Texans claim Weeden, maybe so Colts couldn’t


Brandon Weeden wasn’t unemployed for long, and the uncertain quarterback situation in Houston means the Texans need Weeden to report for work immediately.

The Texans claimed Weeden off waivers Wednesday. The Texans are on a short-week situation and lost starting quarterback Brian Hoyer to a concussion during their win Monday night in Cincinnati. Weeden, waived Tuesday by the Cowboys, becomes the third quarterback on the Texans’ roster behind Hoyer and T.J. Yates, who played after Hoyer was injured.

Hoyer didn’t practice Wednesday, and Texans coach Bill O’Brien said Hoyer will need to practice at least once this week if he’s going to play Sunday vs. the Jets. Zac Dysert is on the practice squad and was set for a promotion before the claim of Weeden.

The Texans are 4-5 and tied atop the AFC South with the Colts, who are without Andrew Luck for a while and claimed Charlie Whitehurst last week to serve as the backup to Matt Hasselbeck. It’s possible that the Texans claimed Weeden to keep the Colts from getting him. The Texans are ahead of the Colts in the waiver process.

Hoyer and Weeden were teammates in 2013 with the Browns; Hoyer took the starting job after Weeden suffered an injury but tore his ACL three games later. The coach of the 2013 Browns, Rob Chudzinski, is now the Colts’ offensive coordinator.

The Browns cut Weeden after the season and he signed with the Cowboys. Weeden has lost 11 straight starts dating back to his rookie season of 2012 with the Browns; he was 0-3 as the Cowboys’ starter before getting replaced by Matt Cassel last month.

Yates was out of the league until the Texans cut Ryan Mallett last month.

43 responses to “Texans claim Weeden, maybe so Colts couldn’t

  1. Really?

    QBs who have never led a NFL team to a regular season win are being “valued and strategized over?”

    And yet these loser teams ignore unsigned QBs out there who have won regular season NFL games such as Tebow, Leinart, and Skelton. These guys certainly cannot be any worse than Weeden and the other winless QBs being asked to win games for desperate and poorly coached NFL teams.

    No wonder there are about 26 out of 32 teams that are .500 and below crummy teams in the NFL.

  2. dogfromduckhunt says:
    Nov 18, 2015 6:15 PM

    If Houston wants to win the division they’d be better off letting Indy have this guy.


    Couldn’t agree more.

  3. Cracks about Weeden should be put off until it’s established that all America’s team really lacked was a good QB to click on offense. That may not be the case. Dallas vs. Miami will shed some light on the matter.

  4. wait til romo gets hurt again. he will be lucky to make it thru mid December

    he played most of last yr one hit away from a major back injury, which is why dall gave murray his 1 million carries.

  5. Hoyer owns the Bungals so, I wasn’t surprised by the win.

    However, this latest move makes Ray Farmer (Browns GM) look like a genius. What in the world is going on within the NFL?

  6. Perfect example of how much suck there is in the NFL. Strategizing over Brandon Weeden? 2/3’s of the teams with records around .500 (or less). 2 teams with losing records atop one division, a .500 team leading another, and a division with one team with a winning record. Thats a whole lotta suck…

  7. Motivated by keeping the Colts from getting Weeden?

    Subtraction by addition is not a good strategy for you, but it’s one that you WANT your opponent to follow.

    I wish Houston well, though. Nothing’s better than seeing the lying, whiny Colts totally miss the playoffs, after their litlle sting operation last January failed so miserably

  8. Weeden must have a hardy constitution to keep playing with his stellar record. How many games has he won? Then to have a team pick up your services only because they don’t want you to fall into the hands of your competition?
    I would be asking for a pretty penny on this contract. Feel the love Weeden!

  9. Fact: The last time the Browns made the playoffs they were in the same division as the Titans and Jaguars. Translation: Browns would be really good in the AFC South so why not bring ex Browns players to the division where the two teams fighting for first place have records almost as bad as Cleveland’s (whose new starter Manziels only NFL win BTW was against an AFC South team).

  10. So let me get this straight, the world say how bad Weeden utterly sucked while playing for the Cowboys…Yet, there is a team who rushes to sign the guy. Confirms my position that NFL coaches don’t develop QBs and how stupid NFL GMs are.

  11. Texans: We’re taking Weeden to keep you from taking him!!

    Colts: Uhhhhhh…….. Thank you?????

    Worst. Theory. Ever.

  12. If this is what’s gonna happen to my team once Eli retires, that will be the day I become a soccer fan.

  13. Fans should be careful. As seen in Dallas, Pittsburgh, Indy etc., your team is only an injury away from being in a bad QB situation.

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