Hue Jackson: It’s about winning games, not running the ball

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The Bengals rank fifth in the NFL in points and seventh in offensive yards, so there hasn’t been much problem moving the ball in Cincinnati.

Their rushing numbers are down from last year, though, and Jeremy Hill has been less productive than he was in the second half of last season, which led to a question for offensive coordinator Hue Jackson about getting the ground game going in the coming weeks. It was not a question that Jackson responded to all that kindly.

“We’re trying to win games. It’s not about running the ball. Please,” Jackson said, via “That’s not the only thing we do. We throw the ball, too. You asked me about running the ball and you said, ‘Are we going to jump-start the running game?’ And I said, ‘We’re running the ball.’ So I don’t understand what it is that you guys are looking for.”

The Bengals are running the ball fairly often — they’re sixth in the NFL in attempts — and they have had good balance with the pass in most weeks. Hill hasn’t lived up to last year’s standard, but Giovani Bernard has found good success on a team that’s now 8-1. While they’d surely like to be more productive when they do run, as would most teams, it hasn’t been a weakness that opponents have been able to use to hurt the Bengals and it’s unlikely Jackson’s going to have a different take unless it becomes one.

18 responses to “Hue Jackson: It’s about winning games, not running the ball

  1. Hard to run the ball effectively when you’re starting each drive 1st and 15 or 1st and 20 because of penalties.

  2. Hue needs to quit believing the hype about his own “mad scientist” creativity and focus on doing the basics well.

  3. I love Hue Jackson, he’s done a great job. I think he used those unbalanced formations just a little bit too much against Houston. They are great because it forces teams to spend time preparing for them, but maybe 2-3 plays a game is more than enough.

  4. Any coach that doesn’t run the ball when dalton is your qb has no idea what they’re doing.

  5. One thing about Jackson is that he believes in the Parcells axiom of the more attempts, the better, which is kind of borne out in their status as 6th in the league in attempts with all of the passing weapons they have. Fact is that Jeremy Hill fell off a cliff this year. Not much he can do about that except give all his carries to Bernard, which wouldn’t be wise giving how he got dinged up with more carries his first couple of years.

  6. Yeah well, when we don’t win the game cuz you didn’t run the ball, it’s not about winning the game. Can’t help but think he’s experimenting with how cute his gameplan is. Quit being fancy putting whitworth out as a WR

  7. 6-4 bengalguy. Only 2 back in the W column with a rematch looming, and 3 more prime time games for dalton.

  8. Hey Hue, the weather gets really crappy in Cincinnati and you have a QB from balmy Texas.

    The running game will grow in importance as the weeks go on so you better get it fixed. Bernard is playing decent, but Jeremy Hill is a complete disaster this year with no sign of shaking it off anytime soon.

  9. “It’s about winning games, not running the ball”


    Actually Hue, it’s about winning “playoff games”. Something the Bengals have proven they know nothing about.

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