Cam’s dancing is causing way too much consternation


Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has a habit of celebrating first downs and touchdowns. Plenty of players do. Plenty of quarterbacks also do.

And more than plenty of people have a problem with Cam’s celebrations.

The periodic curiosity officially became a thing on Sunday, when the Titans took exception with an extended touchdown dance from Newton, who responded to players getting in his face by doing it a little more. And a little more.

I thought it was hilarious. Others, like the Titans fan who sent a letter to Newton to the Charlotte Observer (apparently she thinks he works there), thought it was harmful.

My [nine-year-old] daughter . . . started asking questions,” Rosemary Plorin of Nashville wrote to Cam. “Won’t he get in trouble for doing that? Is he trying to make people mad? Do you think he knows he looks like a spoiled brat? I didn’t have great answers for her, and honestly, in an effort to minimize your negative impact and what was otherwise a really fun day, I redirected her attention to the cheerleaders and mascot.”

So, in other words: “Honey, don’t watch the bad man who is fully clothed. Look instead at the scantily clad women who aren’t really leading any cheers.”

Predictably, Panthers coach Ron Rivera has no problems with Cam’s celebrations. “As long as I don’t feel he’s instigating things, I don’t think there should be issues,” Rivera told reporters on Monday, via

Just as predictably, Titans interim coach Mike Mularkey does. “I think that’s a little rub-it-in-your-face type of deal, and there is a little code of ethics in the NFL and not a good move,” Mularkey said.

Here’s the reality. The so-called No Fun League, which fines guys for eye-black messages and flags guys who ride the ball like a horse or throw it into the stands or pretend to take a nap with it, has no problem with Cam’s celebrations. So if the No Fun League is fine with it, why should anyone have a problem with it?

More importantly, as Cam has said, there’s a way to keep him from celebrating.

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  1. “Honey, don’t watch the bad man who is fully clothed. Look instead at the scantily clad women who aren’t really leading any cheers.”

    Yes. That is all.

  2. I know this comment isn’t on the same side as the agenda here, but this tool is going to cry like the baby he is the second things don’t go well.

    You know it’s coming.

  3. They’re winning so he’s just “being excited” being classless. Wait until they have to play a real team and are bounced from the playoffs and he’ll double down that classlessness.

  4. If football players would act like everybody else on the planet who accomplishes the job they’re paid to accomplish (without dancing – unless you’re a pro dancer) the games would be around 2 1/2 hours long. That gives us all an extra half hour for camera shots of the cheerleaders. Which would you rather look at?

  5. Geez I guess you gotta come up with something huh people? Just keep this in mind: Newton was sacked five times during the course of the game. There was plenty of celebrating and taunting by Titans players going on, I watched it with my own eyes. So the kid was probably venting his own frustrations okay? Essentially it’s a case of dishing it out but not being able to take it, end of story.

  6. Aha, i dont know that dance that all of them are doing, but i am sure Murlakey can look at his own team and see some of his players doing the same darn thing. To the lady that had time to write to the observer, tell your daughter, honey, learn the dance that is all.

  7. Cam has always like a spoiled brat clown who is all smiles and dancing around in the good times, and then looks like a pouting little boy who just got punished when things go wrong. True leaders who aren’t spoiled and over privileged know how to act in the good times AND bad times.

  8. Cam has always acted like a spoiled brat clown who is all smiles and dancing around in the good times, and then looks like a pouting little boy who just got punished when things go wrong. True leaders who aren’t spoiled and over privileged know how to act in the good times AND bad times.

  9. The celebrations used to be awesome. I’d look forward to guys scoring just to see their dance.

    Now I read about deflated footballs, women beaters and bad referees

  10. Actually there is more than one way to stop it, and if he keeps taunting other large angry men he may find out about it.

  11. I’m a Titans fan, and the dancing isn’t a big deal, but it’s how he did it – it looked like he was finishing his dance routine, and started to walk away, when he found himself face to face with a Titans player. Then he added a little extra dancing. Then it becomes taunting, and poor sportsmanship. Then, when things got a little heated, he sprinted off…

    Everyone has a right to celebrate their touchdowns.. I miss Chad Johnson and T.O.’s entertaining celebrations. But Cam Newton comes off as childish.

  12. good old PC society has to get in the business of taking away anyone’s fun because they and they alone have a problem with it

  13. I love hate cam. Hes great for the nfl and deep down hes a good dude. But sometimes he gets too much praise for being sub par. Him and russel wilson flipped now. Hes got the good defense and a cake schedule

  14. I don’t mind when players show some emotion and/or celebrate when making good plays. I think what rubs people the wrong way is that Cam is a QB. Most of the times is guys from skilled positions that provide us this entertainment so some probably perceives Cam and not “acting like a QB”. I do think sometimes he’s a little over the top and needs to act like he’s been there before but I also understand that players need to be themselves and whatever helps them play better and express their emotions. I get both sides. But just like Cam said, don’t want him to celebrate, stop him. That’s any player in the league.

  15. I would expect nothing less from Cam. He’s always been a showoff (except when he’s pouting, which he’s done a lot of in the past). Nothing wrong with a little grace and humilty (trying to think of an elite QB that acts as immature as Cam but can’t think of one). But he is right; stop him from scoring and all of us won’t be subjected to his giantic ego.

  16. I’m more concerned about someone who would take the time to write the Charlotte newspaper because her daughter “had questions” about a man doing a happy dance. Glad I’m not her husband….

  17. He wasn’t taunting, he wasn’t even facing Titans players when he danced. It was an endzone celebration in which he is 100% entitled too. I’m not a huge Cam fan, but seriously this is ridiculous. Titans got peeved b/c they were getting beat like a drum, that’s all this is. No offense, but if you have to explain a player dancing in the endzone b/c he’s celebrating- then ur daughters a little ridiculous. Does she ask the same thing about Victor Cruz when he dances???

  18. So, he does a touchdown dance(which most players do in the NFL), and it’s no big deal or at least it shouldn’t. But wait….the dope on defense has a problem with it so he gets in his face. Which got the dope more upset: The TD or the dance? PSA for defensive players everywhere: If you have a problem with the TD dance, don’t let the TD happen. Additionally, do not, under any circumstances, get in the face of said TD scorer. They find that sooooo delicious!

  19. So Cam rips down an opposing fans legal banner in his house, but thinks it’s OK to come to someone else’s house and rub their faces in it after he wins. Obviously he was never taught about respect & good sportsmanship, but apparently Florio wasn’t either.

  20. Hey Cam loves Cam. In the big nat championship game, when his team was on the 5 or 6 yard line, game on the line, I knew dam well he was not going to hand the ball off. He was going to be the hero, get all the glory for himself and cement that first round top pick and he did.

    Want to stop Carolina, bet when the game is on the line he is keeping the ball and you stop him.

  21. The NFL rules regarding celebrating a TD are pretty clear, it states you ” can’t leave your feet … Or use a prop, such as a towel” . It also says spiking is allowed unless the ball is spiked ” toward another player”. So that said, I would assume dancing a little more because players were in his face would be a rules violation.
    Honestly though, he’s excited having never been there before. Let him have his fun! Eventually it’s going to end.

  22. Rdog: “it looked like he was finishing his dance routine, and started to walk away, when he found himself face to face with a Titans player. Then he added a little extra dancing. Then it becomes taunting, and poor sportsmanship”

    THEN it becomes unsportsmanlike? C’mon man! If you just got housed on, don’t go get in the guy’s face. The defensive player instigated that. He’s a dope!

  23. “And more than plenty of people have a problem with Cam’s celebrations.”
    Can’t make this stuff up. I’m first to admit it when the media gets a bad rap, but this time, in stead of leading with highlights showing why the Panthers are 9-0, they decided to show the “faux controversy” of Cam dancing.

    I have sympathy for that poor red neck lady’s daughter, who spent time writing a letter after probably hearing a profanity-laced tirade by inebriated adults in her presence. I suspect, only then did the girl have questions of problems created, due to their reactions to the dance.

    I can only imagine the choice words thrown about in that good wholesome, southern home.

  24. As a Panthers fan, I can assure you guys that you would absolutely love it/him if Cam was on your team. That’s just the type of player he is. He loves football and has fun playing it. No problems there. Just like I have no problem when other players (Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, JJ Watt, Odell Beckham JR) celebrate.

  25. Even though he comes off like a complete jackass after every celebration, it’s the opposing defense’s job to stop him. Cam said it himself; if you don’t want to see him dancing, don’t let him in the endzone.

    He’s the perfect villain for every NFL team, and good villains make for great stories.

  26. Just pray nobody dances on his hands when they touch the end zone. We have all kinds of nasty players in this league. Good thing they’re not playing vs the Broncos.

  27. Why is so bad to show his excitement?? When I do something good, I have been know to dance and when I fail, I have been know to pout. It’s called being human. They are undefeated. He is flying high and he has worked hard to get there. Give him a break. We have bigger more important topics to cover…Like who gonna be dancing at the Superbowl??

  28. I don’t have the option to stop him from getting first downs or touchdowns but I don’t have to buy the greek yogurt he shills or watch any game he plays in. I guess a grown man-child is entitled to be immature for as long as he likes. He’s just going through his terrible-twenties, it’s a phase. He’ll outgrow it.

  29. The rules state as long as the player doesn’t leave his feet, or use a prop such as a towel it’s allowed. Regarding spiking, unless the player spikes the ball toward another player that too is OK.
    He’s having fun, this winning is all NEW to him! That said, him tearing down that banner was CLASSLESS.

  30. ^^^^You mean like in seattle when he hit Olsen with 23 seconds left. MNF against the Patriots when he hit Ted Ginn or the saints when he hit Dominique Hixon shall I keep going?

  31. “then keep me out of the end zone”

    Well, yes, the other team should obviously stop him. That’s not the point. What Cam’s antics demonstrate is that the guy has no class. I’m not saying he should be Barry Sanders and just hand the ball off to ref, but show some class as a leader.

  32. For those who say the Panthers have a cake schedule, they did beat the Packers and Seahawks of whom everybody predicted the Panthers would lose to. Those who are mad about his TD dance, don’t other players celebrate too when they score, the only difference here is that Williamson (the same guy who did the hotline bling dance when he sacked Newton) got mad at Cam’s TD dance after he out muscled 3 or 4 Titans players to score, walked up to him and said something to him about celebrating like everyone else does when they score a TD. Tell me again why anybody is really mad? Is it because they are 9-0 and Cam is a legit MVP candidate?

  33. It’s no different than when he used to do his Superman act, and as I recall, he didn’t appreciate it when Colin Kaepernick did his own version of that.

  34. Cam is a spineless coward who will break down crying and pouting when his team falls on tough times and he isn’t able to flash his lame Superman while his team is being blown out

    What makes me lose even more respect for this clown is how he puts his fake-tough guy act up against defending players taking issue to his infantile high school girl celebrations while backing up behind the refs

    Do you ever see Brady or Manning celebrating first downs or being so camera-conscious that they have a need to exaggerate their mannerisms for dramatic effect?

    I hope Cam fails miserably and flames out

  35. Reading the Cam hate is phenomenal. I bathe in the tears of you haters. Go Panthers. Keep on keeping on, Cam.

  36. I love Cam Newton in part because he’s figured out you can’t make anyone happy—especially these days.

    The audience rails against “political correctness”…until Richard Sherman starts talking. And they hate Marshawn Lynch because… he doesn’t talk at all.

    The audience will always find something to bitch about. So may as well do your thing, whatever it is.

  37. when he scores a TD he can dance around all he wants… it’s incredibly lame when he’s stopped short of a 1st down and he gets up and then does his 1st down dance

  38. The hate is strong on here. The Titans were taunting Cam and the Panthers all day. The Titan that got mad was the one who did the Hotline Bling dance after he sacked Cam. He was just butt-hurt b/c Cam sealed the win and 5 Titan’s players couldn’t stop him. Why doesn’t anyone have a problem with Carson Palmer yelling out “suck it” while doing a pelvis thrust after they beat the Seahawks, but they are offended by Cam. Keep having fun Cam and we’ll continue to shut up the haters.

  39. At this point as a Panther fan I would agree the antics need to be toned down a bit since its causing such an issue with everyone………SMH
    I for one dont want to see penatly flags being thrown now as a result of the back lash!!!!

  40. Wasn’t TN where Elvis started his pelvic thrusts? I guess this lady would have covered her kids eyes back then too. You’re taking your kid to a violent gladiator type sport and you’re offended because a dance breaks out….. seriously!

    Wonder if Mularkey had an issue with his player doing the ‘Hotline Bling’ earlier in the game after he sacked Cam. I guess that’s ok because he’s not a quarterback. Or is it ok because he’s on his team?

  41. Just another sign of how this country has become. Find ANYTHING to complain about. Can you just imagine if the adults of today that complain about this were adults when Billy White Shoes Johnson or Deion Sanders were celebrating?

  42. Cam dances, does Superman poses and emphatic first down signals.
    -The Redskins used to take the time to get everyone in a huddle and do a group high-5, and nobody objects except Cowboys fans – and their 5th receiver used to fire about 2 dozen rounds from his imaginary shotguns.
    -Some guy in white shoes used to dance longer than most of his team’s TD drives.
    -Victor Cruz dances a lengthy salsa dance.
    -Tom Brady scores a TD and screams every filthy word in the English language at the top of his lungs.

    But Cam, and ONLY Cam, is evil and immature.

    Got it……..

  43. I was truly impressed when he won that preseason fight with a huge, psychotic grin on his face. Looks like he flipped the switch during the offseason. He’s a different player this year, that’s for sure. We all know they didn’t do very much to improve his supporting cast on offense.

    Props to Cam. If you’re the MVP of an undefeated team, you get to do the happy dance.

  44. Oh, and about this “act like you’ve been there before” crap…

    What the hell does that even mean? Does it mean that you are supposed to act like scoring a TD is as easy as putting on your helmet, and should never be viewed as a big deal? Since scoring TDs goes a long way in determining whether or not your team wins, that wouldn’t make much sense.

    Does it mean you must act exactly like Barry Sanders when he scored a TD? He was one of the best of all time, but he had the personality of a tree stump. Nothing at all wrong with that, it was just his personality. That is not Cam’s personality. Why should he act like somebody else?

    Please clarify.

  45. As a Titans fan, I wasn’t upset by the dance until it became directed at the Titan players. At that point he should have been flagged for taunting and we could have all moved on and not have to talk about it on Tuesday. We could be talking about a great defensive game played by both teams.

  46. I had no issue with the initial dance (although I believe more in the act like you’ve been there) but the subsequent dancing to me was taunting and he should have been penalized as such.

  47. Tom Brady gets all jacked up after a qb sneak into the end zone and it’s “look how passionate he is”. Cam does it and he is ridiculed. This is just dumb, and so are the people offended by it.

  48. Michelle says:
    Nov 17, 2015 11:00 AM
    I would expect nothing less from Cam. He’s always been a showoff (except when he’s pouting, which he’s done a lot of in the past). Nothing wrong with a little grace and humilty (trying to think of an elite QB that acts as immature as Cam but can’t think of one). But he is right; stop him from scoring and all of us won’t be subjected to his giantic ego.

    Tom Brady

  49. I’m not interested in seeing men dancing in the end zone of what is supposed to be a rugged game. Granted I grew up in the 70s and this didn’t start until probably the 90s. Players used to score, spike the ball and move on. Now they’re celebrating after first downs. Lame.

  50. I’m old enough to remember a specific commercial that seems appropriate here.

    (female voice, proper british accent) “A Newton is not a cookie…it’s fruit and cake.”

  51. What does it say when a rookie QB like Jam Winston carries himself with more maturity and professionalism than Cam Newton.
    And Winston is going to be a better pro QB because of it.
    Cam isn’t unbeaten, his defense is.
    Dance on, fool!!

  52. All parents should be like that goober who wrote to the newspaper. Hey lady, if you don’t know how to handle questions about a football player from your kid, wait until life gets serious.

  53. That’s her opinion, so be it. On the other hand, I don’t think Cam is voting her in for Mom of the Year candidate either.

  54. “So, in other words: “Honey, don’t watch the bad man who is fully clothed. Look instead at the scantily clad women who aren’t really leading any cheers.””

    Florio, you made me laugh with that one!

  55. Where is Commissioner Goodell to protect the integrity of the game from Cam Newton’s celebratory dances? This is outrageous that he has the nerve to gyrate in a taunting manner. It must be the Oikos greek yoghurt…
    Oh how I live to return to the days of Y.A. Tittle and Sammy Baugh when the game was played by gentlemen of high character and moral fiber.

  56. This is so damn funny, you people crack me up!!! The Hate is real lol Cam keep scoring, keep winning , keep dancing and most importantly Keep Pounding!!!

    Ps if a TD celebration rubs you the wrong way then STOP BEING SO SENSITIVE.

  57. This is why the longer things go on, the more i am a hockey fan.

    This crap does not happen and when it does we don’t have to listen to some reporter snip quotes from a grandma and some kid. this is what happens when you try to appeal to every casual fan—it spoils the game for those that appreciate its finer points.

    NFL shark jump is over.

  58. I’ve never understood guys who thinks it’s “fun” to watch another grown man shake and gyrate their hips at them.

  59. It’s called having a bit of fun while playing a game. There’s no need to go writing letters to show your disgust and dismay. SMH. Don’t take everything so seriously.

  60. this is stupid AF. what continually fails to be mentioned is how he got danced in front of for a sack. this was obviously retaliation for that… i don’t get the fuss.. it was hilarious

  61. I don’t care about the TD stuff but, its a first down. While they’re important, do they really need to be celebrated each time?

  62. cybersqueak says:
    Nov 17, 2015 11:42 AM
    As a Titans fan, I wasn’t upset by the dance until it became directed at the Titan players. At that point he should have been flagged for taunting and we could have all moved on and not have to talk about it on Tuesday. We could be talking about a great defensive game played by both teams.


    I agree it was a much better game than is being related. We certainly didn’t “blow them out”. Titans were pumped to compete in this game and even after Cam was perfect on his first two drives the Titan D played lights out in the 2nd/3rd quarter but just got worn down. The refs let a lot of extra stuff go on all game (and I’m glad they did). Was the possible extra celebration flag worthy when it was the titan player confronting Cam and they had already kept the rags in their pockets all game and the game was now out of reach? IMO, no.

  63. icebergsimpson says:
    Nov 17, 2015 11:46 AM
    Winston is the anti-Newton

    Yes Winston is horrible on and off the field. Where Newton is actually majorly active in his community and also leading an undefeated team.

  64. The butthurt is real on this thread…it’s as an earlier post by someone said, if he was on their team this wouldn’t be an issue. The ones who are offended by this are the same ones who couldn’t stand Cam when he came out of college, and for the life of them can’t admit he is turning into a pretty good QB. So, they will find ANYTHING to bash him for so they can have something to continually fuel their hatred for him. Seems like they are the childish ones, not Cam for having fun playing the game he loves. JS

  65. So the Mom can’t answer her kid as to why Cam is doing a dance which contains pelvic thrusts – so she redirects her attention to the cheerleaders in their push-up bras and thongs, doing dances that contain a large number of pelvic thrusts. Priceless.

  66. I’m about as liberal as it gets politically and even I think this is some stupid PC bs.

    They play a game. They get paid millions of dollars to play a game and they get their feelings hurt because a guy is dancing? How about you work for $15.00 an hour for a year or two and then re-evaluate how you feel about celebrating TDs.

  67. No one wants to admit it but Cam’s taking Carolina and putting them on his back the same way he took Auburn and put them on his back to a undefeated national championship.

    Do you remember when all the pundits said, “Cam will not be able to do the things he did at the Collegiate level the NFL players are Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Yada Yada Yada”


  68. So much left out to spark controversy. I have no dog in this race so lets lay out the facts.

    1.Mularky’s own player was dancing after sacking Cam Newton.

    2.Later in the game Cam scores a touchdown and dances as he’s entitled to. Then comes the Titans player and gets in his face in anger, Cam just rubs it in a bit more nothing wrong with that.

    Like many have said, the Titans appear to be unable to take what they dish out. If anything Titans should have been flagged for that player confronting him.

  69. I think he has bigger problems if he is unable to articulate why is cam being too entertaining on an entertainment program!!

  70. I question your intentions if you can criticize Cam Newton and let Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or even Carson Palmer slide. I really hope the Panthers win the Super Bowl and Cam gets MVP so he can piss you all off who disrespect him with code words and veiled racism.

  71. We all know how this story is going to end when he has to face a legit team. (Sorry Panthers fans but the Colts, Seahawks and Packers are not considered good). I fully expect a full on 5 year-old-like tantrum when they lose their first playoff game by 30. Sad thing is the guy will still be doing dances when that happens.

  72. Makes you wish you were a co-worker of this lady who wrote the letter. I’m guessing she’s seen a few dances at work and more than couple jokes at her expense. Maybe hasn’t been bright enough to catch on yet, but you know they’re happening on a daily basis.

  73. There’s alot of hate against Cam, but beneath it all, the haters would love to have a QB like him on their crappy team. People can’t accept the fact that Cam and the Panthers are winners and their team sucks. GO PANTHERS!!

  74. You haters are so funny. They sacked him 5 times and all had a dance to do…the drake, the superman etc… But I guess that’s fine. If you don’t want to see him celebrate his greatness in your end zone then stop him…if you can’t stop him then shut up and sit down. For you haters who want your team to be 9-0, if he was leading your team you would be just fine with it instead of whining on here…That is all..

  75. I am ok with having fun out there, but this guy celebrates 1st Downs as if they were scoring plays and, TDs like they were Playoff wins.

    If your TD celebration is 20x longer than the play it took you to score it on though. Maybe its time to starting considering to tone it down a touch.

  76. Who cares what this overpaid chump does. The “if you don’t like it then stop me… ” argument is however utterly moronic. It pre-supposes that stopping him on every occasion is a viable possibility. It isn’t and the opposition failing to do so shouldn’t be a licence for him to do anything he likes without any consequence.

  77. As a Falcons fan…

    People need to grow up. If you don’t like Cam’s dancing… Stop him. That’s really the response. I played football for years and I would be a bit upset if they started fining players for something that has always been a part of the game.

  78. I like Cam Newton but he is being a bit hypocrital right now.

    Just last week, Newton pulled down a custom-made banner of a Packer fan which read “North Carolina Cheesehead”. After the game, Newton said, “I feel it’s my due diligence to protect this house. It wasn’t just about tearing down a sign. It was respect.”

    So, according to Cam, it was all about respect in your home stadium. Ok, let’s bookmark that.

    Then this week, Newton scored near the end of the game &, as he always does, did a celebration dance. But this dance lasted a little longer than most — & the dance continued when the Titans players made it known that they felt his ‘celebration’ had turned into ‘taunting’ in front of the Titans home crowd. If you ask those Titan players, they would probably say that it was all about respect in your home stadium. Gee, that sounds very familiar.

    Players are allowed to celebrate but there are rules against “taunting” & “prolonged gyrations” which is a pretty accurate description of what Cam was doing.

    (Positive note to the banner removal story -– that fan now has 2 banners as Bank of America Stadium & a local UPS Store both had banners made for him.)

  79. Malarkey sounds like a whiney baseball player, upset for being “shown up”. Ridiculous. One of the things I love about the NFL vs MLB is that this kind of thing IS done and tolerated, as it should be. Pansy MLBers want to throw at somebody’s dome, just because they think he trotted around the bases too slowly after a HR? Utterly ridiculous.

    Cam, keep dancing. Please.

  80. It will stop when someone grabs his arm or swings and hits his arm and breaks it when he’s doing one of his goal line reach over…just grab it and twist…

  81. The sad part about this is the Charlotte observer allowed this woman’s letter to be posted over the observer. Amazing. I’m sure there exist so many other letters that doesn’t get press but I wonder why this letter just so happened to make. This I find to be an indictment more so than anything else on the feelings that most of those good ole boys at the observer have about Cam and his celebrations. It’s sad that in 2015 we have to discuss this over everything else. But like Goodie Mob suggested people don’t dance no more all they do is this .

  82. I normally wouldn’t have a problem with it. It adds a little to the game in my opinion. The NFL has taken away so much fun in the league. You can’t hardly celebrate anymore. The only problem I have with it is Cam pouts on the sideline when things aren’t going his way and is too much in your face when things are going his way. I would say the same thing for Johnny Manziel.

  83. I find it pretty ridiculous how almost every player parades around the field after making a single play. Players make a tackle, and apparently they just won the super bowl.

    I don’t mind celebrating after scoring, or winning. However, to dance around like a barbarian after catching a ball or making a simple tackle (which you are paid to do) is a little out of control.

  84. Apparently beating only two teams of any winning record settles for being good in the NFL these days.

    We’ll see how many dances Cam Cheating will be doing after Sunday.

  85. I have no problems with players dancing around like they’re a cast member of Caberet when they do something good but if I was a coach I’d make them do the same dance when the drop the ball, miss a tackle, throw a INT, fumble the ball, commit a dumb penalty etc…

  86. Really? Is anyone surprised that Newton is acting like a self-centered, immature brat? Classless has been this guy’s defining characteristic since high school.

  87. I guess kids enjoy that stuff, I like the game for what it is and could do without all the clown antics.

  88. Funny story, it reminded me of the other QB that did the X-Pac cut move. That was like a split second and I think he got trouble for it.

  89. Call me old. Call me racist. I don’t care. I don’t watch football to watch people dance. It’s weird to me that some people do. If the NFL keeps going this way, I’ll probably stop watching.

  90. I’m being completely honest, football players deserve to celebrate! Cam is a great athlete that has a big ego, but I feel that here he didn’t offend anyone except a redneck mom with a clouded mind. Why does everyone make such a big deal about it? I mean, did everybody see Carson Palmer last Night?

  91. I’m a born and bred (long suffering) Chiefs fan and I say: Go Cam, go!! If I were starting a franchise he would be my first player choice. Yes, even over Aaron Rogers. Too bad he doesn’t play baseball, he’d fit right in with the Royals.

  92. You got different classes when it comes to NFL Quarterbacks. You have they Mannings, Brady, Rogers and Wilson who have won championships. Then you have the Scammers, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel who hasn’t won anything but will settle for a popularity contest…. Just saying

  93. I think this letter that was written to the Charlotte Observer was a complete joke – I would be willing to bet about anything that “MOM” is a Tennessee or Alabama fan who didn’t like Cam when he was at Auburn. Guarantee you she was feeding her daughter BS walking into the game about Cam.

  94. With the exception of an occasional spike, i’ve never been a big fan of the TD celebrations in the first place,but, the supposed LEADER should never act like an imbecile.

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