The Week 11 hot seat, short version


Every week on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, we take a look at the coaches (or coordinators or General Managers) on the hot seat. Here’s a short version of the same thing.

So click below to hear a truncated presentation and explanation of the five coaches who are most in need of a victory as the coming slate of games approaches. Except for one of them, whose team doesn’t play this weekend.

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17 responses to “The Week 11 hot seat, short version

  1. Mike McCoy, Chargers HC
    John Pagano, Chargers DC
    Frank Reich, Chargers OC
    Kevin Spencer, Chargers ST

    Should all be on the hot seat. Include the Chargers strength and conditioning coaches too.

  2. I don’t think Kroenke cares if the Rams win or lose. He bought the Rams as an investment not because he is a fan. The value of an NFL team doesn’t go down much because of losing.

  3. Mike Pettine (Browns) and Bill O’Brien (Texans) have got to go. They both are worse than Ken Whisenhunt. Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray (Eagles) in exchange for Marcus Mariota (Titans): a “mega-trade” that we’d all like to see — including Chip Kelly 🙂

  4. Chip kelly is on the hot seat. Decent talent under-achieving and did nothing to address the oline.

  5. Assuming the current state of the Packers continues through the rest of the year….

    If McCarthy himself isn’t on the hot seat, I could see where there’s pressure to make major changes in his coaching staff.. on both sides of the ball.

  6. Nice for someone besides those of us in Vikingsland to realize that McCarthy is past time to go?

    Has play calling abilities taken away
    Doesn’t recognize he has an injured player on the field

    Just those two alone should be a huge red flag!!

  7. McCarthy’s coaching record is .657. He’s not on the hot seat, his seat isn’t even warm.

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