Arthur Moats fined $8,681 for grabbing Johnny Manziel’s facemask


During the first half of last Sunday’s victory over the Browns, Steelers linebacker Arthur Moats was flagged for grabbing Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel’s facemask during a sack.

It was an ugly looking play as Manziel’s body was whipped down to the ground by Moats’s tugging at his helmet and the NFL decided that Moats’s action demanded more than just a flag in terms of discipline.

According to multiple reports, the league fined Moats $8,681 for the facemask, which he apologized to Manziel for on Twitter after the game. Manziel, who was unhurt, replied to say there were “no hard feelings.”

It’s not the biggest check that Moats will write this week. He donated $300,000 to his alma mater James Madison University during the week that the school says is the biggest donation to the school by an alumnus under the age of 30.

29 responses to “Arthur Moats fined $8,681 for grabbing Johnny Manziel’s facemask

  1. Facemask that could have done serious harm = $8,681

    “More likely than not” aware of equipment tampering = $25,000

    More evidence the league is run by arbitrary morons = priceless

  2. Moats is a great guy… he was very into community work when he was with Buffalo… It was upsetting that the Bills let him walk over a few hundred thousand dollars. Now he is a starting LBer for the Steelers that plays even better than he did in Buffalo.

  3. $300K donation to his alma mater by a NFLer under 30? That might be some kind of record.


  4. When I saw the play I thought it should have been an ejection.

    For 15 yards and 8 grand I’m surprised they don’t try it on every sack.

  5. Palmer fined 11.5k for grabbing his crotch and Moats 3k less for a move that could have caused a serious injury.

    What the heck has happened to the NFL?

  6. How exactly did they arrive at this ridiculously low number? He nearly tore the kid’s head off. There is absolutely no logic coming from the NFL’s decision-makers.

  7. Probably the most egregious, awful, intentional face mask I’ve ever seen, he held onto it for about an hour and easily could have broken his neck.

    Should have been ejected, and suspended.

    The league is just not serious about player safety.

  8. That dirty jerk Warren Sapp tore Jerry Rice’s knee ligaments on a similar play where Rice was running a reverse and Sapp wasn’t going to be able to catch him, so he grabbed on to his facemask and twisted him around.

    This move could’ve done similar damage to Manziel’s knee, or injured his neck even. I don’t care if Moats is a good guy, this should’ve warranted a 1-game suspension at least.

  9. Palmer is find 3k more for a quarter second of indecency that would not have even been noticed if it had not been fined in the first place (especially because he was upstaged by Stanton – that’s gotta be in every year-end highlight video). Way to show you care about safety, NFL.

  10. Were you really expecting a larger fine…my God,
    it’s Goodell and the Rooneys we are talking about here…they sleep in the same bed.
    Look at the Cheech and Chong movie guy, Bell, and the huge, huge fine that he received.
    Come on people!!!

  11. As long as Goodell is the commissioner, the NFL will never adopt the college rule were Moats would have been ejected from the game FOR TARGETING AND HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THROWN OUT OF THE GAME FOR WHAT HE DID TO MANZIEL

  12. He took JFF completely off his feet and twisted his helmet a quarter turn over his face. They couldn’t even round up for $10K on that? If that happens with Brady or another QB darling, what would that fine be?

  13. Sounds about right. It was obvious to anyone watching it was unintentional, Moats was just flailing to grab Johnny and accidentally engaged his facemask. It was ugly to watch, but it happens. He apologized, Johnny accepted, they drew the penalty, it’s all good. Glad the kid wasn’t hurt, but I’m curious about just how sore Manziel’s neck was the next morning. I felt like I needed a neck brace just having watched it.

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