Which Sunday night team is more likely to hit on big plays?


Both of the teams who will play on Sunday night in Arizona like to get the ball down the field. And that gives us a way to advance the ball on the daily Pro Football Talk on NBCSN poll question.

Which of the two teams will be more likely to hit on big plays — the Cardinals or the Bengals?

The rest of the show, beginning at a special time of 6:10 p.m. ET again because it’s essentially Super Bowl week for NASCAR, crams in as much other NFL news and information as possible, with Jonathan Vilma sitting in for Rodney Harrison.

Among other things, we’ll tell you who’s under the most pressure for Week 11 of the NFL regular season.

15 responses to “Which Sunday night team is more likely to hit on big plays?

  1. Andy Dalton is the poor man’s Peyton Manning. Peyton historically didn’t choke until the playoffs, Andy does whenever more than 10 people outside the Cincinnati area are watching.

  2. Dalton will be just fine and so will the Bengals. As for the tired and old Dalton jokes, I’m assuming you’re all not Panther and Patriots fans, so the guy you love to make fun of has led his team to a better record than your “star” qb.
    As for the playoffs, how about your teams get there.

  3. Pop Quiz!
    Which 2 QB’s have led they’re teams to 20 games over .500 in the last 4+ years?
    One guy is named Tom Brady, the other is Andy Dalton!
    So if you are not a Patriots or Bengals fan…..SHUT UP & GO AWAY!!!!

  4. Everybody hates on the Bengals based on Monday night. Didn’t realize Cincinnati was expected to go 16-0. They’ll be just fine.

    Sunday night’s game may very well be your Super Bowl matchup. I know half of Boston is about to flip out over that comment but it’s a legitimate claim. As always with the NFL, we shall see.

    The funny part about all this is that I hate the Cincinnati Bengals.

  5. @NYking. My team ran the nfc east for about a decade while the Bengals were still being bungles. 5 nfc championship games and a Superbowl loss to a team that’s still dominant (And we lost cause of the L.J smith fumble , pats did good on not letting him go down, not that stupid McNabb) to this day. Now my Eagles may be back to how they were before the McNabb Reid era. Point is success comes and goes and the Bengles can easily go back to being the Bungles so I wouldn’t be so sure on the everything will be fine as some eras don’t even last that long, and not all win a superbowl, like ours. So just enjoy the ride.

    That being said I got my money on Revolver Palmer. He’s a gunslinger, I’m trying my hardest to bring that term back, and needs a true nickname.

  6. For all of you saying the Bengals can’t play under the lights.. I guess you didn’t see the Denver game last year, or the Cleveland game two weeks ago (3 TDs to Eifert anybody??)

  7. People act like Dalton has never played even moderately well in a primetime game.

    Hello? Week 9? Bengals vs. Browns? Thursday Night Football? Primetime? If I recall from such a LONG time ago he actually played arguably his best game of the season.

    Chill out haters. You’re just salty because your team blows.

  8. I am a Bengals fan and even I have to admit the last big play I remember in a prime time game was The now Cardinals QB throwing a long ball and then having his knee destroyed. Not sure why our team struggles so mightily in prime time but their record speaks for itself.

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