Colin Kaepernick to IR, ends his season, likely time with 49ers


Colin Kaepernick will not play again this season. And may not ever again play for San Francisco.

The 49ers announced today that Kaepernick has been placed on season-ending injured reserve. That means Blaine Gabbert is the starter the rest of the way, and he’ll be backed up by Dylan Thompson, who was called up from the 49ers’ practice squad.

It’s a stunning end for Kaepernick, who just a couple years ago was widely regarded as not just a franchise quarterback but perhaps a player who could redefine the quarterback position in the NFL. This year he was so ineffective that the 49ers benched him, and now they’ve shut him down for the year.

The injury is to Kaepernick’s non-throwing shoulder and is not believed to be serious enough to prevent him from passing a physical next year. The 49ers are off the hook from having to pay Kaepernick anything beyond this season if they cut him, as long as he’s healthy enough to pass a physical.

One of the major offseason stories next year will be whether the 49ers can find a new franchise quarterback, and whether Kaepernick can find some team that can turn him into a star again.

117 responses to “Colin Kaepernick to IR, ends his season, likely time with 49ers

  1. Oh, so after nearly three weeks we find out his shoulder is injured.

    And breathing and looking at things through a different lens wasn’t good enough rehab to recover from it.

    Got it.

  2. One time i was visiting NYC and there was this die hard 49er fan watching his team with this good looking gal. They had a strange relationship almost seemed like a 2nd or 3rd date but he was just explaining 49er greatness to her the whole time (this was when they were still good). Kaep rolled out and made a pretty nice bullet pass and hit the WR toe tapping the sideline for a 1st down. The dude stands up and says “There is no QB in the league that can make that play.”

    Moral of the story is greatness will always be defined by consistency and sustained success rather than one above average play.

  3. And yet the QB-hungry ‘Niners had Aaron Rodgers just sitting there for the taking in 2005. Ouch.

    Still worse, Rodgers was noted NoCal-based ‘Niner fan. And they blew it. Double Ouch.

    Even worse yet, eight years later — they underestimated Alex Smith while simultaneously vastly overestimating the value of Kaepernick. Triple and Quadruple ouch.

    The brains of the 49er operation aint what it used to be. That’s got to hurt.

  4. This could get very interesting. He could say he’s going to try to rehab the shoulder without surgery. And then as the deadline to cut him loose nears, elect to undergo surgery knowing full well that it would prevent him from passing a physical and essentially guarantee his salary for 2016.

  5. Eagles or Broncos.
    He’d be a monster in Kubiak’s offense because of the running threat, has two-three monster receivers and a defense like he did as a 9er.

  6. Nov 21, 2015 2:12 PM

    There’s more to this story. This is not just an injury. Something happened.
    Yeah you let a few big mouth players run the best Head Coach you have had in 20 years out of Town!

  7. Not a fan 49ers fan by far, but they ( 49ers) had a decent QB in Kap and ruined him! They deserve to lose and my Seahawks will do their best to put your 3rd string QB out there on Sunday’s! Go Hawks!

  8. His shoulder is hurt so bad he can’t hold a clipboard and wear his hat backwards?
    Can he still have swag on IR?

  9. Pretty sure there’s an open spot on the San Quentin state prison team out in the Yard. Then again, all that ink might be more suited for Corcoran, in The Hole.

  10. “a player who could redefine the quarterback position in the NFL.”

    Newsflash: every few years a running QB comes out and the media predicts he will change the sport. Then a few years later, he’s done. Playing QB is about throwing the ball, not running around.

  11. I was never a huge fan of the guy, but he clearly had some talent.

    York has dismantled this very strong franchise, ruining it in record time; driving off a successful coach, unloading some talented players, and hiring a replacement coach who has no clue how to properly use the players he has.

    Niner’s fans should be OUTRAGED at York right now, He has taken them from “serious contender” to “joke of a franchise” almost overnight.

    Kaepernick will catch on somewhere, and if he lands with the right coach, he’ll regain confidence and display the skills that brought San Fran to the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.

    I see more hope for HIM, than I do the 49’ers, a train-wreck of a franchise.

    Same thing is happening to Peyton Manning with the Donks; he may be getting old, but in 2013 and most of 2014, Manning was at his best. He may be dinged up, but he didn’t lose his skills THAT quickly; he’s in a crappy system since Gase has left.

  12. don’t know why they didn’t just cut him… then again, maybe there’s one team out there that might trade a sack of balls for him in the offseason

  13. It’s probably the best thing for Kaepernick.

    Good lord, who would want to stay with that sunken ship of a franchise?

  14. The best thing to happen to Kaepernick. Leave that joke organization ,who couldn’t draft a WR or TE to save their lives, as fast as you can. It’ll be bad for my Raiders, but he needs to go to Denver and get with Kubiak and Elway who knows how to use QBs with athletic instincts and don’t look back.

    Kaepernick’s a big time playoff cold weather QB who has won more road playoff games than any QB in 49ers history. Kaepernick agrees to a contract that gives the 49ees cap flexibility to retain free agents yet they still let key players like Iupati walk.

    As far as his offensive coaching staff

    QBs: Steve Logan “talk show host last year”
    O Line: Chris “the master of offensive line disasters” Foerster.
    WR coach: Ron Curry “Jim Harbaugh’s glorified intern
    Offensive Coordinator: Geep Chryst

    None of these coaches would be in the NFL right now. Only reason there in their current position with the 49ers is because nobody else more viable wanted to coach for Tomsula.

    Nothing is wrong with Kaepernick. He’s just the lightingrod for bufoonery.

  15. Truth finally revealed; Kaepernick unable to handle being benched after all. Like Ronda Rousey, he found an “injury” excuse to go ghost since it’s unbearable being anything other than first in line. Interesting how both are immature 28 years old, rude and poor sports.

  16. If anyone watched that Thursday night Seahawk game any fool could see that Kapernick was scared and throwing the ball into the ground. Can’t have a pretty boy QB who cowers in the face of adversity. Screw em. Would rather lose with Gabbert than to pay 20 million to a chump who lost his metal in his spine.

  17. Bush league move. They screwed him hard.

    Yeah he screwed himself for signing that ridiculous contract, about how he needed to prove things every step of the way… but that’s not what other players do. He took one for the team.

    What do the greedy York’s decide to do? Shut him down the rest of the year so they can best screw him to the letter of the contract.

    Why would anyone want to play for such an organization run by losers? Of course a team has to look out what’s best for the team, but there are ways to do stuff.

    Like, let him be the backup or even emergency QB. He doesn’t need to even play. But to come up with some non throwing arm reason to put him on IR is completely screwing over a guy who took one for the team.

    Anyone else want to give the York’s a benefit of the doubt now? How about those season ticket holders?

    He’s still rich so he’ll be fine, and if he wants a shoulder to cry on, he can call his mother, but he doesn’t want to talk to her, so whatever.

    Isn’t it amazing that the 49ers went from Eddie Debartolo who was a fantastic owner who was committed to winning, to his nephew, a York, who is as clueless as Jerrah, but not old and senile like Jerrah. He’s just bad at what he does, and operates the 49ers like a bush league organization that will stiff any fan or player they can.

  18. raiderswin00 says:
    Nov 21, 2015 2:17 PM
    Congrats to SF, the NFL’s shiny new Clown Car…

    56 3
    Report comment

    Thats pretty funny coming from the NFL’s worst team since 2002

  19. But he IS still “The Man” right?

    I told you so.

    I’m also going to say that he lost it and could not handle the demotion, thus we see the “Injury” as the reason for the IR.

  20. We here in Cleveland should really think long and hard about bringing this guy in for a look but as long as Ray Farmer is calling the shots in the front office, we have no shot at doing the right thing or anything even close to it.

  21. He’s my least favourite player but I feel bad for him. If the media is right his team has basically tuned him out and he got benched. Maybe he can go to philly and perform like he did for harbaugh but I doubt it. His contract was dumb on both ends. San Fran for paying him that much and Colin for giving them he yearly out clause.

  22. This is priceless, words can’t describe the dumpster fire that is called the Santa Clara 49ers. Jim Harbaugh deserves even more credit than any of us imagined for taking that waste to the levels he did. AND THEY FIRED HIM!!!!!!

  23. Bill O’Brien holding line 1. Jimmy Haslam’s on 2. Jeff Fisher is on 3. Chip Kelly? Nope. No way those two egos work together. Besides, he’s busy sending resume, candy, flowers, etc to Titans management right now.

  24. Tomsula the puppet Kap the fall guy. This whole team and coaches need a complete overhaul starting with Baalke. Too bad Dork can’t be kicked to the curve. I believe Kap will do better on another team, their should be other teams that will use him correctly…niners should didn’t do it.

  25. I think Kap has talent but needs the right coach to bring it out. Someone has to through to him that mechanics and footwork are important and his approach to the media matters too. Drop the headphones, be approachable, etc.

  26. The San Francisco 49ers are a disgrace to the NFL right now. They were so bad for years until they hired Jim Harbaugh as their head coach. They were a very good team for the time he was there except maybe last year. And now pretty much the whole freaking team is gone, plus the head coach plus they moved to Santa Clara.

  27. loumann says:
    Nov 21, 2015 2:46 PM
    Brady, Rothleisberger, Manning…..tall and basically in the pocket….STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE WHEEL YOU DOPEY GMs !!!
    Pretty sure that was Harbaugh’s flavor of the day. If you give them ten seconds, the Harbaugh brothers will tell you that they are geniuses.

  28. The silly season is starting early. Some combo of Kap, RG3, and possibly Manziel and Stafford will be on the market, and Cook, Hackenberg and Goff will be in the draft and P. Manning will be retired. This will be fun.

  29. His old Offensive Coordinator is in QB needy Buffalo. Needy because they have one but need a serious challenger to push him.

  30. Also, I think Kap’s contract has a temporary disability clause. If he misses games due to injury, Kap is required to pay for the insurance premium during that time with the 49ers designated as the beneficiary on the policy. Essentially they will recoup the money they are paying him for the remainder of the season.

  31. Kaepernick said he was getting surgery on he shoulder. That is why he is going to IR.

    That said, anyone who thinks Kaepernick can still make it in the NFL must be the same people who spend half of their retentive lives managing their fantasy football teams.

    Kaepernick has never been anything more tan a college system quarterback. He is inaccurate as a passer. He can’t read defenses. The read option was a gimmick. And lets face it, Kaepernick’s personality is a major part of his problem. He believed the hype like a lot of fans.

    I don’t see Kaepernick resurrecting his career anywhere. No team is going to change their system to fit Kaepernick’s style, because it is a waste of time. Any team that does take a chance will be one of the usual loser teams and all relevance will be gone. Kaepernick is done, period.

  32. thetooloftools says:
    Nov 21, 2015 3:03 PM
    We here in Cleveland should really think long and hard about bringing this guy in for a look but as long as Ray Farmer is calling the shots in the front office, we have no shot at doing the right thing or anything even close to it.
    Yeah and Hue Jackson loves Kaepernick. Browns hire Hue Jackson and sign Kaepernick that will stabilize that franchise.

  33. I see we have a few Psychics here. I too believe he will be in Philly, as the next failure for Chip to march out. And yes on paper he seems to be what the Genius is searching for. But we all have been watching sports for how many ever years, and we know this game isn’t played on paper…or on Madden. So no matter what you wish, THE most important think for the QB to do is throw the ball better than you run it. Too many running QB’s get antsy at the slightest breakdown and instinctively run. Look at Vick and others like him. Really you just have to be quick footed and move back and forth as well as side to side in the pocket. Sorry Kap, you really should have studied the playbook and TRY to execute the 2nd and 3rd options, instead of running when your 1st wasn’t open

  34. The 1st pick in the NFL Draft the San Francisco 49’ers, selects, quarterback, University of California, (the 2nd coming of Joe Montana Jr.), Jared Goff. Keep will probably sign with the Broncos, Eagles, Rams. You can take it to the bank!

  35. Don’t forget Jerry Jones, he likes to be quite in picking his bank up quarterbacks, instead of pulling the trigger in the 1st round, for Romo heir apparent, whenever that maybe, probably, when Romo turns 50 years old or whenever Jerry stop signing Romo name, while taking a shower. Jerry wouldn’t mind stashing Kaep on the bench for the Cowboys to develop again.

  36. Wow. This was a guy who was one play away from having the same number of Super Bowl titles as Mr. Rodgers.

    He will always have a better playoff record.

  37. He’s a punk. Benefited from a great defense and the best oline for a couple years. He couldn’t figure it out. The face of the franchise doesn’t do post game interviews with headphones and hats.

  38. It is important to note that a bunch of talent was let go to afford Kaepernick. Letting Mike Iupati go was as incompetent as anything a team can do unless you fire a great coaching staff. Replacing Mike Crabtree with Torrey Smith tells me the GM overvalued Kaepernick.

  39. Even worse yet, eight years later — they underestimated Alex Smith while simultaneously vastly overestimating the value of Kaepernick

    You mean the Alex smith who didn’t throw a td to a wr in like 20 games?

    At the time switching to kap was a good move: and really no player should be judged by this team and coaching staff

  40. LOL at the niner fans who were predicting MVP for this clown last year (I actually LOL’d at them last year for it, but I’m still LOL’ing over it). And thank god we don’t have to listen to that “Whooooooooooooo’s got it better than us?” crap anymore.

  41. Well Kaepernick sign a team friendly contract and now will get the short end of the stick….. LMAO……. You only do this if you are in TB or PM class of QB’s…..

  42. I understand the impulse to link him to Philly (young, mobile, not Sam Bradford), but given the growing reports of Kaep’s poor character off the field, signing him would seem to directly contradict all of Chip Kelly’s past moves.

  43. Let us not forget that his offseason began with an accessory to sexual assault allegation.

    “We will win with class”
    -Starbucks assistant manager & 49er team president.

  44. York must get a percentage of the cap money the 49ers DON’T spend every year!
    How many Drafts does it take to field a team at the League Minimum base pay?
    Lets see 4 year contracts (5 on 1st round players),
    times 7 rounds a year, plus undrafted Free Agents… Trade down your 1st round pick for an extra 5th rounder, a few released players.. I think he could do it.
    win 3 or 4 games a year..
    I feel for you. But I think there should be a special Bowl game every year, the Worst NFC and the Worst AFC teams…

  45. Hopefully this brings on the Blaine Gabbert era. Okay, I’m finished laughing after typing that. We all want to see how many games this franchise can lose over an extended period of time since Jedd York specializes in that.

  46. As someone who has followed the 49ers for 59 years I just want to thank Colin for some of the best memories and exciting plays in 49er history. It is disgusting how the fair weather fans, who look up from their iPads at the game and ask what inning we’re in, have turned on you. It is equally disgusting how this ownership group has turned this franchise into a non competitive entity. You would think with the great minds from Stanford(Marathe) and Notre Dame(York), there would have been a contingency plan in place for such a turn of events. Thankfully, these men are not military leaders. Colin, hope to see you hold the Lombardi trophy someday…good luck.

  47. My sympathies really go out to 49er fans – it looked like they were finally returning to the glory days, then management drove the bus off a cliff. Hope you guys enjoyed the 3 years of success, it will probably be another 15 years of awful.

  48. Okay Bob McNair. Here’s your chance. Bring Colin Kaepernick and Bob Griffin to camp next summer. Hell, Hoyer, too, whatever. Let them all compete for the Texans’ starting QB spot. Keep the two best, toss the third back into free agency, and Tom Savage can be QB #3.

  49. He probably won’t be back next year. Management asked him to take his full-length mirror with him.

  50. That was a good move by Kaep if the team wasn’t going to support him apparently just so they could dump him and not pay his salary why bust his hump out there.

  51. Kaepernick is happy tonight. The 49ers were the worst team in the NFL before Harbaugh got there, and they immediately returned as soon as he left the building. Someone is going to offer Harbaugh the most money ever offered to a coach.

  52. Kap’s regression is primarily because he tried to fit a square peg into a round hole….him being the peg.

    It started with the coaching change and Tomsula’s urge to have a guy that can throw from the pocket. This led to the poor decision to spend a month working with Kurt Warner and make himself a pocket passer.

    But the fact is that Kap is Kap. He’s not Kurt Warner. He’s not Carson Palmer. He’s never going to be that laser accurate passer that can step up into a collapsing pocket and with a snap of his wrist deliver a 98mph fastball to a crossing receiver with pinpoint accuracy.

    He’s a guy that can move around the pocket, make the post, back shoulder, and long out routes with decent accuracy all while being a viable threat to run for the first down or more. He needs to be moving, and running, and making split second decisions based on his talents, strengths, and gut instincts, not sitting back in a pocket making progression reads and snap throwing to the right guy. That’s just not him.

    I’m a Seahawk fan and have a solid sports “hatred” for the guy, but I also think he’s been yanked so far out of his comfort zone and forced to be something he’s not, that the 49ers have nearly ruined him. A new home, with a young, hungry team and a coaching staff that uses his strengths, could make him comeback player of the year next year. I think he’d be a perfect fit for Chip Kelly’s offense.

  53. Oh My God! He has been put on Injured Reserve but he’s not injured?????!!!!!!

    Dear Lord, the Integrity of the Game is at stake here, Roger $44 million per year goodell. You better go up to your $7 million mansion in Maine and think about this.

  54. Throw him on the pile of other QB’s who thought they could run their way to stardom in the NFL.

    He was too arrogant to realize he was a product of a lot of talent around him, and once the league figured out how to stop him from running, he was done.

    Kurt Warner tried working with him, but even that didn’t work. I figure Rex Ryan, that great QB developer, will be the only knucklhead who’ll want to take a chance on him once the Niners get rid of him.

  55. theneedforspeeed says:
    Nov 21, 2015 3:35 PM
    They’ll trade him, not cut him. Some team will happily give a 2nd or 3rd for a good backup. Just look at some of the ‘starters’ this week.

    Except they then get that contract, and even IF he turns it around, he is still not going to be worth that contract, cap space is valuable, its not worth reaching on space and draft picks on this guy. He is getting starter money and not performing at that level. Sure their are teams like the Texans, Jets, or Eagles that he could help, but there is no way they want him at that price tag.

  56. One thing about it … if he’s got one square inch of blank skin left, he’ll now have time to fill it in.

  57. Kaepernick would be perfect as the QB for the Philadelphia Eagles….he is the perfect QB for the Chip Kelly system…

  58. Kaepernick sure fell from grace fast. Tells me it’s the coaching more than the QB. If he had a great head coach and a system that fits then he has the talent to be an elite QB.

    The Broncos are certainly one of those teams that has the HC and offensive system that suits Kaepernick but unless Osweiler falls on his face- he’s the QB of the future.

  59. Makes me wonder about the rash of retirements and other departures in the wake of Harbaugh’s departure. I think ppl knew something was going on.

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