were poor last night too; but I doubt they’ll get any criticism.

  40. I’d give JJ and Dalton both a thumbs down.
    There is no way JJ spontaneously came up with that comment. He was hoping to get an interview on camera post game, and he had that quip at the ready in case they won. It really wasn’t that funny.
    Andy – ‘integrity of the game’? Really? It was a just a guy trying to enhance his endorsement possibilities by being funny. He then said you were a great player. I would be much more concerned with what most people say about your clutch play in the playoffs.

  41. It’s no more ridiculous than getting bent out of shape over the Redskins name. I don’t think is appropriate to make fun of how someone looks.

  42. I’m a Wisconsin fan and native, but JJ Watt is a douche. His commercials are terrible and so is his team. He should not be trying to talk trash with anyone. He tries to come off as a blue collar, backwoods, johnny lunchpail type, but then gets into twitter wars with a backup QB like a 13 year old girl.

  43. Well, redheaded kids across America are being called Red Ryder this morning, which does fit into that whole bullying thing…

  44. I would have gone one further Andy, I call you the Red Squirt Gun.
    You know how when almost all the water is out of the gun, and you just get some intermittent water? That’s how I think of you, Andy!

  45. Problem is Curtis, the media/parents/sponsors do not endorse Greg Hardy. They endorse J.J. Watt.

    Pretty sure if you ask any parent, the percentage of them saying their childs’ favorite player is Greg Hardy is I would say, oh 0%.

    The percentage of them speaking of J.J. Watt? I am very confident its significantly higher.

    So what will the kids do now? Well, they might want a Red Ryder BB Gun. Pretty sure nowadays we all know all it takes is one person with a weapon to cause a lot of damage to a lot of people/families, etc.

    I know I am getting a little ahead of the bar here, but just making a point that to try to compare Greg Hardy (who by the way is only getting attention because you Curtis write about it,) to J.J. Watt, is, in the words of the Red Rifle, “disappointing.”

  46. What JJ said is pretty innocuous.
    Andy’s upset because they lost the game, he was rendered ineffective by Houston’s D and he got booed by his fans. At home. In Primetime. On national TV. Again.
    Or he’s self concious about his red hair but I doubt that, since his nickname is the “red rifle”. I thought it was just a playful ribbing kind of thing, a play on words that referenced something nearly everyone is familiar with. Yeah, I guess you could say JJ was mocking his nickname but it’s about as gentle as it gets. Kids already say things far crueler than that and always have, at least in my lifetime.

  47. Good lord….

    There wasn’t anything even remotely offensive about his comments.

    If you are upset about anything,,,,,,be upset how you played.

  48. I thought the Bengals lost in part because Dalton played a little too – wait for it – gingerly!

    But look Andy, JJ didn’t make your red hair a thing and it was Bengals fans that pushed the slightly silly “red rifle” moniker – I haven’t heard you complain at them for it. And JJ in the elation of the moment of an upset defensive win at Cincinnati was using the dumb moniker as an analogy. People are so sensitive. No it wasn’t the most diplomatic thing for JJ to say, but nor is “red rifle” overly politically correct, and JJ said what he said probably because the dumb “red rifle” term was used by Texans’ D in game prep and on bulletin board, is all.

    So you want JJ to be more like Brady and only say the nicest of things about his opponents at all times? – I’d agree to that, but people stupidly accuse Brady of being insincere for it.

  49. Watt is the last person who needs to talk about someone’s looks. Ugliest dude in football, looks like If Frankenstein had a baby.

  50. Honestly, this “integrity for the game” crap just needs to stop….
    Goodell has tired that phrase into a punch line when used in conjunction with the BUSINESS that the sport of football has become….there’s about as much integrity in foot ball as there is in the the representatives elected to run this country…..what a joke!!!

  51. Anyone who watched it knows it was a (failed) joke as he kind of laughed, then realized nobody else found it funny.

    Dont know why his panties are in such a wod

  52. I’m glad to see the old Andy Dalton is back. His thin skin is to weak for the NFL. The JJ comments weren’t even that harsh.

  53. This wasn’t on Dalton. Eifert had a lot of key drops and of course Dalton hit Green inside the 20 with 50 seconds left, and Green fumbled.

  54. Arizona next week. Cincinnati is about to join Denver with two losses. Might as well pencil the Patriots in for home field advantage. And with the decline of Green Bay, who will beat them? No one.

  55. “I’m disappointed in him,” Dalton said.
    Watt’s comments weren’t particularly funny………………..

    WOW!!! Both Andy Dalton and Curtis Crabtree need to lighten up and grow a sense-of-humor, the Red Ryder joke is great. Besides, along with Matt Stafford Andy Dalton is one of the most over-rated QB’s in the league.

    JMHO, of course.

  56. “Our goal was to come out here and make the Red Rifle look like a Red Ryder BB Gun,” Watt said on ESPN.

    Take my wife…PLEASE!

  57. I like Dalton. Good guy. Not as good as Rogers, and probably won’t even sniff the playoffs. Rest of team is average to bad. Awful coach.

    Even if they somehow make it, the PATRIOTS will likely be the team in the AFC.

    Can’t see any other teams than Patriots vs PACKERS in Super Bowl 50.

  58. Took me by surprise and heard interview after the game but as a Bengal fan though a slap n the face thought it was funny. We’ ve seen ‘good’ Andy all season but ‘bad’ Andy resurfaced. Dropped balls did’t help but he’s back to throwing the sideline deep ball out of bounds so his recievers don’t have a chance.

  59. It’s Tuesday morning and I’m sure Andy Dalton could care less. But right after a loss like that, you could tell him the weather report and he’d get mad at the weatherman. No big deal here. Andy, you don’t have to worry about J.J. Watt, nobody out here is comparing him to Einstein.

  60. “The integrity of this game…

    Red Rover! Red Rover! Calling Roger Goodell. We have a fundamental threat to the integrity of the shield and need an investigation at once. BBGun-Gate!

  61. Also thought I’d add that everything else JJ said about getting paid to play a game, that he loves it, loves interacting with fans and all that tells me he “get’s it”. He’s not an A-hole and I don’t think he meant to be disrespectful. He said Dalton is a great player and the Bengals are a great team, he was only attempting to be clever.

  62. The Watt over exposure is done and tired. I’ve never seen a player on a worse team get so over exposed.
    He seems like the typical bully jock.

  63. It’s trash talk, Andy!
    Jeez take it down a bit buddy. It’s not like he insulted your family, he just took a friendly jab at you…

    Lighten up, Francis.

  64. But hold on. Watt’s joke wasn’t about Dalton’s hair. It was a (dumb) play on Dalton’s nickname. The joke about Dalton’s hair IS his nickname, the Red Rifle.

    And to second a previously posted opinion, Watt is kind of a tool. Self-serious. Self-conscious. Cheesy. A great player, but he mugs for the audience (including himself) like Ray Lewis did, only with less style.

  65. Stop dragging Greg Hardy’s availability into everything.

    Is a murderer allowed to get a job after they leave prison? In your world no. It means whatever company hires them supports murder.

  66. It was a poor analogy and not all that funny, but it is also nothing more than a player all jacked up after a very big win. The fact that this insignificant comment was enough to get Andy all hurt shows how thin-skinned he is. You cannot be a successful QB in this league with such paper-thin skin.

  67. C’mon Andy. He earned it and you didn’t. Congratulate him on a good game, then point out that they wouldn’t have a losing record if they’d played like that all year. And let that be that.

  68. He should have told Watt he hopes he enjoys watching him in the playoffs while the Colts win their division with a losing record.

  69. And after his lone primetime appearance this year, JJ Watt can take his enormous, believe-my-own-press-clippings, national ad campaign ego back to the Sunday early games against the Jags and Titans with his 3-6 Texans.

  70. What idiot game him that name anyhow? He doesn’t even have one of the stronger arms in the nfl. Definitely bottom half of the league. The red choker would be much more fitting.

  71. Anyone who is upset with Watt’s comments are the biggest contributors toward the downfall of this country.

    The comments that Watt made were benign at worst and cheesy punning at best.

    Get over it, libs.

  72. Gingers use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. Watt uses them as a punchline at a party. Gingers have neither the time nor the inclination to explain ourselves to a man like Watt who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that we provide, and then questions the manner in which we provide it.

  73. Wait he’s ok with a red head joke as long as it’s red rifle? Than it gets turned to a BB gun joke and it ruined the integrity of the game?

  74. I thought Watts comments were pretty funny, clever and very tame for today. Dalton on the other hand needs to lighten up, a lot. The last time I can recall a red headed public figure coming off this square was Opie Taylor.

  75. Am I the only one who heard JJ Watt also call Dalton a “great quarterback” and the Bengals a “great team” in the same statement? Dalton’s butthurt response says more about his character than JJ Watts’ statement says about his. Hope that Red Whiner gives his “think of the children” speech to that band of criminals he calls teammates.

  76. Dalton should toughen up. It was not something said in a mean way, it was a creative way to say they needed to come in and stop one of the hotter quarterbacks in the league.

  77. Dalton’s lack of testicular fortitude may be matched only by some of the spineless pc comments on the matter. Grow a pair.

  78. It was a really lame joke by Watt. Andy Dalton should have said something to the effect of “That’s the best you could think of?”

  79. simmer down people – What Dalton said was ridiculous but he was reacting to a reporter telling him the quote for the first time. It was out of context after the first game they lost in which they played like crap.

  80. Not a Bengals fan but at least they make the playoff every year and the Texans won’t get a sniff at it. That’s all that matter. Teams or players who talk trash will not go any where.

  81. WOW. Dalton is so incredibly soft. Showed it on the field last night and these comments are legit laughable. It’s actually kind of embarrassing.

  82. Watt was trying to be funny and to get under Dandy Andy’s skin. Apparently, Dalton is such an immature or self-centered and clueless individual, he doesn’t get it. Watt ain’t an HOF comedian, but, hey, he was trying to be funny, in keeping with the season. I don’t find it at all offensive, and as for trash-talking, it barely, BARELY, moves the needle on the trash-talking meter. Who cares? Move on, nothing to see here…Hey, Andy, grow a pair, ok?

  83. The lack of integrity here stems from immaturity, in the inability to take a jab in good humor. A mature adult would say, “I had that one coming.”

    This comment wasn’t an insult in the first place. Watt didn’t call Dalton a BB gun; he said the Texans’ GOAL was to make him look like a BB gun. Apparently Dalton—like some of his fans—was being too hypersensitive to listen.

    Dalton’s comments only serve to expose his pea-shooter sized mentality. Is this TCU’s idea of turning a boy into a man?

  84. And if you dont want your house broken into, lock your doors. If you dont lock your doors then it is completely acceptable for the burgalers to break in. They did nothing wrong since you didn’t stop them from doing it.

  85. What a whiny little girl Dalton is. I didn’t watch the game but saw the presser and he was just a sniveling little kid in it.

    Red BB Gun indeed lol

  86. Poor Red Rocket got his ginger snaps in a bunch. Not quite as bad as Tim Couch crying though. My favorite sissy moment was when Tomlinson started crying when, “The Patriots disrespected us by doing the same dance Shawne Merriman does when he disrespects quarterbacks after a sack!”

  87. That’s like 5th grade level of trash talking. Oh no, the rifle being downgraded to a BB-Gun. Couldn’t even imagine if he was compared to a slingshot.

  88. Watt makes a statement about the Texans’ goal. Dalton responds by insulting Watt’s integrity. Who’s the one that lacks integrity here?

  89. Try being a red head for a lifetime and you might understand. I think what dalton is trying to say is that watt is condoning making fun of someone for their appearance. Watts comment was pretty tame, but kids on the playground will take it way farther.

  90. Be upset you played like garbage, dalton is who we thought he was – not a prime time player. Wait until the playoffs in NE, assuming they get that far.

  91. Next time play better and then you can come up with funny lines about the other guy. But when you come in undefeated and you can’t score a TD at home you should be worrying about more than some guy’s funny one-liner.

  92. I keep wishing Andy would shave his head and the Bengles helmet logo into his head..but then people might call him a Kitty Cat if he has a bad game.. so that won’t work.

  93. Come on Andy, you need to calm down….
    It’s not like he said they beat you like a red headed stepchild on a rented mule…. You could have stayed calm, but no, the ginger snapped….;-)

  94. Nickname:
    Red Rocket

    Joke name:
    Red Ryder BB gun

    net change – “Rifle” to Ryder BB Gun”

    Thus, no jab made at hair color other than the reference implicit to the original nickname ADOPTED BY DALTON.

  95. “The Red Sausage is way too soft upstairs, about as soft as his arm.”

    At least Joe didn’t say he was as soft as the Raiders defense. That would have been a REAL insult.

  96. If his nickname is the red rifle, how was it disrespectful? It’s not like he made it up out of thin air with the intent to be disrespectful. He took his nickname and said their goal was to make him less effective. Listen if Andy is offended by that, it’s no wonder he cant win playoff games. He needs to stop letting things get in his head and be more concerned with how ineffective he was against an average texans team. As for those fans that agree it was disrespectful, go watch soccer then. This is football and those puns are apart of the game. What would you have him say? “Our goal was to politely make Mr. Dalton less effective so that we may forge our way to victory” This is football!! Take that PC crap to a soccer field near you!!

  97. “Thus, no jab made at hair color other than the reference implicit to the original nickname ADOPTED BY DALTON.”

    Actually, Dalton was on the record YEARS AGO as not liking the nickname. It was made up by the Bengals radio play-by-play guy, Dan Hoard, and somehow it stuck. But don’t let facts get in the way.

  98. Based on the title, I was expecting the comments to actually be classless. Seriously Andy? What a baby.

  99. The point is this it becoming a “Look at me!! Look at me!!” league.

    Texans still looking up at Cincy in the standings and Watt shoots his mouth off.

    Cam, with Kapernick like QB numbers, thumping his chest, acting like he’s never been in the end zone before (not having the humility to acknowleged the Panthers great record has waaay more to do with their stifling defense and terrific run game that the mediocre QB play).

    All of us who love watching the game know what I’m talking about….the cornerback who gets burned for the first down pass but makes the tackle and thumps his chest.

    The D-lineman, whose team is down by 30, prancing around after making a sack.

  100. Raggedy Andy needs to develop a sense of humor, and maybe thicker skin. Trash talk is part of the game, in fact it is part of almost all forms of competition. On a side note, gingers are gross ( especially guys).

  101. Even though the comment is as absurd as what precipitated it, Andy’s right about one thing, although he said it entirely wrong. Act like you’ve been there. Oh, wait …

  102. I don’t care about either team but truthfully its bad sportsmanship and classless. I’d expect something like that from Cam Newton but the NFL builds up Watt to be this great guy off the field so I was a bit stunned to hear him be classless like that.

  103. “Try being a red head for a lifetime and you might understand. I think what dalton is trying to say is that watt is condoning making fun of someone for their appearance. Watts comment was pretty tame, but kids on the playground will take it way farther.”

    The guy’s actual nickname is the Red Rifle. He obviously doesn’t have an issue with his nickname or his red hair. If he can’t take Watt poking fun at his nickname, that’s his problem.

    And please, cut the crap with this “what about the children?” BS.

  104. JJ, a guy who prides himself on helping children, Dalton is actually right. I’m no PC cop but you gotta keep your mouth shut. Especially when your team is straight up garbage.

  105. I’m confused… how was JJ Watt making fun of Red Heads? Dalton’s knickname by a lot of news outlets and even on Sundays in the game promos they referred to Dalton as the Red Rifle… So all Watt did was make a play on the knickname, he wasn’t the one that brought the term Red into it. All he was saying is they wanted to limit the impact Dalton had on the game, which they did.

    Everyone is looking for something to be mad about in this day and age.

  106. Andy, put on your big boy pants and stop whining like a entitled little kid!

    Wow, this is what NFL players have become, politically correct robots!

  107. The Bengals are really upset about how they screwed themslves with this loss, because the Bengals have put themselves on the road to a playoff loss to the Patriots.

  108. I like the timely seasonal reference – Red Ryder BB Gun.

    I’ll got there. I’ll call Tyler Eiffert ‘Flick’ – because he played like his tongue was stuck to a frozen pole last night.

    And besides, why was the father in Christmas Story like 65 years old.


  109. keylimelight says:
    Nov 17, 2015 2:11 AM

    I agree with Dalton’s point. ————————————————————–

    So your the one!!!!

  110. I fail to see where JJ’s comments are degrading to red heads. Dalton’s own nickname is Red Rifle, relating to his red hair. JJ just spun it to a lesser model of weapon (rifle to bb gun). No harm in that is there as the Texans defense did lessen the attack effectiveness of the Bengal’s offense. Actually, I thought it was fairly clever. And it is Xmas season so memories of A Christmas Story are pretty fitting for the time of year. Everyone just needs to lighten up. Especially Dalton. Much better reaction would have been for him to laugh and say that he will make sure the Red Rifle is loaded the next time they play.

  111. “In a league that still allows Greg Hardy to play on Sundays….”


    “allows” is certainly subjective is it not?
    After all Hardy has union representation to FORCE the NFL to play him or risk another lawsuit. Plus the entire media was hammering the NFL itself for not giving Hardy another chance.

    So here we have the same media that demanded a second chance for Hardy…ripping the same NFL for “allowing” him to play.

    Pick one side or another MEDIA!

  112. The only thing softer than The Red Sausage are the Bungals fans that are crying even more than he did.


  113. Seriously though, how often do you hear a player single out someone out like that after a loss?

    “Dork and Dorkier” is right, but Watt is still butthurt about being pwned and upset by Dalton in the Rose Bowl.

  114. I’m not sure what Watt said has anything to do with Integrity (Watt’s or the game’s).

    I thought they were funny and Dalton would have shown more class if he just laughed it off. Sounds like a sore loser.

    All the ish that has done on in the league and this is what you are crying over? Watt as a bad role model? Sheesh.

    -I’m not even a Texans fan.

  115. nopepper123 says:
    Nov 17, 2015 1:48 AM
    Footnote: As for children learning from this……..I actually agree again. Children probably aren’t the targeting demos for the Hardy type issues, but good sportsmanship should be right up the alley for kids to learn and JJ Watt displayed a lack of that with his comments.

    Butthurt Ginger

  116. Exactly why Amy Dalton will never lead a team to the Super Bowl. Btw Amy’s got the perfect tight end to throw to, “big weapon” Eifert disappears in prime time just like his QB.

  117. Poor little Dalton had his itty bitty feelings hurt I guess.

    What a dumb thing to make a big deal about. Don’t guys trash talk him all game?

    Grow up and ignore it.

  118. Watt is pretty annoying, hard to watch in fact because he’s so full of himself. It always looks like Watt thinks he’s the life of the party when in reality he just sounds like an idiot. Having said that, his jab at Dalton wasn’t a big deal.

  119. logicaldawg says:
    Nov 17, 2015 9:02 AM

    And that, ladies and gents, is Andy Dalton’s problem. He is very thin skinned and it comes back to haunt him in big football games.


    That’s a good assessment. I also think some players are able to turn that negativity toward them into motivation. Dalton seems to get rattled.

    Dalton is a physically tough guy, but he needs to work on his mental toughness big time.

  120. Ah, I actually like the fact Dalton got mad. I’m sure it wasn’t even over Watt’s comment as much as he knew the bengals should’ve won that game (in spite of everything they did to lose it). If I was being asked that question right after my all pro TE and WRs were dropping balls all night I’d be a little pissed too!

    With that being said, he probably should’ve blew that question off, it looks so much worse that he gave it attention…and even though I thought the comment was corny as hell, it wasn’t malicious…just corny.

  121. If he has such a big issue with someone using his hair color as a nickname for him, then why allow his fans refer to him as “Red Rifle”? Whether it be the “Red Rifle” or the “Red Ryder BB Gun”, it it’s the exact same thing. The only variance is the size of the gun. JJ just stated Dalton’s arm was a smaller gauge than his fans would want us all to perceive. Not only is there NOTHING wrong with what Watts said, but it’s a perfect way to phrase the truth!

  122. Most of you have missed the point. Doubtful Dalton is hurt by or cares at all about what Watt said. What he is saying is that Watt sets an example for kids around the country because he is an idol, and for an idol to talk like that sets a poor example. Kids go to school thinking it’s OK to call names because JJ Watt does it. Do you really think Dalton actually feels insulted himself?

  123. That’s worth getting upset over? I think that’s the most innocent “slam” I’ve ever heard.

    It sounds like Watt stole that line from a first draft of Little Giants.

  124. Unbelievable that a professional football player can be so sensitive. Have to question a guys mental toughness if something this innocuous offends this much. Glad he’s not my QB.

  125. How many DBs will now be yelling “BB-GUN!!” at him the rest of the season?
    He just gave them space inside his head.

  126. I saw the joke and the complete overreaction by Andy and half the PFT comments but can someone please explain to me what a reference to “A Christmas Story” has to do with Greg Hardy or the integrity of football??

    I must have missed something

    PS Andy, don’t be surprised if one of the Cardinals’ audibles next week is “Red Ryder, Red Ryder, hut!”

  127. Dalton is right. As the premier role model for kids and the NFL, Watt should be above that kind of shaming. Everything else is irrelevant.

  128. I was imagining a guy like Roger Staubach or one of the other all time greats and how they would react to grade school name calling. The answer is they wouldn’t.

  129. Gotta be kidding me. From the headline, I expected to read that he called him a Cheese Doodle or some such. But this? It’s barely even a comment, much less a denigrating joke. It’s a TAME play on a PRE-EXISTING nickname. If he doesn’t hear more offensive trash talk during a game, then the nfl surely has changed.

  130. Dalton needs to lighten up…he complimented him right after. Learn to laugh at yourself….it’s not the end all/be all.

  131. pftony says:
    Nov 17, 2015 12:43 PM
    Dalton is right. As the premier role model for kids and the NFL, Watt should be above that kind of shaming. Everything else is irrelevant
    What is irrelevant is this manufactured outrage. to be clear, JJ WATT WAS NOT REFERRING TO HAIR COLOR. The comment was a play on Andy Dalton’s self-sanctioned nickname – the “Red RIFLE” – as cross-referenced with the much-coveted “Red Ryder BB GUN” in the movie “A Christmas Story”. It was a comparison between the power of a RIFLE (very) and the power of a BB GUN (not so much). What Watt said, in essence, is that the Texans defense succeeded in rendering a powerful weapon (Dalton’s arm) into a mediocre one. It’s not that difficult to glean from what he said. JJ Watt should be “above that kind of shaming?” It’s kinda hard to shame any less when you’re not shaming in the first place.

  132. Andy must have gotten her tampon string tangled! Hey Andy I can see your vajayjay from here! He could have said “I’d rather be dead than red on the head!” Grow up Andette.

  133. If Dalton can’t take some mild criticism and learn to laugh at himself, then he has thinner skin than I thought. No one will ever take him seriously until he wins a playoff game. Doesn’t he realize that? I’m sure there are many players out there who think he’s a joke.

  134. I never realized how screwed up most people are until i started reading message boards.Dalton is a average QB at best but he`s a person that spends a lot of time and money on troubled and needy kids.You can say he`s over reacting but he`s a person who truely does care about kids and the name calling and bullying is a real issue for kids today.All the kids who commit suicide over it are over reacting too but it still happens.Watt is one of the most popular players and could and should be more careful.Watt is a much better football player than Dalton but Dalton is a better person and that is far more important.

  135. First, Andy Dalton’s nickname is “The Red Rifle”. Hide the children.

    Red Ryder BB Gun is from A Christmas Story, an integral part of the freaking movie which will be airing a ton soon. Should we ban that?

    Think of the children, oh my.

  136. Would have been cooler if Dalton had just scoffed and said: “what is he…12?” or made fun of Watt’s Easter Island head instead of coming off so overly-sensitive…

  137. or made fun of Watt’s Txeans high school letterman’s jackets they had made a couple years ago…anything is better than playing the “indignant”/offended card…

  138. LOL I guess Watt got over excited about being relevant for a game this year. Texans had their Superbowl. Watt … there is a spare seat round my place come the playoffs. Your more than welcome to come round. Just don’t forget the Tostitos.

  139. Dalton must have been set up by the journalist asking the question – he must not have seen the JJ Wattt interview. When you see the video of JJ Watt saying that, he said that right after the game, still on the field, competitive fires still burning. But he was joking. And Dalton was interviewed when he was still miffed from the game loss – he’s over-reacting too. Watt’s a good man, he’ll probably donate to Dalton’s foundation or maybe even show up for some function to meet the kids that Andy is helping. Who knows, but I bet he’ll make it right.

  140. And this level of reaction to literally NOTHING of import is precisely why the Bengals will not pee a drop in the post season. Oh, they’ll get in the playoffs but they’re not going far. If this is the way your QB is going to react after losing first game of season… Yikes. Sorry Cincy, enjoy your regular season though.

  141. Andy needs to take some PR lessons. Could have easily diffused the comment by saying something like, “Yeah I played poorly tonight, but what’s their record again?” and moving on.

  142. colorinfusion says:
    Nov 17, 2015 3:31 PM

    First, Andy Dalton’s nickname is “The Red Rifle”. Hide the children.

    Red Ryder BB Gun is from A Christmas Story, an integral part of the freaking movie which will be airing a ton soon. Should we ban that?

    Think of the children, oh my.
    A child could shoot his eye out because of this reference! Watt needs to be banned from the league for life and sued for every penny he has.

  143. bantry1234 says:
    Nov 17, 2015 2:49 AM
    Hope Watt enjoys watching playoffs in January. Fom home. Again.


    The irony in this is, the last time the Bengals won a playoff game was against the Houston OILERS. Also the Texans are toed for first in their Division. Soooo

  144. Dalton is walking this back a bit, acknowledging that he didn’t see the entirety of the comments. Which he should. About two sentences after the BB gun comment, Watt said that Dalton is a great QB.

    There’s a lesson here about learning the facts before opening one’s mouth. But that would be un-American.

  145. Life must be harder than we think for gingers. Not a whole lot here from JJ. This might have started in college in the Rose Bowl.

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