Falcons tell fans to show up 45 minutes early for “enhanced security measures”

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On Sunday, the Falcons will host their first game since terror attacks in Paris created concerns of similar incidents at large public gatherings in the U.S. As a result, fans have been asked to show up to their Georgia Dome gates at least 45 minutes early for Sunday’s contest against the Colts.

“In response to recent world events, the Georgia World Congress Center Authority is implementing enhanced security measures, including increased law enforcement, for our game on Sunday,” the Falcons said in a release. “You may notice these changes as you arrive or depart from the game. The enhanced security measures are not the result of any targeted threats; rather, they are prudent measures under the circumstances and were made in coordination with NFL security recommendations. Your safety is extremely important to us, and we appreciate your understanding.”

The development comes at a time when the FBI reportedly is taking seriously an ISIS threat against the Philips Arena in Atlanta, where a WWE event will be held on Sunday. There are no reports of any threats against the Colts-Falcons game or any other NFL games to be played on Sunday.

23 responses to “Falcons tell fans to show up 45 minutes early for “enhanced security measures”

  1. I have so many mixed feelings about these so-called “enhanced security measures”. I mean, they may keep a someone with bad intent from entering the building, but all he has to do is stand outside in some line to cause havoc. And unless they are going to strip-search everyone, there is no guarantee that someone can’t sneak something in. But let me stop fear-mongering…

  2. The online group of hackers known as “anonymous” said they’ve uncovered ISIS plans to strike multiple cities around the world tomorrow. One of them is Atlanta. They specifically said the WWE event, but the Falcons stepping up security not only is a great idea, but also gives their claims a lot more validity.

  3. For the pats game theyre saying to get there early as they’ll be wanding everything.
    They should just make it standard, it saved a lot of lives in France that.

  4. The NFL marches in tune with the police state. There’s no need to search or screen anyone unless they’re Muslims or look like they’re from Muslim countries.

    Just like how DHS doesn’t have to feel up your daughter or check your great-grandmother’s diaper. They just want to get people used to living in a police state.

  5. Well, if you have thousands of people packed together at a security check point that’s still thousands of people in a small area before having to pass through any clearances which creates a high risk atmosphere with very predictable timing. Scary

  6. In all fairness it was “reported” ISIS claimed they were going to attack ATL on Sunday. Don’t jump on the Falcons for attempting to protect their fans.

  7. Terrorist threats are no joke. Arrive 45 minutes early? That’s fine by me. ISIS is recruiting people every day,Americans included. That’s the world we live in now.

  8. ….used to go the games in the 80’s and early 90’s….I’m glad I did and enjoyed the thrill…we would tailgate till 15 min before kickoff and be in our seats by kickoff. No way I could go to a game today…it seems like a chore.

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